Past Advertorials

Miss Queenie

If you have not visited Miss Queenie,
you are certainly missing out on the sweet styles and deals!

Known as an online fashion outlet,
they have an absolutely wide array of fashion apparels,
ranging from countless and countless of designs for all occasions.
The best part is, prices are definitely pocket-friendly,
and I am sure you don't just stop at one piece during checkout! ;)

Don't regret and start joining them for a shopping spree!
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gets trendy with women's styles,
especially for styles that are looking classy and elegant.

They make sure designs are not too over the top,
yet looking demure and lovely on it's own.
I always think elegant style is definitely one of the best styles around to bring out our femininity,
and there you go- a place where you can find these apparels.
Perfect for dinners and corporate at the same time!

Do visit their to take a look,
and they will be updating sneaks and promotions there,
so don't miss it babes!


Let's welcome a brand new online boutique- Beaubello,
and I can see that they are doing great till date.

Who doesn't love dresses especially when they are effortless to wear,
and at the same time, looking all dressed up and stylish.

With a focus on sweet and dainty dresses,
You will have tonnes of styles to chooose from and best is,
prices are really affordable and friendly for the pocket.
I love it that they are not afraid to flaunt off styles in bold colours too!

Do join their mailing list to get free normal postage,
and remember to like them on to get latest updates & previews. I am sure they will continue to bring in fashionable outfits just for you girls!

Pink Flare

If you find yourself staring at the model above,
you will know that she is none other than our Miss Singapore Universe two years back!

Not only do they have a gorgeous model,
but Pink Flare brings out the beauty queen in everyone of us
by constantly bringing beautiful, chic and wearable fashion from all over the world.
They make sure you get a wide choice from them,
such as sleepwear apparels, jewellery, accessories, and apparels from their own line.

Do reward yourself with 10% discount from your purchases by quotinh "PFBEATRICE" upon checkout, and they are having a Christmas Giveaway on their facebook: 3 items from Pink Flare to be given out each week. Do hop over to their to check it out!


If you find Merrymolly familiar,
you have probably shopped with them before because they have rebranded from Odorikoya!

They are known for their bubbly summer style since last time,
and with no doubt, they are still bringing in great summer styles for you girls,
except that it's all exclusively manufactured items with their labels from now on!

Do join their mailing list to get free normal postage,
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I believe these will all come in handy because their latest collection is definitely shining,
and you would love to get your hands on those vibrant pieces!

Gipsy Scarlet

If you always like minimalist style yet bold at the same time,
if not, dainty girl next door style yet chic at the same time,
you will just love Gipsy Scarlet and their taste in style!

They have a great collection of party wears as well as casual outdoor wears,
but there is just something unique about each and every piece they have.
It can be a simple black dress, but accompanied with lace shoulder detailing,
or a simple peach dress, with sequins sewed exquisitely on the neckline.

Just hop over to take a look yourself,
and i am sure you will be prepared to spend some moolahs there! ;p
Do join their page to view more,
and also, quote "GSBEATRICE" to get free regular postage upon confirmation of order.


BraidedTwist likes it simple and style,
and that's what I like about them too.

With minimalist style in mind,
BraidedTwist brought in a full spectrum of effortless chic designs,
such as easy rompers in gorgeous shades of colour, and simple dresses in flattering cuts.
Definitely looking dainty and posh,
you might just want a piece in your wardrobe after browsing through their site!

The promotion now comes in handy,
and do quote "Beatrice" for a 10% discount off total purchase,
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Amber Avenue

Amber Avenue brings you a whole new different sense of style.

I adore the uniqueness of their fashion sense,
especially how they mixed and matched up outfits for many different occasions.
Chic and stylish must be their middle name,
and they brought these styles in by fully manufacturing apparels since July 2011,
with sizes and colours choices as well.

Do watch out for their weekly launch and the next is on 13th dec, 9pm.
Check out their for sneaks and 3 lucky winners will win a $10 Voucher!
Don't forget to sign up for their mailing list to get first hand updates!
Quote "BEATRICE10" to get 10% discount of all regular priced items.


If you have seen Emma around these years,
you would know that they are known for their manufactured pieces,
as every design is designed by their in-house designers locally!

For ladies who are always on the lookout for corporate clothings,
or more matured, good quality and stylish ones,
Emma has it all for you in stores.

Apparels are exclusive and come in limited quantity as well and there is no repeat of designs & no back orders.
They have an ongoing weekly star buy promotion whereby a regular random priced item (incl new arrivals) will be put up for sale every week, and the best thing is that it is more than 50% off (Limited to 10 pieces only). It would be the best chance to grab it as it will be revert to original price after the promo week! Check out their for more :)
Quote "BEAPROMO" to get 10% discount for the month of dec!


My Potabella

Just like always,
never fails to surprise me with a gorgeous collection!

They have just launched new items for the festive season,
and I must say they are looking absolutely stunning,
especially the glitter dress and mesh dress.

Love their classy-ness and dainty style,
and I believe most of you girls love the wide variety they have!

They are going to wow you with a great promotion,
and you just have to like their , and stand a chance to win a Chanel Necklace worth $350! (Till 19th dec).
Don't miss out the great treats babes!