Recently there were quite a number of readers who feedback to me that I lost a bit of weight (!!!!)
and that’s absolutely one of the best words for a girl to hear, don’t you agree? <\/span>

I am sure we will instantly react by saying “really? no la no la” but deep in your heart,
you have to admit you are gleefully smiling, and thinking that it might have some truth in some ways .<\/span><\/p>

Well i wouldn't consider myself to being like fat FAT,
but i can feel that I really did put on some weight and am going towards the plump side or more, if i don't start doing something.
And i think it is largely due to perhaps food etc, which i will be elaborating below (read on to find out how and what are my experiences)<\/p>

So I decided to take a look and dig out some photos from the past (about 2-3 years ago) to compare and see and check this out..<\/span><\/p>







0912 HRS

Celebrate Xmas with Shopping!

December is an absolutely busy month for most of us,
such as birthdays (yes, leney, hurhur and caleen’s birthdays are all coming!) and Christmas gatherings,countdowns,
and with that in mind, I need to shop for gifts very soon!

I do enjoy Christmas exchange every year and I suppose the catch is to see who gets the best cum interesting gift,
and I suppose it will be a helluva lot of fun if everybody gets something really unique.  
And so for that said, I used to visIt takashimaya departmental to check out the gifts (they have really cool stuff),
But I think it is becoming a lil common because quite a number of people shop there for gifts as well!

So for this year, I am gonna get something from somewhere else. I need to get a few,
so a couple of them would be from Jipaban-
they have interesting stuff that I have never seen around in shops in fact.
Best part is that they have a flash sale with all items from weekly gift guide at 10% discount,
(comes right in time cuz it’s only a week plus to Christmas!!) for just 24 hours on 19th to 20th December,
 especially for those who don’t have time to shop, don’t miss it!

And this is the last gift guide sale for Christmas as we are 5 days away till Christmas!

Weekly gift guide is an entire collection prepared specially for Christmas with a mixture of unique items, fashion items, apparels etc so that it’s easier for you to shop!

Fret not for those who will miss it that day or so,
And because it is to celebrate the festive season,
You can get 5%  off when you purchase from any where (but at least two categories) in Jipaban’s website,
Or get 10% off if you purchase from 3 or more categories!

I already took some time off and did some shopping there, 
and show you some of my picks!
For ladies:

1. Bird cage ring and this leopard prints wristband
Who doesn’t love accessories!!

2. Baking books! I have friends who really enjoy baking,
 (shall not mention name, if not they know who I am getting it for!)

3. Friendship bands kit, interesting! 
Been a long while we all did this, and it’s time to rekindle the old times!

For Men:

1. This tee looks like what most of my guy friends would wear!

2. Hehehe everyone of us needs a cup every day huh, this looks practical and unique!

3. Hats hats and more hats!

There are a lot more gifts there but I don’t think I want to bombard the whole entry with everything,
so take a peek there!
It might save you some time to go out and shop OR you might get the most interesting item for Christmas this year!
And the best part is that you can get your Christmas shopping loots right quickly and efficiently with Jipaban’s express delivery!

The girlies and myself had a random simple night out last week to town in search for a new place to dine in & feast the night away.
Time is always well-spent with them <3

We decided to explore a brand new place at a new mall at Scotts – Beside hyatt hotel Orchard,
and were deciding hard between the new branch of Wild Honey or Delicious till we settled for the latter as they allowed us to make reservations.


The neopolitius pasta (on the left) is the best outta all and i will definitely head back for another plate of that.

Food was pretty alright, but perhaps the air-con was overly cold that it turned our hot food to warm and then cold within minutes. ;(
From what we have tried, i would recommend that neopolitius pasta & calamari, those are the best outta the lot. :)

Of course, we never fail to snap shots of us during dinner.


I'm actually quite a huge fan of polka dot prints, and am loving this piece from Klarra! :)
Especially the adjustable waist design and the flare bottom,
definitely perfect for my night out feasting with the girlies, hee

loving my mommylinny! <3 Really can't wait to see baby evangeline being born!

If you are wondering where did i get my shoes, I wore my new lovely new pair of velvety nude ribbon peep toe heels from Xquisis,
love the dainty feel whenever i pair my outfits with this pair <3
*If you are falling in love with this pair too, or are in need for more shoes, you should totally take a look at and for you readers specially,
they are offering complimentary Registered Postage! Just quote BEAXQ in the email. ;)

Here are outfits of the past week and i am feeling great with colours!
Not quite a fan of dark tonnes, and these vibrant coloured outfits just made my days <3

Here's a piece that I like from DOT, especially how the embroidery are sewed on and the puffed sleeves designs,
definitely help in enhancing the shoulders yet keeping the design simple yet unique.

If you are feeling bold and great, you might want to check this bright and chirpy pink dress from DOT as well,
keeping it a minimalist with the pleats and comes with a removable sash!

Toga, toga and toga! I'm a fan of toga dresses, tops, simply just anything toga,
but this piece from Fadfab is pretty unique in its own way- the scrunched up sides, and the flower designs.

Last but not least, i am sure some of you girls love getting rompers because they are just so convenient and easy to wear,
yet looking stylish for a casual outfit. there you go! a piece from FabFad that you would want to get it in your wardrobe!




0112 HRS

Annyeonghi gaseyo, Korea!

Im back to Sunny Singapore recently, and I am having the post-Korea syndrome!

Special thanks to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) for arranging such an amazing trip with people from four other countries,
also, notably Caitrin from KTO Singapore office to provide me with this opportunity to head over to Korea,
allowing me to experience things that I never knew or done,
it was just simply incredible.

I spent the last day exploring Korea on my own, checked in a new hotel (thanks to Mam from Thailand for the great help in recommending!),
and given that I don't speak/write/read Korean, nor knowing my way around the area,
and then trying toe explore the areas, taking the subway etc, that was truly a remarkable experience! 

Am sorting out the many pictures that I took on the trip as fast as I can so as to share them here with you
and especially for those who are going Korea soon, there are some places/experiences that you really have to try!

For some reasons, I just find myself loving Korea as time goes by and as visits increase.
I just find the whole country very alluring- the language, the people (the girls have absolutely flawless skins!!!), the place, just everything about it.

BAH.. i'm missing Korea even more now.

Anyways, here are some pictures of myself taken by a very talented news journalist from Thailand (Nan) unknowingly/knowingly,
whom i got to know during the trip as well, and l love her shots!
Here are some sneaks of what I did on my trip, will be back for more!

Here's Nan and me! :)

love the red trench from LB! A Korean-wannabe with hair all tied up in a bun except that….
maybe the camera shouldn't be in my hand! I look like a paparazi reporter instead. -.-

Making of Bibimbap!

Tried Skiing for the first time!! AWESOME!

A very beautiful place which was all covered in Snow, more on this later!
Here's a new friend from Jakarta, Chandra :)


In case you have missed out what are my outfits of the week,
here they are!

This classy corporate piece from FlyMeToParis is just perfect to be one of your frequent work wear, simply versatile cuz you can just style it up with a necklace,
or blazer and you will find yourself in different looks!

Apart from work, I suppose we all need outfits for the weekends too! If you are a great fan of lace and embroidery,
you are gonna like this sweet lovely piece from FlyMeToParis because of the unique details at the neckline. Comes with a removable sash too!

Year end marks a great time for a holiday to either a Winter place or a beach-summer place.
And for those who love the Sun, Sea and Sand,
you might want to check out this bohemian embroidery top from Faire Belle and get it for your trip or a weekend getaway!
Comes in a couple of shades as well ;)

This glamour piece from Faire belle is looking more gorgeous in real life and it's kinda hard to capture it's real shade of greenish blue colour!
The material is comfortable on the skin and i love the glitter bits at the chest area, simply classy.

Ok folks, am gonna head to bed now,
be back for more very soon!

P.S: Sorry for the delayed replies in email as I got limited internet access there! Will definitely get back to you soon!! :)




1112 HRS

Biore Cleansing sheets!

My guy friends always say ladies who wear makeup are a form of deception.

I beg to differ!

I do not see anything wrong in wearing makeup to prep one to face the world
confidently. I believe the role of makeup is to enhance our facial characteristics and
bring out our best features. =P

I’m sure all girls love experimenting with various looks for different occasions. Myself
included. Dolling up is fabulous fun but at the end of the day, removing makeup is
definitely not as fun as putting it on. I’m not sure if you share the same sentiments as

Here’s an example of the amount of makeup I’ve to put on for my shoots:

You can see the pores clearly and powdered surface.

Imagine when you are so dead beat after a long day’s work, you have to take out your
cotton pads, pour different makeup remover lotions over them and then wipe across
your eyes and face. You would have to do all of this while keeping in mind not to tug
too hard or it will cause the onset of wrinkles.

Another hassle is the amount of products I’ve to pack whenever I have plans to head
to Yoga after my shoots. Just look at what goes into my bag! It’s literally half filled with
all sorts of products you can name.

I personally dislike wearing make up for too long because my skin needs to breathe
or my pores will start clogging up. It does not help that my modeling shoots always
call for me to be clad in heavy makeup. Each time, I have to lug along my entire army
of makeup removers. Waterproof makeup, especially mascaras, is the toughest to
remove and this is the bane of my makeup removal regime.

Until one day, I discovered something that totally rock my world.

I received a little surprise, courtesy of Biore!

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

I was feeling really lazy when I got home after my shoot today and decided to give
Biore’s cotton sheets a try. I honestly never knew cotton cleansing sheets can be THAT
AMAZING & POWERFUL, until I tried out Biore’s ones and…I am sold.

I’ve always been rather skeptical about cleansing wipes. I didn’t think that wipes were
adequate in removing my makeup completely without a trace. Biore’s cotton sheets
have definitely changed my way of thinking. The sheets contain smooth cleansing oil,
which works wonders. My stubborn makeup, especially on my eyes, was removed
immediately within a few swipes. It’s definitely not No.1 in Japan for nothing!!

You can basically remove your makeup in less than a minute with it by just following
my simple steps below:

My makeup dissolved almost instantly into the sheets.

Here’s the before and after comparison for you:

To prove to you, I did up a video to show you just how effective this product is.
Biore cotton sheets are definitely on the top of my list now whenever I head for my
shoots or travel overseas. This is definitely worth a buy. =)

Thank goodness for Biore, I’ve no more complains for removing of makeup even after
a hectic day. =)

Trust me and go get a pack from Watsons or Guardian now! I’m very sure their cotton
sheets will be selling like hot cakes when more girls discover their powerful cleansing

This was taken yesterday, when i was in my room in Holiday Inn, Alpensia Resort at PyeongChang, Korea.

The view was absolutely breathtaking and i must say this has gotta be one of the best places anyone could in at that point of time.
It was just so surreal to be able to see this all day long until the moment i closed my eyes and drifted into space…

More peeks will come soon!

This is me in the room in my uniqlo long john and a necklace that I received from My Little Bow,
customized with my name on the lil heart shape pendant.

It's much shinier in real life and I don't know why it looks somehow dusty here,
think it was due to the lenses that I didn't realise until i uploaded it to the com!
But it's a sweet gift for anyone definitely, especially the customization aspect. <3

Here are two really unique outfits that I think some of you will really like it!

This slit up design of the dress accompanied with the black outer design from My Little Bow gives it a lil sophisticated sexy look,
which is great for night functions and parties in my opinion.

And i bet you will love this! it's the multi sack dress from My Little Bow and it has 7 ways to wear it,
toga is my favourite and do check them out to see what are the rest of the ways!




0112 HRS

Christmas x Mastercard (Advertorial)

It’s the season of joy, and I know we all love this season because it’s a time when we all unite together,
make the effort to get the gifts of people’s choice or from your own heart,
dress up in green and red Christmas theme, and when people say thanks giving,
take a step back and reflect on what the year has came to and appreciate what has happened.

I suppose that’s when we say to ourselves, a year has passed and how time flies.

As cliché as it might sound, one of the things all of us people know, I myself included,
but sometimes let it slip off the mind is that, for all its worth, we are alive- normal, healthy and kicking.

Many a time, these thoughts refresh my mind when I see old aunties/uncles who can barely move agilely,
still cleaning countless of tables at hawkers etc or when kids who have cleft lips or health problems even when he/she is just a baby.
Or knowing of kids who lost their parents since young or having autism..

With that in mind, why not let’s all take this chance and play your part in this “A Season of Giving” by Mastercard,
and I know that we all need to get gifts for friends, family & loved ones,
but why not get it via a good way instead?

“A Season of Giving” is a very special campaign because for this year,
Mastercard works hand in hand with Singapore Children’s s Society,
and will make a contribution to them for every single online transaction with international websites* you made during this campaign period.

(*International websites refer to those that bill in a currency other than Singapore dollars)

I am really glad to know of this campaign and be tasked to write on it,
because I do get guilty spending money at times- thinking that people are savings up cents by cents trying to get through life with basic necessities,
or needed the money to support the other family members etc.
Since we all need to get some gifts for a specific someone/event, we can join in Mastercard’s campaign and get the gifts!

Not just that,
but Mastercard will also play a part on “A Season of Giving” to YOU for spending a minimum of US$500 shopping online as a cardholder them for the stipulated period.
You can enjoy:

1.    Shipping rewards

10% off shipping through vPOSTEUROPE, vPOSTJAPAN and vPOSTUSA, click HERE for more.
Min spend of S$40 through vPOSTUSA.

2.    You will get a chance to be rewarded with a S$50 shopping voucher!

Furthermore, one card equals to one chance, with more Mastercard cards, more chances!

Let’s start our shopping for a good cause spree now in just a few simple steps:

1.    Register up to five Singapore-issued MasterCard cards for the 'A Season of Giving' promotion.

I understand that you might want to get more gifts and might max out the number of transactions with your first Mastercard
(3 transaction max for each card).
But fret not because you can register up to 5 Mastercard cards!

2.    Spend a minimum of US$500 or its equivalent on international websites* between 15th November and 31st December 2011.
- Maximum of three combined transactions on one registered card.
- Each transaction must be at least US$50 or its equivalent.
- Do take note that you should read the full Terms & Conditions to get a better understanding on how it works.

3.    Cardholders of the first 1,600 registered cards to qualify for the shopping vouchers will receive an email by 31st January 2012 with details of how to redeem.

*Above are taken from Mastercard “how it works” page, do hop over there to get a clear & better understanding.

Play your part now and give back to the society!

Christmas is around the corner!
And I am sure many of us are looking forward to the month end for gatherings & gifts exchange,
or taking a stroll with your friends, partners or loved ones along the beautifully decorated Orchard Road glazing at the lights.

I had a lil stroll last week at Town, and am in love with these two trees above,
and the gold, pink&purple just make decorations splendid!
The latter makes it feel a lil Victorian Secret,
and I think that was what their inspirations were given that i spotted this wings below:

Trying to be a wannabe angel for that spilt seconds and snapped a shot! Geez.

This minimalist green dress from Pearlavish shows you that I am in a Christmas mood too! <3

Finally i tried Cold Stone Creamery!
It's always packed and it smells so good whenever i passed by it.

Ordered a "Strawberry Blonde"- strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry ice cream, graham crackers, caramel sauce.

Plain Waffle cup is an additional $1 each!

And i was back to town once again for the next day for a dinner,
all glamed up in Pearlavish purple dress for the evening. :)

On a random note, here are some outfits of the week that you might like!

Got this rainbow dress from Chersamme which totally brightens up my day,
am always a great fan of preppy colours! <3
They are having a special and girls, you can enjoy a discount of $2 for this dress now by referring to the steps below,.  :)

Another great find from Chersamme's collection, this is a reversible skirt- black/orange. :)
It is retailing at $28.50 for a piece, but a steal if you get 3 pieces (it would be $26!), you just need to follow the steps below again.

*Steps to enjoy Chersamme's promo:

1) Quote Beapromo upon ordering
2) Like their Fb page
3) Share their lastest collection album- Wonderland.

Last but not least, if you are looking for a classic black dress,
and you love bareback designs, here's one looking good on the racks!

A simple V-neck ballerina dress from Pearlavish, with a half bareback design, a lil sexy style but not too overdoing it. ;)




0211 HRS

The best way to lose weight


Modeling for Bonitochico (BC), Nov/Dec 2008.
One very good gauge is the pictures when I modeled for BC since 3 years ago.
And goodness, check out those arms, thighs!!

Every single time I see the above picture or so,
It makes me feel that I
somehow look like the kim sam soon girl in the Korean drama: my name is kim sam soon

Not sure if it’s a good thing or not but the role was about her being plump but she found her prince at the end. :p
Well, this shows that we should just be ourselves and if we want to lose weight, it should be because of health and ourselves too.
not because we want to get guys!
Anyway, I think why I feel that way is due to the similar looking hair style and the plumpness,

Modeling for Bonitochico (BC), October 2009
A large leap, about a year, but I’m still plump!! Funny thing is we always don’t think so then,
and thought it was fine, not that plump (lol) but in fact when we look back, we go like “wah,
to think I thought my hairstyle was quite nice back then,
or to think that I don’t think im THAT fat tt time (though we know somehow or another, we did put on weight)”

2009 with the love,bonito girls! <3 see how much we all have changed.

November 2009.
Then I got a haircut of a style I really wanted to try and…. It made me look rounder. ☹

  December 2009, phuket.  gosh, look at that hair!
thank goodness for Salon Vim now.

December 2009, selene’s 21st.

January 2010, here’s the pretty kaykay!

January 2010, still went for countless buffets!

March, 2010.  getting plump ☹

May 2010 at brunch.

Modeling for LB, September 2010


October 2010, one of the “PEAK”periods!! @#$@

November 2010.

December 2010, got a new hair cut/colour, slightly..just slightly smaller size..

 December 2010, Christmas..

 February 2011, valentines day.

march 2011, getting slightly better..

May 2011, did some exercise every now and then too to keep healthy, and lose weight heathily..

August 2011, krabi.. maybe I was subconsciously losing weight so that I can wear bikini nicely in krabi!! :p

September 2011, lost a bit of weight I realized.

Sept/October 2011,quite recent

I suppose I did lose a bit of weight huh..
If I were to put the pictures all together, it’s kinda apparent I must say.

But i think most importantly, it's not just about wanting to lose weight,
but it's more of being healthy, wanting to look healthy and hence, eat in moderation for all,
or having regular meals and less snacking.

If I really have to think back on how did i start becoming plump,
it would be the constant feasting of fastfood, fried food or high sugar level food - desserts etc.
I suppose I didn't eat in moderation but quite frequent instead.

And to think back, I did go for runs every now and then, and when I was plump,
it does take a toll on me! Recalled that I had quite a bit of trouble running,
even for just a short distance (about 5-10 minutes)- took a long while to regain back my normal breathing and had slight breathing difficulties.
I’m quite shocked to know that too since I used to run like 3-4 times a week back in poly days?

Besides that, I hate to admit that after just climbing one flight of stairs, I panted pretty heavily for a while. ;(
A bit disgraceful I know, then I will try my best to get back the normal breathing asap in case anyone talks to me and realized that heavy breathing – just because of a flight of stairs?


I thought about how did I lose weight, and to think back now, I somehow got it all figured out exactly.
Definitely not something new, but because I personally experienced it, the level of understanding towards these two simple aspects is tremendous!


Though there are a bunch of people who dislike exercising or are loaded with work, and as much as you want to exercise,
there is no energy left at the end of the day for exercising. (well, time is managed by us so I won’t say no time to exercise). 
I suppose I can comprehend this point, and in my personal very frank opinion, DIET is the utmost main factor on how you can control /lose your weight.

Truth to be told, there were many a time I was asking female friends on how did they lose weight, what is their daily diet like etc.
And I came to realize there were a couple of friends (names will not be mentioned!) who do take slimming products to control the weight in fact.
It’s was pretty scary to know of that, cuz I have been quite skeptical about slimming products all along.

True enough, I went to read up on articles/ forums and review about some of those products,
and there are even websites that are selling them at DISCOUNTED price online?!! 
Not just that, there were so many incidents around about people having side effects/ severe health consequences after taking those products or so,.

And statistics even show:
over 50% of medicines purchased online from illegal sites are counterfeit or substandard,
1 MILLION illegal medicines were confiscated in 2010, and 694 websites were engaged in illegal activity in 2010.

I know a friend who rely on slimming products (though yes, she lost quite a bit of weight over a short time frame),
then curious me went to ask her in-depth about her weight-loss ways. 

I was in disbelief when she showed me a website (shall not mention the name of the site) selling the different kind of brands for slimming products and ITS CHEAP!!
Way cheaper than I thought.
But she mentioned to me she does get severe headaches,
sometimes puking and total loss of appetite for the period she consumed the slimming products,
and she thought she was just feeling ill for a while, but it prolonged only to realize its cuz she was consuming the pills.
Of course, we all still want the health and she stopped immediately after consulting the doctor cuz like what I though-
The pills are not recognized appropriately, must be really dangerous.

How dubious it can be…. Do you really think there is such good thing in life??

To me, NO, there is no free lunch in the world, and everything must be worked for.
Even if there are times when I received some good stuff randomly,
those will be times when I will just consider myself lucky and be very contented cum thankful that I got to received that. 

Well, and I would just constitute the discounted price of slimming products to reasons like the products having undeclared potent & harmful substances or a lack of care in mixing the prescription in the products.
Cuz afterall, those brand-less websites just want to earn money and get our business,
so even what if I became slim but have like health problems?

How can I seriously enjoy my life. No way am I going to risk my health like that.
READ IT HERE and you will know the dangers!


As much as I know that I was putting on quite an amount of weight back then, I got pretty terrified by those articles about people having problems after consuming slimming products.
So then I decided to go the BEST AND SAFEST WAY, get a good healthy diet and do exercise from time to time.

Yes I know, easier said to be done, when im a foodie. But each time I lack of motivation to do exercise when I have the chance to etc, I’ll think of this fact:


Well, there’s cure for foodies!! EAT whatever you want, but exercise to eat, think of the results after- you can freely eat what you want in moderation, but exercise!
Of course for those who not just want to maintain but lose weight, diet should be controlled too, and try to cut down on sweet stuff and fried stuff, like bubbletea, desserts or fast food.

At the same time, it's important to note that, everything should be eaten in moderation,
it might not do anything to your weight or so, but it might affect the internal body system, which might result in other problems..

You have heard it many times just like me, but simple logic yet holding so much truth in it.

Congratulations to daddykins, am proud to attend the Investiture of the 2011 national day awards at UCC@NUS,
whereby daddykins will be presented with an award by Singapore's current president, Tony Tan.

Dress code was formal, so here am I decked in LB's black dress,
and spicing it up with a bit of colours by holding along a sweet pink ruched clutch from Princessess,
adore the classy design of the clutch and it looks better in real life to be honest!

Mummykins & Daddykins, looking all pretty and suave.

With Dr Tony Tan.

Went out one evening, donned in my own lacey top together with a rich orange colour flare long skirt from ,
I always have a thing for skirts like this cuz it's so easy to wear and very comfortable to move around as well.

I actually feel myself having a tad of hair loss problem, and went to consult a hair care specialist last week for the first time. :(
Hopefully it will help in some ways..

More of myself in oh! poupée's preppy colour skirt, and carrying another of my versatile bag from Princessess!

This bag from Princessess came in a gorgeous rose shade, and it goes well with most of my outfits in fact.
Have been frequently using this since i received it, and it can store a lot of things at the same time, eg. my wallet, DSLR, etc!

Last but not least,
here's another outift of the week!

A greenish chiffon dress from that brightens up my day with its bright cum chirpy shade!
Definitely something i would wear it out for a weekend brunch with girlfriends <3