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Christmas Weekend

Christmas Weekend was a blast!
I bet everyone loved it because it's a long weekend, and as well as a time for a quality get-together with your loved ones! ;)
My weekend was spent with my group of friends as well as hurhur's group,
and both were awesomely fun despite us all sleeping only at 5am in the morning! *dark circles appearing*

Let me do a backwards update and begin on boxing day first (26th Dec).

It was a Monday and a public holiday due to Christmas falling on a Sunday of course,
and HurHur and I decided to go on a simple lunch date to one of my favourite Italian Restaurant- Amici @ Holland Village again.
But we tried the Christmas Special 4-course set this time round,
and it was a lil disappointing for my mains though everything else was commendable,
perhaps i'll just stick to their standard menu the next time.

Slipped on my piece of cherry red skater dress which has a slight low sexy back from for the lunch date!

My date <3

Christmas Eve was spent with my group of girlies, buddies and our partners, and how I missed catching up with them over good food and booze.
We had a food team as usual, which was in-charged of grocery shopping to preparing the food,
and this began on the very afternoon at Leney's place!

The guys at work!

the chefs.. but based on the expressions, you can clearly see who's the one that is not exactly the… chef. :p

Me in Klarra's mustard versatile dress and the wifey resting in the living room!

can't wait for baby evangeline to pop out! ;p *excited*

We spent the entire afternoon to evening preparing before we changed a venue to a cozy home to gather with the rest!
Changed into my lovely white dress from FlyMeToParis, and how i love the sequins surrounding the V-neck design!

bread pudding made from scratch by the master chef- leney!

More pics of the gang!

Dirty Santa is the best game to play for gift exchange no doubt,
and every year it just brings us so much laughter like never before, and this year was no exception.
We had a uber fun time snatching gifts with rules, but it just hilarious and epic to see the expressions and reactions.
Trust me, if you didn't play this, Christmas gathering is not complete!

The sweetest couple.


December is also a time for birthdays and here's the two fav peep's bdays <3

Cedele has really delectable cakes in my opinion!! Lene likes the Christmas special- Blackforest cheese cake,
but you wouldn't want to miss everybody's favourite- Chocolate Banana Espresso Cafe!
One of the best chocolate banana cakes ever,
espresso taste is not that strong in fact, and I love the granola bits on the top of the cake!

Two more outfits of the week,
and this time round it's two classic black dresses that are looking good for work & play!

A lace front black mini dress from , and spice it up with a simple earrings and a bag, you are perfectly good to go! :)

A work dress special from FlyMeToParis, and what's special is the mesh design at the top part,
fit's the shoulder accordingly and at the same time, gives you shape at the waist area!




0312 HRS


I always see this cafe/restaurant while driving down Bukit Timah Road and it seems very promising,
though I'm not exactly sure what cuisine does the restaurant specialise in..

Until a weekend when I met up with my university mate- Eileen for a weekend brunch,
she arranged it to be at that Restaurant- Choupinette, a french restaurant, and mentioned that they serve really good brunch!

outfit of the day- a casual stripey skirt from popcherrycrush,
perfect for the weekend out.


i love the decor within the place- very cozy and cottage-looking,
and their eggs benedicts are one of the best in my opinion actually!
They have two choices- the eggs royal (with smoked salmon) and the normal ones, and I think both are equally good.
It's a lil pricey, so if you are willing to splurge, it's worth a try! ;)

Being a bubble tea fan, I'll never fail to grab a cuppa drink whenever I pass by any.
Gong Cha recently has a new drink that is probably seasonal, if i'm not wrong,
and I found my new favourite drink- Strawberry Calpis with aiyu jelly. :)

waiting for my order and am wearing pearlavish's black work dress with a unique detailing at one side of the shoulder,

Taste a bit like yakult mixed with yogurt, very refreshing!

Ever since hurhur has his work place changed to Orchard,
I have been going there to meet him for dinner and one of our favourite places is none other than Itacho.
The queue is always awfully long and i am sure you guys can spot it while walking down through the walkway from ion to wheelock.

Fortunately I was there slightly earlier than dinner time to miss the lunch crowd and we didn't have to queue too long. ;)

In my electric blue dress from Pearlavish, which has an adjustable waist design and the material is comfortable on the skin,

Here are some lovely new outfits of the week that you might want to check them out in stores!

Got this lovely piece from MyGlamourPlace, and I always think summer yellow is a nice colour!
Brings out a bubbly vibe of yourself, and brightens up your outfit for the day. ;)

MyGlamourPlace does have a lot of dainty and demure outfits if you realised, and this is another of my pick!
Love the combination of the lilac and white, and the pleats design at the bottom of course ;)

A mini black dress from popcherrycrush that hugs you well at your areas,
and no need for heels to look lengthy but a pair of comfortable pumps for a casual day out.

If you are looking for something different apart from our usuals,
this is a vintage looking classy piece from pearlavish that you might want to check it out,
looks really unique especially with the lace design!




0512 HRS

Get Warm for Winter – Ministry of Retail

It's two day to Christmas, and here would be my virtual gift to you-
A post with massive photos specially prepared with efforts of editing & writing :p

As you know, i just came back from Korea a week back and it was freezing madly for me (i'm quite afraid of cold),
and the temperature there was about 0 to 5 Degrees, I'm pretty sure it is definitely below that now- about 0 to -10 Degrees Celsius.
With that in mind,  I bet you are actively looking for coats, in particularly pretty and stylish coats,
there you go, here's one fashion boutique - Ministry of Retail that has exactly what you are looking for. ;)

They are in fact a fashion boutique that brings to you quality apparels that are from Korea,
(I must say, Koreans have absolutely great fashion sense and almost everything that is made from Korea has at least a minimal good quality),
and all designs in Ministry of Retail are imported exclusively,

These apparels are following the fashion trends of Korea,
at the same time, Ministry of Retail will focus on picking out those nicest of the lot and definitely, ensuring quality from the picks as well.
I must say a great thank you to them – for letting me have a share of the fashion coats/clothing fix for my Korea trip or so,
and for being so efficient with their customer service (coats came right in time for my trip!).

Not just that, they do have a wide range of Korean fashion accessories,
apparels that are worn inside of our coats or for our normal local weather.
I was so carried away with looking for outer coats that it slipped off my mind that i would need inner wear as well,
given that I would also be indoors for half/most of the time in Korea!

Here are what I got from their online boutique:
I love everything about this outer coat actually.
How unique and military-troops looking it is, the two flaps on the shoulders, the rich blue colour, the cutting as well as the material etc.
Quality is good and if you prefer a shorter coat, this will be a nice choice!


I fell right in love with this piece straight away while browsing through their site,
a great piece to be worn as the layer before my coat.

Don't mind the puffiness in some of the pics above, because i have like 4 layers of clothing (well, not that thick ones!) below in fact.
Knew it's a pretty piece and cool thing that the cut still gave me some shape especially at the waist given that I had so many layers.
Material is good and I can also wear this in Singapore!

Got this military blazer for normal wear as well.
It feels better than the pictures for sure, and i love the shoulder pads and the thickness cum quality of this piece.
In my opinion, the thickness can be worn for weather around 18 Degrees Celsius,
or if you are afraid of cold like me, can wear just in our shopping malls!


Last but not least, you wouldn't want to miss out this real stylish blazer too.
Material is not as thick as those winter wear, and definitely fits our local Singapore weather – in office or on the roads etc.
Love the trendiness of this!

You might want to take a look at what they have in stores for you,
but they would also like to extend two promotions to you!
1. Get $5 shopping credits when you sign up with this account HERE (can sign up and use it next time)
2. Free The Faceshop Hand Cream worth S$9.90 with purchase of S$100 or more (while stocks last)

Enjoy shopping babes!

I got my nails done at trusty Pink Parlour a few days ago for Christmas!
Would have done up a more fanciful design but was rushing off to town,
so did a simple shimmery shade with a light pink tone instead.

It's always nice to see the usual staff again for my frequent nails & waxing appointment
and thank you to them for rushing with me. ;)

always feeling pampered at their store.

Waxing time!

Feeling pretty in pink in my dress from Fash Mob too!
It's a pretty piece with a waterfall design in front, hence the unique layering at the bottom part. ;)

The weekend before I flew off was a Sunday Shopping momsie & daughter time in town.
Been a long while since momsie and I did that, and nonetheless, it was an awesome and fruitful day out.


We began with a family lunch as I was craving for dimsum!
Too bad my sister couldn't join as she had to go to school for curriculum.

I have a thing for flowy straight cut bohemian dresses actually,
and this piece is one of my favourite at Fash Mob.
Paired it up with my comfy sandals plus a scarf and I am ready for shopping all day long ;p

Love custard buns!!! <3
I'll at least have two every time.

If you find the background familiar,
you probably can see that I have been visiting town quite a few times recently!

I ran a short errand in town on this particular Friday,
dressed up my favourite of all in Fash Mob's recent collection – military looking one-piece cream dress.
I quite sure it's a gorgeous piece given that i got stopped by a fashion photographer from NY, complimenting the dress sense,
and snapped a couple of pictures!

Would love to get those pictures up here but I have not received them! :(

Anyways, after my errand,
I met up with my parents and hurhur to head over to a new Japanese Restaurant for dinner.

Am a big fan of Tempura(s) and got to know that Ten Tempura is one of the Japanese restaurants that specializes in it.
It is located at The Central @ Clarke Quay, good that it's away from the hustle and bustle, 
and it would be hard to miss it because it's situated conveniently at level one.

I like it that it's a casual dining place, a pretty cozy and relaxed restaurant settings.

Luckily we reached slightly earlier than dinner time, it was crowded by then!

We ordered two mains, but quite a number of sides dishes to try as it looks really appetizing in the menu,
and here are a few that will be a must-try if you are popping over:

1. Japanese egg wrapped with pickles, lettuce, fish eggs, and crispy tempura crumbs.

2. This is a side dish too, a pretty small bowl but I love the texture of the noodles (it's something like a thin udon and has a chewy texture) and the lightness yet tasty sauce accompanying it.
Special thing would be the tempura crumbs sprinkled on top of the noodles. Nice!

3. of course, we are at Ten Tempura and it's needed to try their tempura(s)!
Prawns are juicy and what's special and different from others (explained by the chef and tasted by myself) is the sauce that comes with this.
it tasted rather different from the usual dip and some sort like a combination of savoury cum sweet sauce,
definitely tastier after pouring it all over the tempura.

Let the pics do the talking!


And that's the boss of the restaurant! ;)

Prices are around $15 to $20 for a set meal,
and here's the address if you are a fan of japanese food, tempura and are keen to give it a try!

I finally completed my Christmas Shopping just yesterday in town,
and at the same time, i visited my usual-good-o Salon Vim for a hair cut, colour and treatment just in time for Christmas!

Here's John, my dedicated stylist whom I have been going to for all my hair troubles for almost 2 years!

Got myself a Loreal Spray from the Salon after John's recommendation as I needed one to hold my curls as well as my usual straight but curled ends.
He used it on me after the cut and I like the lightness of it, will try it on my hair this weekend!

And a pic of my done-up hair ;)

Love how refreshed and healthy looking the hair is after the afternoon,
and I really need to master how to curl it at the ends like how John does it for me. heh

After my hair I went to find Leney as she was working at Mandarin Gallery for this week,
Had my shopping all done while waiting for her to end work before we grabbed a bit together.

if you are wondering where did I get this pair of black platform wedges,
they are from and are my current favourite pair in the shoe-drobe! :p
Love the platform in front which makes the wedge more comfortable, and it's light too,
wore this for shopping even!

And given that it's around 10pm, we decided to pop over to Javiers @ cine leisure (Which closes at 11pm)
for our delayed dinner.

Pretty sumptuous for a late night dinner, oops.

We are definitely going back for more,
it's S$8.90 for a plate with a bowl of soup, and you can literally fill anything up from their entire row of hot, cold, raw, cooked and fried food.
But the thing is you can only fill it ONCE.
Quite hilarious to see some plates that are extremely full, like an ice-kachang piling on the plate. heh




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Macky’s Snupped!

It's the Xmas week and I bet you guys are going around shopping for gifts for friends and family,
and i am no exception.. Except that I got myself somethings along the way as well. *Grins*

I recently discovered something cool and lovely, and it's for Macky (yes, my macbook! It's time for it to be in style. :p)
So I actually ordered a Christmas gift online for it,
and the gift has arrived right at my door steps a few days ago.

It's a brand new piece of sleeve that I customized online with ,
all the way from the design, colour and size of the sleeve, and as you know me,
I just couldn't resist the polka dot designs and i customized it in my favourite colour- RED!
Was also given the choice of customizing the sleeve inside, and got it in polka dots design too but in black for the contrast.

Am completely loving this new sleeve!

Got it fitting instead of slightly oversized as well(so as to put my mouse, cable and all together),
and at the same time, i got a choice of wanting handle or not and decided to go with it for convenience!
This Christmas pressie for myself is definitely a great gift given that I always bring Macky out with me around,
and I just did that over the weekends while waiting for hurhur to meet me for a shopping trip together.

Love chilling at starbucks with Macky and a cuppa green tea latte, with a plate of cheese bagel with Philadelphia cream cheese dip.

Am in the Xmas mood too and am decked in a colour block flare bottom red dress from Fairebelle.
The contrasting black sides definitely help to give the "slimming" effect upon wearing, and that's the catch of the dress. ;)

More outfits of the week!

Here's another of my favourites! A white blazer with black collar design from Fairebelle,
and it's goes well with just a simple black tank dress inside, am loving the effortless chic style!


Not just chicness, but Fairebelle has this dainty chiffon dress that comes right in time for your gatherings.
The heartshaped top is pretty flattering for the chest area, and I like the layering at the bottom – great for feasting without worrying for the tummy! :p




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Korean BB Make Up Look with Smoochiezz!

Today's entry is all about make up and well,
I am still having the POST-KOREA syndrome so I decided that it shall be something related to that.

We all know Korean girls are known for good skin, good aesthetics enhancements and of course good make up,
and after visiting there, the females there plus Korean Stars are my sources of inspiration for today's make up look!
I'm no professional, but i do have my own set of steps that I picked up from various make up artists,
so it shall be named - Korean BB (By Bea) Look.
Geez. :p

In my opinion,
Korean's make up is defined by the pink lipstick colour and thin tailed eyeliner drawing,
for example:

You can see from these two current popular stars in Korea, Hyori & Goo Hara (from Korean Band Kara).

First and foremost,
you shall be presented with a bareface me….

so there you go!

It's a visual tutorial today,
so here's one to show the table of products that I will be using from.

Everything above (well, if you know this brand you know it…) is from Smoochiezz,
and I love getting makeup from there!
Fuss free, no need to queue, right at your door step, and extensive variety to choose from.

Got this eyeshadow base from Smoochiezz as well which helps in covering my dark circles,
and letting the eyeshadow stays longer than usual.

NYX Triple Eye Shadows in peachy earthy tones,
i can never get enough of these eyeshadow shades!

NYX Bronze Smokey Eyeshadows.

For the base, I decided to try a new product from Maybelline instead, and it's called the BB MOUSSE!

The thing about mousse that I always need to be careful is the pressing of nozzle part,
so i definitely had to make sure I don't exert too much strength and release the nozzle quickly to prevent over dose of mousse appearing..

So what I did was to get some onto my palm, and then spread it over my face with my fingers..

My verdict for the Maybelline BB Mousse:
I like the coverage and texture, it does help to cover my pores and uneven skin tone pretty well!
But do be careful not to apply too much thinking that it's mousse!
The mousse will turn into liquid the next moment, and it dries up pretty fast, so what i recommend is to dot it all over your face evenly,
and then quickly spread them.

A close up of the after mousse application for the face base!

Moving on to the eyes..
After applying the eyeshadow base, It's time for eyeshadows.

Using both the eyeshadow palettes from Smoochiezz, and in sequence..

The steps here are how I usually apply my eyeshadow,
and the last step is pretty essential for me so as to blend the lightest shade and darkest shade so that it gives a gradual shade.

Moving on, these are brushes that will aid me in my make up.

And I love the eyeliner brush that Smoochiezz carries,
it's awesome for drawing neat eyeliner and for this time round,
it definitely helps in drawing the thin fine tail at the corner of my eyes.

Thanks to the good eyeliner brush from them!

Blusher would be next,
and for my Korean look, I got this NYX Powder Blush in a rose pink shade,
which can be a natural shade for most of our daily looks as well.

Applying with the blusher brush in an upward circular motion from cheeks to the ears..

Last but not least,
to complete my korean look, I need the PINK LIPSTICK!

Love this shade of pink, it's NYX Round lipstick in Strawberry Milk Shade (sounds real yummy or kissable huh! :p)

And tadah, i'm done..
so let's do a recap of my non drawn face:

And after the KOREAN BB LOOK...






But If you realised,
it's a lighter version in the sense that the eyeshadow colours were not too harsh,
and I didn't line the bottom of my eyes.
Also, there are no falsies for any of the pictures above!

Hope you like this look,
and for all make up products above (except the Maybelline BB Mousse, this you can get it at Watsons!) are from Smoochiezz!
check out their for more ;)

Please share this look if you like it! Or let me know what kinda look(s) you are keen on seeing too! :)

And for ladies who usually tuned in for Outfits Of The Week,
here are two pieces that are looking gorgeous for your upcoming parties for sure!

A scrunched tube dress in navy blue from Eternity Loft that has a simple but flattering figure hugging design!

If you are not a fan of bodycons, you might like to check this royal purple dress from Eternity Loft that can be worn in two ways in fact,
either criss-cross at the front or not. It has the design at the waist area to make sure it gives you shape!