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How I spent my birthday ♥

This backdated post will sum up my entire birthday eve and birthday of this year!

It was my first birthday spent with hurhur, and i was asked to keep the eve and actual day free for a surprise.
Exciting, i must say, and i was itching every single bit to know what will the plans be back then, and finally on the eve of my birthday, 6th oct,
which fell on a Thursday, I met him at around 12 noon to go for a lunch before the plan starts!

We had a lil game and it was hilarious- i told him i will write down on a piece of paper to guess what are the plans,
and will share it with him after the entire thing to see if i'm a good guesser or if he's a good surpriser!
So turns out i got two wrong and two correct, read on to know. :)

I decided on this thai food (yes, im a great fan of thai food!) at Ang Mo Kio, and we tried this new place introduced by my golf khaki Justin,
who lives right smack within areas of good food.

Thai ice tea is a must have, and the basil pork which wasn't as good as expected.
Other places have better tasting basil pork.

Pineapple fried rice.
Absolutely tasty and flavourful, worth every single penny!

Located amongst the neighbourhood area and it's a lil pity on its location.
You can't really see it while driving along the road as it is situated below a block right inside of a carpark,
but It's definitely worth the try!

The first step of the plan was revealed and it turned out to be a one night stay at Naumi Boutique Hotel!!
Heard about it long ago, and this hotel is situated at a good location (bugis area) with only limited rooms,
totally excited to see the room then!

The artsy lobby.

Got a birthday eve lilac dress from , wore it with a matching feathered hairband, very purple-lish i know! :p

And the man behind the surprise! <3

Finally, we got our keys and guess what?
They upgraded us to a suite, wouldn't complain about birthdays falling on weekdays! :D

the suite was awesome, it was totally like a one room studio apartment.

The so called living room

bed room

yes, balcony!!

but boohoo, it was raining!

Love the spacious bathroom, it is bigger than the pictures in real life.

it has a mini kitchen, doesnt seem like it but wait till you see what's hidden behind the mirrors.

It has everything that you can whip up a good meal! Though the toilet roll stuck to the door seems a lil off place. heh

i love coffee machines!

premium coffee and teas.

One thing about have a holiday (eg. staying in hotels) locally, especially in Singapore,
is definitely more worth it than anything else to just rest in the room and not go anywhere, (probably the very affordable hotels are an exception).
So we had a well-deserved rest chilling in the room, and caught movies – it came with complimentary movies rental!

We got prepared around evening time, i mean i was tasked to prepare by 6.30pm in due for a dinner at a "place"

outfit for the night!

and upon reaching, yes yes yes, dinner was totally AWESOME!!!

Morton's steakhouse, definitely a surprise for a first timer (me), they have birthday specials!

very cosy but not pretentious at all. it might seem like a posh place with hush hush talkings around but no,
love it that people were at ease eating, and it was comfortable just like eating in your own private area.

love their homemade bread, i could gobble up the entire thing but i was told to leave my tummy for better food to come.

seafood platter, fresh definitely, thumbs up!

steak was in a huge portion, and they are known for that.
so do note to just order one and share between two will do!
Very tastefully done up and meat was absolutely tender, ahhhh, i can't wait to go back for more!

Brussel Sprouts with bacon, i am so IN LOVE with this.
The crunchy brussel spouts and bacon combi was a total killer, and for people who do not like vegetables,
you might fall in love with vegetables after eating this i bet.

Experience was heavenly, and i must give them two thumbs up for the service and food quality.
Worth every single cent for sure, and though prices are a lil on the high side, but they do not compromise on the quality as well as quantity.
Would head back there for occasional dinners that's for sure.

For birthday specials, it came with a complimentary dessert! i chose their chocolate lava cake, anything for that!

what more can i say?

thank you hurhur, i had a wonderful night and an absolutely great dinner with you. <3

So back to the guesses and surprises, i guessed:

Hotel: studio M
present (wasnt sure if there was one at first or not, but somehow i got a feeling via some lil hints :p) : wallet
dinner place: carnivore
activity on actual day: the lion king musical

and i was right for the present and activity! (yes we caught lion king the next day).
as you can see, i was wrong for the hotel and dinner, heh.
Guessed purely out of fun but wasn't expecting anything, just wanna be cheeky and i must say i was truly surprised by hurhur.
thank you bee!


Here's one outfit of the week to share!

Got this rich purple dress from which definitely has a good material and one which accentuates your figure,
and perfect for a luncheon with a good o-time friend last week!





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Something you should know (Sponsored Post)

I know many of us girls would love eyes like this..

or even face, mouth, nose, basically everything..
Ayumi Hamasaki, I am sure, is one of the common idols of most girls,
in which girls idolized her perfect shaped features (be it natural/or not I do not know) especially the EYES.
Well, just look at the above picture, it’s just to-die-for.

But we all know that the eyes you see above is enlarged through the very apparent brown contact lenses
(plus some graphical touches, most probably maybe) which is 80% of the enlargement.
Because of beautiful people like her, we are all inspired to get these contact lenses for ourselves,
I mean, who doesn’t love to have big eyes?!

There was a period I was totally hooked on getting coloured + magnified lenses,
and I remember spending quite a deal of money on it.
Then after a couple of months, the colour I was looking for was out of stock,
I tried not wearing the lenses for a couple of days but I just couldn’t get used to it.
The eyes seemed so much smaller and less energetic, and I feel that no matter how much make up I put, there is still something weird about the eyes. 

So I begun to start looking out for alternative brands, and consulted all the friends around me whom I saw,
wearing coloured or magnified contact lenses.
Some of them get it from those reputable brands but there were quite a few who got their lenses from online –
eg. Contact lense sprees, carts in shopping mall or overseas etc.

I have to admit my friends looked real beautiful with the lenses and the prices that they told me was totally a complete steal, no joke.
Was almost there to getting myself a pair online until one day…
My friend said the contact lense teared in her eyes.

And truly lucky or what, it didn’t affect nor hurt her cornea but it was awfully scary to know that.
It was also not the first time I hear about such cases, one such example:

I am gonna take bits and pieces of the story, and It’s a story of a girl named Tennile, 16 years old, living in australia:

"A contact lens made me go blind"

Tennille, 16, wanted to make an impact at a dance party,
but never thought she'd wind up losing her sight in one eye because of it.

In October last year, I was going to a dance party and wanted to make an impact.
I have brown eyes, but wanted blue eyes for the night, so I borrowed some novelty contact lenses from a friend.
I'd never worn contacts before and didn't really know how to use them – these were just cheap ones from the market.
In hospital, the doctors told me that, although the contact lenses had been packaged, the solution they came in was dirty and there were germs (bugs!) in it.
The nurses had to keep putting drops in my eye every half-hour – pretty much all day and throughout the night.

It was actually while I was receiving treatment that I lost my sight. At first I couldn't see because they'd put a big patch over my eye,
but when I was allowed to take the patch off, I still couldn't see anything.
Everything was just a blur. And although the drops had cleared up the ulcer, I was still left with a scar.

You can read more if you want to know the full story.

Another example is this news about this woman, from taiwan:

Woman tears out own cornea while removing contact lens

A woman pulled out her cornea yesterday while removing a special type of contact lens that make the wearer's irises appear larger.
The woman, surnamed Wu, suffered permanent vision damage when she took the contacts out after wearing them for more than 10 hours.

She said angrily, "The doctor told me that my cornea came out with the contact lens."

Wu said she brought a pair of Innova contact lenses that make the irises appear larger,
but after wearing them for more than 10 hours on January 23, she felt her eyes were dry and then proceeded to remove the lenses at home.
Immediately after she removed the lenses, she felt a sharp pain in her eyes that made her unable to open them, she said.
After she struggled to open her eyes, the tears kept coming out of her eyes and her vision became blurred, she said, adding, "It was so painful that I wanted to kill myself."

So these are in fact situation we MIGHT be facing if we get contact lenses from unknown & dubious sources especially online.
PHEW! Luckily I didn’t start buying contact lenses from those places!!!

After a while I just stopped wearing these contact lenses cuz I realised nobody even notices, thinks or can see that I wore those lenses,
so I presumed that there is no big difference and I shall not waste money on it. Example:

(I don’t buy from unknown websites, I got them from qualified optometrists at licensed stores).

you would probably seen it before on one of my posts, and this was taken last november.

As comparison to:


Eyesight is really important, without that, we won’t even be able to enjoy activities at our best even if how good looking one person is.
And don’t regret when it’s too late, really. The consequences are simply not worth it!

Again, recently I was reminded by the contact lenses incident again after I saw an advertisement on ST:

With further shocking findings provided on the website:
50% of medicines purchased online from illegal sites are counterfeit or substandard(1),
1 MILLION illegal medicines were confiscated in 2010(2),
and 694 websites were engaged in illegal activity in 2010(2).

Sources from:
(1)World Health Organization on Counterfeit Medicines: Fact sheet No 275 (2010).
(2)Ops Pangea III global results

If you want to know more about the dangers of buying online.

So from now on, if  you were to buy any contact lenses , products or so,
you should only purchase from qualified eye care professionals and not over the Internet or other dubious sources,
and always ensure that you undergo proper eye examinations and contact lenses fittings by qualified optometrists or contact lenses practice opticians.
This is in order to prescribe the proper contact lenses to suit your unique eyesight requirements!




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Something Pretty

As you know, i blogged about previously on helping my coussie with a candy buffet business - ,
and response was pretty good!

We did three different events for the past couple of weeks,
one was corporate, one was a wedding and followed by a 21st birthday celebration.
I must say the experience was rather fulfilling albeit a lot of time was needed for the planning and customization,
but i suppose it will only get better.

Below are some peeks!

Wore this hot red workdress specially by pearlavish for the first event and Momsie came to meet me for dinner after setup.
(momsie said this dress accentuates the waistline very apparently, kudos to the good cut!)
We were engaged by Maybank, and it was for an annual award ceremony for the banking sector located at Suntec Convention.

Theme was yellow, accordingly to the Maybank colour,
and after doing these events, we realised it is an uber great challenge to match items (food, candies etc) accordingly to the main colours.
I mean, how many food can you find or make in just one or two colours?!

But yet, im glad we figured out a way after we went to do more research as well as keep a lookout for more suitable items!

The second event was a wedding dinner of 280 pax,
and we had the honour as well to provide the candy table at the cocktail area prior to the event.
Received quite a bit of compliments after the set up by staff and people i must say, proud of ourselves and hardwork paid off! heh
And i have to thank Selene, Vincent, Wanqian and hurhur so much for helping!! <3

Seems easy to prepare, but i assure you it's NOT. heh

Here are more outfits that I have worn out for the past week.
Pretty simple ones which do not require much accessories, and definitely came in great for the ULTRA BUSY WEEK!

Love the lace details on this coral girl next door dress from pearlavish.

And something loud this week by pearlavish as well and i suppose colours play a great part in dressing up as well.
As we know the festive season is coming, this could be your dress for Christmas!

P.S: Btw, the lens of my DSLR Canon 500D just got spoilt today, not the first time and i bought a new lense previously.
Same thing happen, the autofocus is not working and i don't think it's really worth it to get it fixed.
Am thinking either to get a second hand lense or get a compact camera.

Any one has any idea where to get second hand lenses (or compact camera)?
Please let me know!! Would really appreciate it!




0410 HRS

Sunday Brunch ♥


I am always looking forward to weekend brunch so much and am constantly on the look out for great all-day breakfast places to try.
Just came back from one a couple of hours ago actually!

This cafe is called Arbite and it's located at one of my favourite places of all – Serangoon Gardens.
I went to this place thrice for day meals in fact, twice for brunch and once for a later afternoon chill out snack,
and i still like this place.

Considering that the place is pretty small, but the seats are adequately spaced out and the furnishing of the place is very simple (well, i think it's all Ikea stuff),
very unpretentious and relaxing for a afternoon.
What i like most is the full stretch of clear glass window, definitely adding on to the relaxing atmosphere.
The only thing is that i have not been there for dinner, so i wouldn't give much comments about that.


They have quite a great range of food daily, and those times when i went during 12noon on weekends,
they do serve all-day breakfast, and also, heavier food like burgers, pasta and mains.

The first time i went for brunch is with hurhur and we ordered two items from the all-day breakfast:

Arbite's big breakfast
(opps, i left out the scrambled eggs pic, they forgot to place it in and gave us in a separate plate)
In my opinion, this is the must-have each time, everything about this just taste heavenly (love the bacon, mushrooms, sausages, potato balls),
and very value for money. (S$12.90)

Eggs Benedicts.
Equally good as well and this is slightly different from outside, it's not on a muffin piece but on two pieces of thick toasted bread.
Totally delicious and value for money there too! A must-have! (S$10.90)

And as i have mentioned, i went back to Arbite just now, and had a great brunch with Kenneth, June and Hurhur.
Perfect time spent and this time i tried a different breakfast set.

Sea-Salt Caramelized Banana Pancakes.
I tried this just now and i think it sounded better than it tasted for this though.  :(
Probably it was just today, but i wasn't quite satisfied with this as i couldn't really taste the sea-salt,
and the banana was not as ripe, hence not as sweet.
Pancakes were pretty normal (a bit thick of my liking), and this set came with just the 3 pancakes only. (S$12.90)

We tried another breakfast set called the Coque Madam (S$16.90), and it was good!
It was two focaccia bread with parma ham and cheese in between, and top with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.
Sounds good huh, tasted good too!

Love the tea there as well, June ordered peach tea and i had camomile, lovely.. (S$5.50)

Would definitely head back for more to try other sets!

66A Serangoon Garden Way,
Singapore 555962




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Let's begin with something new today – WEEKBITS!

Apart from the usual post of lifestyle and daily doings,
i'm thinking to do a weekly thingy on the blog to make sure i will share something out on a consistent basis,
and it shall be named the WEEKBITS as shown above.

Every week will feature one topic and I'll probably make it at least 5 things/angles to show,
and I suppose it will be a helpful thing for myself to keep a tight record of everything and at the same time,
do something for you guys and share whatever you would want to know!

So for now, if you would like to see anything or know anything- gossips, beauty, fitness, ideas, food etc (based on my personal point of views),
please feel free to drop a comment to tell me what you would like to see in the blog!


The past week of feasting has not stopped yet,
and this post albeit short, will still be one of the food & fashion galore entries!!

My dear linny is working with LoveBonito as a full timer and it was totally great to see her almost in every shoot recently.
We had a simple evening last week, with just the two of us heading out to spend some girls night out,
and watched a chick flick – I don't know how she does it by Sarah Jessica Parker as well as having dinner at a new found place in town!

I'm always a fan of bold colours outfits and this electric blue (exclusive colour) paperbag skirt from is looking real pretty!
Furthermore, it's a plus point always as well if it's anything high-waisted,
probably of longer torso which i feel that high waisted helps to accentuate the legs. Heh.
Suppose all girls have to play with each of our own figure to get the right clothes and wear them out best.

Love these red earrings and my sweetest girl. <3


Dinner was at Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar @ Cine Leisure Orchard, recommended by poots.
It is known for its roasted chicken and of course, salad bar but we were too full to have a full meal and got ourselves a plate to share instead.

This was a quarter chicken for S$8.50 , and I topped up S$3.50 for a salad bar one-time buffet which comes with a soup as well.
I was a tad unsure how does it go about but realised that without the top up, it would be two side dishes, but if you top up the latter,
you get one round of servings for all the entire dishes at the salad bar, in which you can take as much as you want,
as long as they don't flow out of the plate. heh

The roasted chicken was delicious, came with a choice of either mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce while you order at the counter.
Definitely gonna head back again to give it a second try!


Tel: +65 6235 6092
Opening Hours
11.30am – 10pm
11.30am – 11pm

Had more loves for the past weekend, both poots and i decided to go for a good brunch at Habitat Coffee!

It was opened as a coffee house but it serves food now and we had quite a feast for brunch.

Ordered this lychee tea as well as peach tea (S$4.90), which was not like others.
I don't really like bottled tea drinks as they are either too sweet or the taste is rather artificial.
But these teas at habitat coffee are specially homemade and brewed, love the brewed taste!

Decked in summer wear for the warm and sunny Sunday afternoon,
my comfy top and the same paperbag skirt in red this time exclusively by earlgreyparty,
love the skirt!

Our brunch!!

We had choco banana pancakes which was yummilicious, love the huge slices of banana pieces! heh. (S$10)

Had a big ben set! Would prefer sauteed potatoes usually, but their mash potatoes tasted pretty good without sauce.
Love that the sausages were stuffed with cheese! (S$12)

And this was my favourite outta all!! TRUFFLE FRIES!!!
you have to order this together with your cuppa tea or coffee, awesome snack! (S$8)
Glad to have this near my area and i'm so gonna have this everytime i visit there in the future.

Ryan (the boss at habitat coffee) is really one such passionate cum friendly person which treated us with great hospitality and warmth.
The cafe is located at Upper Thomson Road and guess what is the best part?


Tel: +65 6456 2567

Opening hours
Tue – Fri: 11am to 10.30pm
Weekends: 10.30am to 10.30pm


Poots and I didn't stop at just brunch, we were such gluttons and went opposite to this new ice cream shop called Salted Caramel,
and as the name says it, it is famous for its salted caramel ice cream.

But after trying out the different flavours, the one i prefer most was chocolate sorbet instead,
the salted caramel flavour in my opinion was pretty mild in the caramel taste and the salty taste overpowered the caramel in fact.
Waffles was good, and definitely heavenly with a ice cream and waffle combo.
if you are a ice cream fan, give it a try!



TEL: +65 6753 1718

Opening hours
SUN – THU : 1200-2300
EVE OF PH, FRI & SAT : 1200 – 0200


Don't miss out the fashion inspirations this week!

A simple lil black dress from which is what all girls need. Definitely will not go wrong!