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Hey sweets, it’s KATJES!


If you know me, you would know I have a soft spot for snacks and I’m always snacking! 
Especially chips (given that its uber sinful), chocolates, sweets, 
and I can easily use those to substitute my meals instead. Oops!

But I can be a lil picky when it comes to sweets. 
I am never a fan of hard sweets but a HUGE fan of gummies and more gummies, 
which I think it’s definitely more satisfying for me than popping a hard sweet into my mouth. 
Then again, I’m picky again when it comes to the softness chewiness of the gummies, 
(and oh yes by now you can guess why I love bubbletea pearls that much), 
and it’s a key for me when choosing my gummies to stock up in my bag. 
I used to like this penguin gummies that are sold in mama shops, econ minimarts but apparently,  
its no where to be found now and I think they stopped production. 
That’s a sad thing for me because I can get at least five packs at a time to keep at home, 
and always having at least one pack in the bag whenever I’m out. 
So anyway, the thing that got me hooked on that gummy is the chewiness and yes, yes, YES! 
I found another brand of sweets that has that awesome chewiness texture as well! *bounce*


The kind of chewiness that I am talking about is hard to describe but I will try my best. Heh. 
It’s the smooth and slimy feeling when you take a bite,  
and its not that soft, which thus require a lil strength to chew on it, 
and at the same time it doesn’t stick to your teeth! 
That’s what I like about it! 

I actually tried Katjes before long time ago given that  
me- a gummy fan, and them – being known for gummies. 
I love their apple flavoured pack in which I think they revised the packing and sweets mixture now. 
The best present while introducing to you guys Katjes sweets is that I got to try 5 flavours of their sweets  (GUMMIES!!) and that makes me a very happy girl! Sounds like a lil kid huh. :p

I had five flavours to try out and look at all the yummy colours! 
Not just pretty, but they taste as good as it seems, 
with a good mixture of the different fruits in each packet.

I bet you will definitely take one if the picture above is REAL! Teehee.

It’s not easy to choose my favourite within the whole lot,  
but this Berry Delicious (blueberry) gummy was the first one that I tried, 
and is easily one of my top three favourites outta the five. 

The reason why I am hooked to this was because it tasted as though you were eating a real blueberry except that it had no juice burst out, became chewy and the texture is not as soft. Heh :p 
But yes, you get my drift. 
The package did mention that it has 20% blueberry juice 
and no wonder the blueberry taste was uber rich like a real fruit.  
And after letting my friends around me to try,  
trust me, I’m not the only one who said that!

And its cute that they were all shaped in cluster of blueberries!!



       Mango was the next that I chose to open,  
and those that know, mango is my king of fruits albeit the fact that I’m a huge mango fruit fan, 
but not a fan of mango related snacks. 
But it is always good to give all a first try, 
and this mango pack comes with 3 different mixtures! 
There is a combination of pure mango gummy,  
and a half mixed passionfruit +mango flavour  
as well as a mango yoghurt flavour (my favourite!!) 

       Definitely loving the yoghurt mix (yes, imma great yoghurt fan!!) for the gummies above, 
and I’m impressed!! Not only the real fruit taste,  
the yoghurt mix was equally convincing!

    The pure yellows- mango, the red/yellow- passionfruit + mango, 
the white/yellow- mango yoghurt.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Another top 3 of my favourites is this- the BERRY DESSERT!

It has a mixture of everything berries just like the name says 
and it has 3 flavours -strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. 
Every single sweet inside is accompanied with a half white flavoured part, 
and it tasted just like the yoghurt part of the mango gummy above. 
I am quite sure it is, and probably because I LOVE both strawberries and yoghurt,  
so I’m gonna vote this pack as my another top 3 favourite outta the five from Katjes! :p

and here comes it, my WINNING FLAVOUR of the top three favourites – Apple & Eve! 

This is a slightly different gummy than the rest, 
and it’s coated with sugar bits. 
It is as similar to the one string of chewy sweet  
when you “mix and match” the candies you choose in candy shops! 
And I love anything apple, be it fragrance, sweets, taste etc, 
plus between sweet and sour, I kinda have a thing for sour tasting food! 
So yes, definitely my favourite of the bunch! Your browser may not support display of this image.


Last but not least,

This is the most ordinary out of the bunch, 
but has one of the most “exotic” ways of placing the flavours. 

The gummies are of different fruit flavours  
but the flavours’ names are in popped up words, distinctively on top of the sweet!

As you can see, The yellow sweet was stamped Mango and well, 
the red was stamped passionfruite, and the peach one was stamped EXOTIC! 
True enough, I cant describe what exact was the taste of the exotic gummy, 
but frankly, I like it the best outta all the other combinations in this pack! 
Give it a first try at least,  
you might realize that you have been wasting money  
and rather spend on this sweet earlier instead. Hahaha. 
Furthermore, their serving is rather generous, so I would say its value for money! 

Plus, just for this month of June,  
you can participate in the Mail & Win a Shopping Spree with Katjes.  
5 x $1000 CASH to be won! 
Do check out your supermarket and grab one soon before your favourite flavour goes out of stock! :p




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*Passionate bright Red skirt from .

BOLD colours are certainly in the trend now,
and I'm not sure its psychological or something,
but I do feel chirpier when I'm dressed in bright colours. *jumps*

I used to think bold colours are too much of an attraction upon wearing,
and at times I still feel that way too.
But recently, the clothes I picked out at the start of the day are inclined towards the preppy ones,
and I do think it reflects the skintone better, and wearing bright colours make you look fairer in some sense. heh

And for some reason…

I love the red lipstick they used during the hair show on me.

With the makeup artist from school of makeup & John.

And there you go,
now you can see the exact blend of the hair colours!


Pantry breaks are good in the office, as they keep you relaxed as you gaze out to this awesome view..

Eugene, who brought us great joy and laughter,
and was one whom definitely made my face muscles ached due to constant laughter,
had his farewell last friday.

I am sure the team misses him very much and I hope you will do great in the future! :)

* Sunshine yellow flowy top from .




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Salon Vim’s Hairshow weekend

Had a hairshow over the weekends at the exclusive roadshow organised by Salon Vim and it was great fun!
Though it sort of took the whole of Saturday away,
I got to meet a couple of new friends as well as working with a familiar face – Jayne, and that definitely brightened up the day!

The coolest thing about hairshow is that you go WILD and CRAZY with the hairstyles,
but it would deem fashionable and stylish anyhow. :p
I actually thought my hair could have been crazier but I guess John played more with the colours of the hair than the actual styling.

My hair was dyed brown for the base but red for the bottom half by as inspired by lady gaga (oh yes, nth is normal for her),
and it's totally ain't something that I will do… but yes, i suppose that's a start. heh.

7 girls for the hairshow.

And thanks to John, my dedicated stylist as usual ;)
Love da puffed hairstyle, *grins*




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A game for four

Didn't think that it will be quite an enjoyable and satisfying (albeit the lugging of a heavy bag that brought the related golf stuff)
thing to be at the range for a hour or so getting more practice after a work weekday,
given that it's not as energy-consuming as I had imagined it to be.

There were two reasons that made the night last week awesome.
One was the fact that Marina Bay Golf Range/Course is definitely one of the beautiful golf places in Singapore to be getting your practice.
And two, I had two new golf companions!

Eugene and Sandy.

Hurhur and myself.

I got to know Sandy from university, and coincidentally, we work in the same building currently.
As for Eugene, I knew him from Sandy back in school, only to find out two months ago that he is my colleague in the exact same department as well.
How small can the world be.

I wouldn't mention much about what went on for the night,
but I brought my camera in my handbag,
and eugene suddenly had these creative juices coming out of him and started snapping away..
so, peeks instead!

Arriving at the range.

Eug & Sandy's very-thoughtful brought-along item.
Drinks still chilled after 2 hours!

wow. Nice one, eugene.

And sandy, you have a talented boyfriend. Nice shot!
Would be quite suited for a pepsi advertisement actually..teehee

ehhh i have to give eugene some credits for these two shots.
Very amateur but looking professional. hahahah :p

take 3!

And Sandy, eugene's pressie for you, this is beautiful. ;)

More range sessions please!


And if you are looking for this….
here are my latest two favourites!

* Sexy printed lace cut off top from MissQueenie, one of my favourite tops now. ;)

* Loving the sheer mesh dress from MissQueenie as well. ;)

  Get 30% off for GSS there, and apply e-voucher upon check out: GSS30


So as some of you know that I am sharing my pre-loved & brandnew-and-bought-on-impulse stuff here,
here's one peeka to show you what I am just updated the SHOP tab,
and you can easily view the individual apparels at the extreme top right hand corner of this page.

For iphone users/bb:
there is some problems viewing the tabs on phone,
so do directly type beatricetan.com/shop :)

All here are brand new this week,
and yes I am gonna add in more items weekly but not sure which day exact,
so do join the mailing list to be kept informed if you are interested!
Great steals I assure you!

And recently, my aunt who newly opened a wholesale fashion apparel business overseas was asking if i am interested to get anything from her.
I am pretty much a person who can't resist apparels, accessories, and anything fashion that will catch my eyes,
and oh yes, true enough, I got myself quite a number of items from her conveniently and decided to get additional quantity for each item for you guys to shop for as well!

I personally chose my favourites and hope you like it.
If you and I share the same fashion taste,
i suppose i might continue to get more stuff from her every now and then to share, so do keep a lookout!

Here're 3 accessories that I got from her side, brand new.
Not sure if you like it, but I love the boho earrings and these colours are just…gorgeous. ;)

Gonna wear them for work tmrw, teehee.
Goodnight and TGIF PEOPLE! :)




0305 HRS

Friday night with Poots

Finally I'm back from Genting after a 7-hour coach ride just now and it's time to hit the sack for a new work week tomorrow.

The thing that i look forward upon arrival at Golden Mile complex was a simple yet tasty dinner at one of the many thai stalls located inside the mall.

And yes, it's exactly like a mini thailand there – thai food stalls, thai disco, thai supermarket.
The food stalls are owned by Thais and taste is exactly like what you find in Thailand,
except that the price is triple of what you pay when you are in Thailand.

We just had our dinner meal at this particular shop situated at the extreme left when you enter the mall via the normal entrance,
and if i didn't remember wrongly, the signboard was orange in colour.
Food there was awesome and do try it if you are a great fan of thai food!

Anyways, a few were asking about the coach i took to Genting and back.
We took the Five Star coach, but premium seats, so it was doubled decked with all the facilities that I have mentioned in the previous post.
The price per pax we paid was $130, but I guess for 14 hours of travel (7 hours there and 7 hours back),
it's better to pay a bit more to enjoy a more comfortable ride than to have motion sickness that will dampen the mood of the trip.

And on a random note, i sort of have a thing for loose and flary dresses,
they are super comfy and this one here gives a lil bohemian feel!

* City chic dress in beige/white by Amelie-Anne.

And a new addition to their manufactured collection!

*Front tiered dress in dusty pink by Amelie-Anne.


It's always great time spent whenever poots and I are out for a date.

This time round, despite our busy schedules, we arranged for a late night friday dinner at Canele @ Lido.
It was our second time back there for a meal together ever since her birthday two years ago,
but it felt like we had just been there yesterday!
As usual, we spent some quality time catching up over a sumptuous dinner,
and with great food, cosy atmosphere and awesome companionship,
what more can i ask for?

Our appetizer, clam chowder, rich and tasty but I prefer it to be more creamy.

Canela's special salad.

our mains, the crepe, perfect for two!
Love the combination of the half boiled egg and the generous serving of hams wrapped in piping hot crepe.

Our desserts, chocolate icecream with chocolate biscuits and chunks.
Wouldn't think it was anything unique, but the icecream was in a perfect bitter sweet combination.

And of course, macaroons!
Canele has one of the best macaroons around!
Try the salted caramel and passion fruit ones if you do visit there.

And back to a bit more on latest designs online,
here're two more to for you to shop on for!

* Gorgeous ruched convertible dress for dinners/weddings from Dandzelia.

* Self-manufactured ruffles front top in one of my favourite colours – Coral,  from Dandzelia.