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The Fashion Post

Had a couple of LB's shoot for the past week and I suppose you have already seen these items that were launched a few days back.
These are a few favourites of mine!
Love the bright summer colour and how May (make up artist) did my make up for the shoot.
I had ultra red lipstick, pointy side for the eyes and neater hair, and I was supposed to look oriental if you can tell. Heh

More about fashion today, there's something interesting that's lining up this week!
It is definitely exciting to be invited as a judge for the 199 shop in-style contest that is currently ongoing,
and they are having a fashionista styling competition!

With six gorgeous girls coming together,
they are all dressed up in absolute different styles and in their own style that best suits them!
Not only can you glean some fashion tips from these girls, but at the same time,
the great thing is that you will know where to buy them as well!

You can take this opportunity to vote for your favourite girl amongst all and stand a chance to win a hamper that is worth $120 when you vote for the winning girl.
Check out the sneak preview of them below in the poster,
or you can find out more details of the contest & as well as the girls at their before you vote.

For those who are interested to find out who I gave my winning vote to….. read on!

Kudos to these girls and their creative juices,
these girls certainly fit the style they themselves dressed up perfectly well.
And in each of their styling, i spotted items that are wayyy gorgeous and  "I WANT!!" :p
Here're my views on each:

1. For Sabrina, i love the heels she has chosen for her styling, great taste and a very elegant pair, i would say.
2. And girls, one good way of getting your hair all volumised is to wig it! :p Anna styled herself with a natural set and hey, the curls are gorgeous!!
3. I thought Alicia has a pretty unique styling. Love the bun on her hair like those jappy girls, and how she compliments it with a flower.
And yes, the bun & flower totally matches the outfit she is wearing!
4. Esther has a pair of classic versatile heels and the bunny headband is totally in the trend now.
5. Amelia has a simple yet cutsie dress on, one which i would wear for parties hoping to look bubbly but not too much!
6. Last but not least, I love the party chic outfit on xingyi and her glamour hairband!

After some thoughts and tough deliberation, my vote goes to……….

I love the simplicity of her style, effortless chic and all glam up.
This shows she definitely knows how to style herself up at her minimal yet looking at the optimal.
Elegance is one of my favourite styles, and Anna has it all. :)

So vote yours now!

*Styling contest for hosted by
Apparels - http://www.the199shop.com/20
Hair - http://www.myhairqueen.com/
Makeup - http://www.myredhouse.com.sg
Bags - http://bagsidentity.blogspot
Shoes - 

Accessories - http://dazzledezine.com/


Just a few days ago, my well trusted Jenny, the manicurist and I finally found time to have my long awaited acrylic nails done up!
I tried a couple of exquisite designs by Jenny the previous few times,
and i decided to try something simple but absolutely classic for almost all girls, and it is… French Manicure!

But it is just that they are all acrylic, boohoo to my short fat nails,


Jenny is totally one professional acrylic nails manicurist and I am truly amazed by how she made my nails look long and sleek,
as well as the fingers looking more polished and thin. :p

Check out how NATURAL they look too!

Love her skills!

You will be swoon by her skills and your nails if you happened to try it too, Im sure. :)
Read my previous posts HERE and HERE.

Jenny has a special promotion for you girls:
NOW: $120

*Only for appointments made from 15th January 2011 to 24th January 2011

it's for a limited period only, so do hurry and book your appointment with her because slots are limited!

Website: http://twinklenailz.blogspot.com/
Contact number: SMS/Col Jenny @ 90259696


And a last bit to our fashion and beauty entry today, check out the latest blogshop inspirations!

*Elegant Vera Wang inspired bustier dress by Eternity Loft (self manufactured)

*Chic Ruched Toga dress by Eternity Loft (self-manufactured)

Hope you love the fashion sharing today ladies! :)




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Secret to your Skincare Beauty

I'm back with something good to share today!

Well, as you know the previous experience I had with Bio-essence BB Cream?
I remember quite a few of you guys were enquiring about the base i had for the TVC,
and yes, no doubt the actual product was in fact the BB cream by Bio-Essence. ;)

As you know, Sun Block is a necessity for girls,
and for those who constantly have to put sunblock to protect the skin,
followed by the foundation to cover the blemishes,
why not just save the time and combine the both together?!

This time round, I'll be introducing in detailed this range of BB cream,
and it might be your next choice for your skincare beauty! ;)

I bet you heard of people associating skin with the orange skin,
and usually for those whose concern are huge pores, uneven skin, blemishes,
there is a need to constantly touch up the base to make sure the skin stays good at any moment.

So lemme illustrate the effectiveness of these 3 new BB cream specially formulated by Bio-essence!

Let's meet Jessabelle, the Orange. :)

muhaha, pretty?

Unfortunately, these are her daily, uncured concerns. :(

Let us see what these 3 BB cream could aid in her complexion.

Introducing the 3 different types, from left to right,
Bio Multi-Effect BB cream, Bio Platinum BB Cream, Aqua BB Cream.

Yes, definitely with these 3 different kinds, it serves different purposes.

For the first one, the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream,
the aim of this is Coverage.
It has a purpose of achieving Flawless Skin and Long Lasting Coverage for any person!
Furthermore, there is a spf 25, protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays,
as well as Bio Energy Fluid and herbal extract for nourishing.

Secondly, for the Bio Platinum BB Cream,
this is in fact, the most popular choice of all,
due to the special ingredients of Platinum to revitalize, and Tanaka to Whiten.

The aim of this is Whitening, and at the same time,
protects your skin from the UV rays with spf 25.
Definitely coverage, but slightly more natural than the previous one,
which has uber strong degree of coverage.
A good choice if you hope to achieve both coverage and whitening!

Last but not least, its the Aqua BB Cream.
For those who are fair enough or have really dry skin,
this is actually a very good choice for you.
Though there is no spf constituted in this,
but it has a Hyaluronic Acid, which is a highly active ingredient to moisturize.
And yes, the aim of this is Moisturize!
It is the most natural of all, and absolutely great for dinner functions.

Let's experience it with Jessabelle.

And yes you know, her main problem would be the huge pores and bumpy skin.

Trying out the different BB Creams to see which suits her better.

Tadah, here's the verdict.

You get different kinds of effect from the different BB Creams,
depending on what is your need actually.

As you can see, the first one on the left - Aqua BB Cream has a darker tone,
due to fact that it has no spf but yet it aims to provide you with high moisturizing effect,
and the most natural skintone on your face.

For the Platinum BB Cream in the middle,
the achieved effect is in between the moisturize and coverage with spf,
so its actually a very balanced shade which fulfill the needs of majority of us!
You can judge by the amount of coverage and colourtone.

The last one on the right would be the Multi-effect BB Cream,
this is obviously the one that has the stronger coverage!
You can see it from Jessabelle's skin that those bumpy surfaces and huge pores,
they are all covered and eased out well by the texture of the BB Cream!

Here's the platinum BB cream that i tried it on my own skin.

Squeeze a bit.

and start to spread and dap..

yes, you can see that it blends and sets into the skintone well after seconds!

if you wanna get a few tips on how to apply the BB Cream more effectively,
I was told that this pamphlet is circulating in stores now or soon, grab a copy! Teehee ;)

Like i've said, i am a user of the BB cream to protect and smooth out my skin whenever i head out too.
So here's me.

Those pores, scars and veins which i would hope to wipe them out!

And after applying the Platinum BB Cream.

Done! :p

And guess what?
A Taiwan magazine actually did a thorough review on the different brands of BB Cream,
and introduced the various highlights of each.
Bio-essence BB cream is ranked one of the highest!

Here're the pretty packaging that comes with the product that beautify you!

And trust me, you are in for a treat today!


You just have to follow the steps below and the samples will reach you for sure!
1. Go to Bio-Essence
2. Like my blog entry there
3. Bio-Essence will contact you at a later date for collection of samples!
* Bio-Essence will start to contact you one week from today.

Wait… it doesn't stop here.

This is our very own local channel U featured film "Love in a Cab",
starring both Joanna Peh and Julian Hee.

Before anything, here're the details for the screening preview:
Date: 29th November 2010 (Monday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Cineleisure Orchard, Level 4 Magnum Hall
* Stars attending: Joanna Peh, Julian Hee and other smaller cast members!
* Each participant will receive a goodie bag

i was invited to bring 3 more friends there too,
so hope to see you there! :)

If you are sure that you are available to attend the screening,

to walk away with those complimentary screening tickets:
1. Go to Bio-Essence
2. Like my blog post there
3. On the same link, comment "which BB Cream are you interested to try and why?"
4. Email your particulars (name, contact no, mailing add) to [email protected]
* Contest ends on Saturday, 27 November, 2359 hours
* Winner will be notified via phone on Sunday afternoon to Monday morning
* Tickets will be given out to the day itself before screening

* * *

And I have have have to introduce to you this place that I have recently discovered after pootpoots brought me there.

It is absolutely one place that is in my TOP LIST for food,
and after knowing it 3 weeks back,
i actually went back twice already and i am going back on Saturday tomorrow for lunch again!
Totally loving it.

* Mint Blue dress from pearlavish

You might have been there,
and yes its Royal China at Raffles Hotel.

Very magnificent Tiffany and co place,
and a peaceful and comfortable place for an afternoon lunch.

my date <3

The awesome highlight for this place is not only the comfy settings,
but in my opinion, the dim sum (yes, its a dimsum restaurant) is absolute of Top Quality Standard.
This has gotta be the best dimsum place I have ever been to.

I couldn't stop raving about it since the moment i took a first bite. Heh.

We ate quite a few dishes,
and i'll just pick out those that are a MUST ORDER and simply divine!

The signature Royal China chee chiong fun.
One if char siew, one is prawn, and one is scallop (love the scallops one!)

The fillings of this is mango + egg yolk, absolutely appetizing.

Love prawns, and har gao is a must have during dimsum isn't it?


Their char siew xiu!
i am never a fan of this whenever i have dimsum
but the ones they have are simply simply gratifying and heavenly.
Crossed my heart and swear, please do try them, you'll fall in love with it with just one bite.

A very very satisfied us!

And loving the new outfit!

* Navy work dress from Pearlavish

It's black friday and have a good weekend you!




0111 HRS

KOSE Junkisei Prime Range

Apart from the usual facials and pampering sessions we girls frequently go for,
it wouldn’t be beneficial if we don’t have a good set of skincare products to go along with it.

To think about it,
unlike some guys who just have to splash water on the face which will do the trick of keeping the face clean,
or are at the least concern of fine lines, wrinkles which people associate those with charisma and age, heh,
we girls are of the total opposite.

I bet you know that girls’ skin kinda age faster than the guys, or rather,
are more obvious as we move along.
Furthermore, the fine lines and wrinkles which once appear,
have literally little chance of disappearing by itself unless through aesthetic consultations or whatsoever.
I was warned about that for the longest time,
and was told that these fine lines and wrinkles which make us look much older than we are,
are a result of dry and dehydrated skin in fact.

Though make up might do wonders,
but I remember a make up artist once told me,
with uneven skin, fine lines, wrinkles and breakouts, make up still can’t totally cover those.
And in fact, you can actually see that the concealer, foundation sinks into the fine lines even after make up.
Definitely, with healthier and smoother skin,
adding on make up gives you the best optimal effect that turns head!

Sad to say,
I am having fine lines appearing under my eyes due to inadequate care for my skin.
Until the recent years whereby I start to apply eye cream,
and get the appropriate skin care products to ensure prevention of more.

I am sure you have heard multiple times that keeping your skin moisturize
is absolutely essential to prevent those lines and as well as to show a healthy skin that glows!

Given the need for most of us to hydrate our skin and keep it moisturize,
I was elated to be review the well-known Kose’s skin care range, Junkisei!

Prior to receiving this range of products,
I am already a customer of their black mask,
which helps for whitening and removing blackheads,
and I am swooned by it.
Bet you know Kose is well-known for its mask and facial products.

As you might guess,
Junkeisei is the range that specially catered to women who need hydrated skin
and keeping the skin soft and supple

Like I mentioned before,
I have dry skin but it gets really oily at the end of the day.
I am never a fan of those moisturizer that makes your face sticky after applying them,
because it tends to hinder the make up process, causing the make up to be patchy after that.

Glad to say,
I have been using the Junkisei range for two weeks and nope,
doesn’t have all those problems that I mentioned above!
What I like about it is that, after you apply the products,
the skin feels dewy and velvety,
but it gradually melts into the dry skin within seconds.
It feels non-sticky yet soft after that, if you get what I mean!

Here’re the products I would urge you to try out!

Junkisei Cleansing Oil, SGD $18.90

The step for good skin as told by many,
is to make sure you remove your make up well.

Don't ever go to bed with your make up on no matter how tired you are,
and these makeup are evil as they clog your pores and cause breakouts! :(

Junkisei Oil Cleaning (make up remover) came good use for me as it is really effective in helping me cleanse away those makeup,
especially water proof mascara!
I believe some of you girls might be concern about the oily texture of make up remover,
thinking that it makes your face uncomfortable,
but the thing about this product is that the oil will gradually turn cloudy and non-oily after it's in touch with water,
so no worries about the greasy texture on your face when you remove your make up with this!

Junkisei Prime Cream Wash,  SGD $13.90

This is the cleanser which removes bacterial and make up as well.
It is a creamy foam which helps to cleanse effectively
and making sure your face feels fresh after washing.

I love the smell of this and the cream texture,
making sure the creamy foam washes away the dirt well!

Junkisei Prime Lotion, $20.90

This is the lotion to apply after you cleanse your face,
and it’s a highly effective moisturizing lotion. 
It actually acts similarly to a toner,
but I think this one is a must get too!

In fact, it helps to better absorb the next upcoming product to penetrate deeply into the skin,
hence creating double effect for moisturizing!

Junkisei Milky Lotion, $20.90

This would be the prominent moisturizing milking lotion of the Junkisei range,
it’s well sought after because one thing, I love the milky texture,
very smooth, nice smelling and the thing you don’t feel sticky after spreading it onto your face. 
The skin feels soft and hydrated almost immediately.

Junkisei Prime Cream, $28.90

This is a small bottle but don’t underestimate its power!
It’s a perfect night cream.
I am sure you know the skin is at its peak absorption during night time when we sleep,
and hence, just by spreading a small amount over night,
I could literally and visibly see the hydrated skin first thing in the morning.
Love this!

Junkisei Prime Masks (4 sheets), $21.90

Mask is equally important, that’s what I feel.
When I always see those people with good and healthy skin,
I realized all of them will tell me the same thing,
they try to put a mask daily whenever they can.

I believe so,
because I personally tried doing mask for a period and a period for not doing as well,
there is definitely a difference!

These are the different products available at Kose’s counter right now,
and say hello to better and healthier skin with no make up!

I am loving this new range and would love you to try it out too!

Not only I have the privilege to enjoy these products,
but Kose being very generous,
would love to let you readers have the privilege to enjoy this range at an AMAZING PRICE!

Just print out the voucher and present it to them
Eg. if you want to buy all 6 items, just print 6 vouchers!

* * *

You wouldn’t believe this.
I was surprised when I was told about this promotion that they are giving away for you readers!
There is no limit to how many vouchers you can use,
and its ONE voucher is for ONE product.

So hurry grab yours at the counter,
and you can get the whole range or any particular product with SGD$6 off each product!

Well, if you realized that with this discount,
it’s totally an awesome rob-off deal!

The price will be as the following:

Not only that,
Kose is intending to reward 3 lucky winners with
Full Retail Size of the Junkisei Cleaning Oil, Junkisei Lotion & Junkisei Milky Lotion worth $60.70!

Easy peasy,
you just have to leave a short comment to this post to answer
Why or What do you like about KOSE
(i.e the products or the brand etc)
and click a "like" for facebook if you have,
and 3 lucky winners can just walk away with the products for Free!
Note: Winners will be randomly chosen next week :)

Just a mere few seconds to share your thoughts in the comment box,
so why not?
Remember to leave your Name & Email Address too so as to contact you!
Start posting and very soon, you will walk away with KOSE famous Junkisei Range!




0910 HRS

The Splendid 22nd

Proud of own photoshopping for this picture that include a vintage tinge!

I thought the vintage will look best at this kinda summer outdoor scenes,
and if you are interested to learn how to do as well, you can take a look at this person's guide .
Hope it helps for you. :)

I believe you saw a couple of entries back that the group planned a surprise birthday party for the october babies,
yixiong, joseph and myself, whom we all have birthdays just 2 days apart from each other.
Didn't exactly go into details then, so I'll do it now. :)

One year has passed since the last time the group gave me a heartfelt surprise on my 21st birthday,
and ah! I think I didn't blog about my 21st last year!

But in anycase, last year's surprise was equally awesome,
they got a chauffeur to specially came downstairs to pick me up to somewhere secretive,
and gathered ALL my loved ones from everywhere together, 
including getting my parents to tell a white lie (which apparently they did a very good job on it),
but my adorable granny leaked out a bit by calling me accidentally to find my sister,
and acted like there was a bad reception when she realised i was the one on the line.

This year's was something different, and yes, another surprise planned by the group!
I can't say how thankful am i to have met these angels in my life.
You guys are an awesome rocking bunch and yes, you know you're loved by me! :)

Here was what happened for that quiet and simple afternoon…


I was told that we were going t have a pinic.

Poots came to give me a lift to a secret part of Botanical Gardens,
which apparently located at another far end of the park,
and not entered by the normal route.

Normally I would ask the girlfriends if they needed help,
or if whoever are delegated with different task and what's mine as well.
But this time, I followed suit, as I wasn't much involved in the planning due to busy schedule the previous week,
and leney was exceptionally mum about this outing as well :p

Nothing was told to me,
neither was I aware if there was something different that day,
I just know there will be a picnic.
Upon reaching, I was persuaded to wear a blind fold,
and that's when i knew the group was up to something!

Me with poots, Joseph with Apple.

Heh! We were led to the park with our blind folds on,
and along the way Poots kept laughing and telling me that people who saw the scene was giggling away,
well, i would have too! hahaha

Yi xiong was the first to reach,
and when i was browsing the photos, i can't help but burst out laughing at this one.
As they were still setting up the place, YX was led to that bench to wait,
and he looked as though he was meditating/ rather kidnapped at put at a lonely corner. :p

Well. he shifted shortly!

More pictures along the way…

the group got ready a tripod and camera.

Preparing to give the surprise with the colourful balloons and party hats!

Taken before we reached.

And the surprise was going to be unveiled soon..

The cute groupie preparing..

And finally its time to unveil…

hahaha "SUPPLIES"!!!

They all rushed forward shouting loudly heard happy birthdays and we were presented with balloons!

The groupie sure knows how to make each of us feel loved. Teehee :)
Food was prepared with effort and love by each of them,
and we began feasting shortly after the surprise and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon under the sunny sky.

Love this quiet part of botanical gardens!


Special props :p

Balloons, stereo set, ice box.
They did an AWESOME job preparing for the picnic!

<3 pizza hut drumlets!

Pasta salad by poots

egg, chicken sandwiches by Jarrold and Yalin, yum!

Delicious quiches specially made by caleen

The dogs came to party too

Selene says, " who says afro can't wear specs?"

Pupu, Awwww <3

And  smart looking velvet <3

Apple was in -charged of getting KOI bubble tea for each of us,
and she actually asked the individual of us for our favourite bubble tea flavour and called the clementi branch to order.
Guess when she reached she took the plastic bags straight and came,
just to find out that there were 7 cups missing! :(

Leney being our great negotiator, called KOI up to make a complain and demand compensation.
Look at how Jar was impressed by her! and we took videos of her great nego skills,
but hahah, will keep that private and confidential :P

I must say,
Kudos to KOI and its service!
The lady boss actually came all the way down specially just to deliver the 7 missing cups to us.


Koi overdose

More pictures below, so do wait for them to load and enjoy!



Poots got us 3-inch sin expensive chocolate cake!
She knows I have been wanting to try this, awww :)


Our motto,
birthday people shall get special birthday treatments (yes, afro)

Love you guys! <3


Did i mention i was not feeling well for the past few days,
and was down with a cough and a flu.
the groupie and myself actually spent two nights at MBS a few days back,
and I believe it must be due to the haze and the excessive inhale of it at sky garden.

*Vintage Bag from Ascentee

Checking out of the hotel at the last day.
Still lovin that place.

Some random moments during last week!

Visited Katong Village for some good food.

kenghow and javier

With Yalin, preparing and at KatongVillage.
*White summer dress and vintage bag from Ascentee

Leney loves the goodies from this place,
especially the dumplings, have you tried them before?
i thought it was quite highly priced!

Walking Velvet
* Peach Nude 3/4 Maxi from Ascentee

And if you are wearing contact lenses,
this is a good brand of eye drop you can try!
Heard its good and I just got myself one. ;)

Love this collage that I did for sheshops. hehe.
its my own lookbook and  if you are interested to know where are the items from,
check in  HERE!




0709 HRS

Taiwanary Day 4 (Part 1) – Xi Men Ding

Wendys has one of the best baked potatoes around.
I never knew they sell the whole baked potatoes as side dishes and boy,
it comes in 4 different flavours and I tried 3 flavours before,
I must say it's real good!

A effortless classic simple blue dress with the unique designs at the hip and front area,
specially given by Pearlavish, just perfect for a Tuesday night in town.

Matched it with a pair of wedges to have a more casual outlook,
but by all means to wear a pair of heels and it would be just right for work.

Love dresses because they are easy and convenient to wear,
and usually a simple belt or necklace will do the trick of getting you more dressed up.

Did i tell you i love redddddd?
This dress has got to be one of the best buys at pearlavish too.

Manicure on a wednesday,
and I realised I can't stand the slightest defect on the nails and have been frequently getting my nails done.
Not a good sign, I would say…

* * *

As continued from Taiwan Day 3,
here's day 4 for us and it was a kinda different one because we actually went further from Taipei.

The usual spot for photos again.

A don't know why solemn looking Shawn.
Perhaps he waited for us too long to get ready, hahahaha,

I kinda like these two photos, very candid!!
Yes yes, shawn you are a good photographer.

Never fail to get a cup of Bubble tea to kick start the day.

If you are a fan of bubble tea, go to KOI and try their Hazelnut Milk Tea or Oolong Milk Tea, superb!

The graffiti man who got quite a huge pool of audiences watching at ximending.

We decided to treat ourselves to better food than street food on this very day,
and settled on this Tamago Ya, which is known as "DAN DAN WU"  restaurant right smack at the entrance of Ximen MRT exit.

Place looking posh and good.

Of course, what's a good place without photos? :p

our food, pastas and western.

I have to give two thumbs up for their quality of food!
Definitely a place where I would go again for lunch in future if i go back to Taiwan,
Surprisingly, prices are not that expensive there as well.

And here's a goodbye to this place and stay tuned for the next part of the day!