0209 HRS

TIP Me Please!

Wooo you are gonna love this, if you love discounts!! :p

I mean, who doesn't love discounts, and furthermore,
enjoying the same deal as your friends & family but yet you are paying much lesser.

I know a lot of restaurants have credit cards' discounts,
and many a time, you will be discussing who has the various credit cards to settle the bill first within your group gatherings,
and now, if you are someone who:

1. Does not like to carry credit cards around (because of higher possibility to spend more)
2. Does not have the respective cards to enjoy discount at some places always
3. Does not own a credit card yet

Just at the tips of your finger, you can easily, conveniently obtain GREAT discounts at your hot favourite places,
just simply at TIP-IT! (click on the picture below to go into their website)

You might probably be wondering what is TIP-IT about at this moment,
and here's something I got from their website that will let you understand it right away.

TIP-IT is a website that introduces that latest happening discounts around,
and keep you in the loop of where are the special offers.
The above is an example of a "TODAY'S DEAL" of what they have just for you!

The great thing about them is not only food places, or rather, not only a category of promotions,
but they have a dedicated team to constantly source the whole island for great restaurants, spas, bars, clubs and shops.
Definitely an all-rounder for discounts and latest haps in Singapore. :p

And just like booking air-tickets,
i bet a lot of us frequent the airlines website to check out for cheap air fares in due to spot one to go on a holiday,
and air fares change accordingly to different days and timings etc,
here at TIP-IT, you can spot places to go for birthday dinner gatherings (or places that you already want to go),
and get discounts for that specific restaurant at TIP-IT site in return for a confirmation deal that can be enjoyed in the near future!

Absolutely no harm to just sign up and have an account with them,
with no obligations and get updated instantly with the up-to-date new promotions!
You might be craving for a manicure or a spa and just nice a uber great promotion came up in time,
you never know. ;)

Here're more information about TIP-IT:

Like what their goal is :
To bring you as many great deals and help you save as much money as possible!


* * *

Be back for TAIWAN DAY 3!
Here's a sneak :)





0608 HRS

Seventeen Beach Party

Welcome to my New Blog, folks!

Weeee! This is the new plan for my blog and I am so excited about this!
The website designers/programmers have been working with me patiently over the past few months,
designing the feel of the blog, and customizing my needs for blogging at this new domain.

I love the simplicity design and colours of the blog layout,
and I hope you like it too. :p

I have so much more to share about the different functions of the blog,
but I will do so when I get back to Singapore next week.

I am in Taiwan right now!

This is a picture of us, just touched down in Taipei and finally found our way to the hotel.

When I am back, I aim to do a full taiwan itinerary.
Hopefully to provide a bit of help to those of you who are visiting Taiwan soon too. ;)


And its Majolica Majorca Time once again,
which also means they have a new product launched!

MJ has a new chapter – Chapter 27: Blooming Dreamer!
We had a gathering at 10,000 angels restaurant at Plaza Singapura for the chapter launch.
Let me show you the new products from this chapter..

Just like an organizer,
the MJ ambassadors received a small lil “book” which comes in handy for girls to bring around,
slotting this into any mini compartment of the handbag.

I have been using this purple “book” very frequently recently,
and you would love what’s inside of this! What is this purple “book”? I
t is a limited edition eyeshadow palette! (Blooming Dream Eyes in 2 shades)


hehe, eye shadow in the loveliest shade ever,
and I realized though not all girls love pastel shades,
but eye shadow in pastel shades definitely suit Asians and will make your eyes look fresher and livelier.
Do give it a try!

basically, we are supposed to apply the eye shadows by using the top right shade (eye base) first,
followed by the bottom right shade (nuance color) and then the bottom left shade (shadow color).
Lastly, apply the eye gloss at the bottom of eyelids for an anime effect!  

At this point, I would like to introduce this girl with superb make up skills!!!
We can get a few tips from her. (thanks to leney who introduced these vids to me!)

We can apply the eye shadow in the similar way as she did to achieve the a perfect finish with the different shades of purple!

I tried a lighter blend, not a fan of too strong eye shadow colour.

With the gorgeous eye  shadow colour,
i figured out I should wear something brighter that has a tinge of  purple and we are going to a BEACH PARTY!!!


US at Sentosa.

Leney came over to my place before we headed out to meet the rest,
and guess what?!

The “book” comes in PINK too,
(I bet you girls have a hard time deciding which to get!) and I love this palette of eye shadow colours too,
definitely will not go wrong!

Since im using purple, leney shall try the pink one.
And plus free make up services (from me hahahaha) for her.


See, on top of free make up services, I
included free photography service for her as well.
She looked so natural here and I think pink eye shadow suits her!!

Other new products in this chapter includes 2 limited edition eyeliners,
(perfect automatic eyeliner in sap spell shade which is a white eyeliner with a tinge of violet,
and flower spell shade which is a black eyeliner with a tinge of violet) and a limited edition mascara in purple shade! 

All the new products from this chapter are limited edition,
and I have heard that they are going out of stocks real soon so do get them at your nearest Watsons store!

All dressed up,
we had a gathering at COASTES (one of my favourite chill-out places around) for lunch before going for Seventeen Beach Party.

Love the chill-lax atmosphere

All dressed up in beach wear!

Jarrold looking serious, well, its hard to make food choices here, I love the food there!

Mr How.

My two babes!

Pooty poots :)

Apple-ty and Joseph.

The groupie

Love the fact that we all dressed up and ready to rock the party. Geez

Here comes the delicious foood….

Fish and Chips

Love this! Ceasar salad with huge slices of smoked salmon

Potato Wedges, one of the better wedges around!


Heading over to the beach party at Wavehouse..

We went for the Seventeen Beach Party as Poots had invites for it,
but the scorching weather and limited places to sit around made the afternoon a kind dreadful one.
I bet the guys enjoyed oogling at the seventeen beach babes catwalking at the contest finale there though. :p

In anycase, here are some more summer dresses from The Tinsel Rack (thank you!) that are conveniently worn,
and I love dresses because we do not need to spend so much effort accessorizing,

Lavender dress with embroidery at the bottom that spices up the babydoll frock.

And love the fuschia colour, if you are a fan of these sweet dresses in pastel or rich colours,
you know where to get it ;p





0107 HRS

Finally, the colour, my colour!


Just came back from BC warehouse sales!

It was ultra, ultra sardine-packed but it was definitely worth while because everything was on sale, and there were soooo many designs around!
Girls and shopping, but the guys probably won't comprehend how girls and clothes go along, but I would say it's an interest that never dies. :p

The crowd!

Jie and Vel behind the sales. And rach in the pinky flora skirt.


My internship days are left with less than a month, and I am feeling a tad of mixed feelings.

A part of me am not exactly looking forward to back to school due to the fact that I would need to rush all my remaining modules this upcoming semester. And I would need to take an extra one because I took one less during one semester back then. Coupled with another fact that there are quite a few finance mods, I foresee that it will be an extremely hectic semester.

The other part is that I started to feel a lil sad knowing that the internship is ending as there are so many things there that I want to learn, yet to be learned and so many other areas that I can barely get in touch in the next last few weeks. No doubt, the past two months in the company has been really fulfilling, thanks to a great mentor, many mentors in fact and a great tiger boss (a cool title the colleagues came out with). Well, I shall treasure the time left to complete my projects, appreciate them at the same time and learn more things!

Other than work, the culture there is pretty cool, birthdays, team gatherings and events are definitely highlights of work too.

A few random shots that I got from a couple of occasions happening during work.

An event at four seasons with Norizan (left), and at the pantry celebrating lynnette's birthday.

Weee, took this standing at the pantry window glass. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee.

The team, my buddy Ana is missing…





Like how i always say, these people make me look forward to the weekends once again.

The whole of Saturday was spent outside with the girlfriends and we went to catch Eclipse movie together. Sorry to those twilight fans, but eclipse is kinda boring. Zzzz. Too much talking and there wasn't any particular good story line for this third movie. But I am waiting for the next one though, the last part which supposedly the most exciting part. :D

Grocery shopping <3

Applepie and leney


And before I go into details, look at those pictures above..
I need to give a shout out that,


Remember my previous satisfied experience at Salon Vim?

This time I came out beaming with smiles again.

I know you must be thinking how true can it be that I always love every experience, or every hair service that I did there.
But the truth is that, both John (my stylist) and Gary (the boss) are certainly very sincere people who make sure everytime I visit them,
I leave with a smiling face, looking completely satisfied with the change and ensure that I get what i feel like doing, and doing them right for me. 

Though skills of stylists are important, but I personally feel that
how the stylist can relate and know exactly what the customers want is another virtue.

For this, kudos to John and Gary, they are no doubt, my faithful stylist and director respectively, who understands just the look I want my hair to be in.

It was absolutely generous of them to change a total hair look for me once again,
and if my colleagues didn't mention to me,
I haven even realised how frequent I changed my hair look, especially the colour!

This time round, I absolutely love love love the ash brown base that I dyed, together with blond highlights.
They are in the perfect shade of brown that I always wanna achieve (my colleagues like the brown too!)
and the highlights combination is weeeee!
And now I know, the brown I always wanted is called ash brown, just that it has so many different kind of shades,
so have to choose the right one to match my highlights so that it won't go too bright or off colour.


As a matter of fact, I actually trial an error a lot of times trying to get the perfect combination of brown and blonde.
Here's an example of a FAILED ONE.

Super yellow yellow, zzzzzzzzzzz.

I hope i don't have the ah lian face!!!
If not, i am sure many who saw me back then with this hair must be screaming ah lian in their mind. -.-


Hehe I shall end off with a last picture of my new colour, 
and though I got oily hair scalp (hence i don't dare to use colour shampoo as there is supposedly a "coat of oil" to help retain the hair colour longer),
am not gonna care and insist myself to use it cuz I wanna this colour to last longer!!!

Thanks to Salon Vim and Loreal to provide me with HAIR SLEEPING MASK (omg, technology is super wayyyy advance now) ,
hair conditioner and Highlighted hair shampoo,
I'll absolutely make sure the colour last longer (at least two weeks) than usual. lol.


And just as I thought hair colour does only subtle change to the feel of appearance and the first impression of one,
I guess I am wrong on this.
Poots say there is a big difference after I dyed red the previous time,
and when i changed my hair colour to this NEW colour,
my colleagues immediately spot on to it the first thing in the morning, and well, being the curious cat,
I then to ask whoever who spotted the change which colour is nicer, Red or this brown?


And ah…^%%#$^$&$%^
About half said the red is nice, and I looked more matured and fairer, fresh as there is more contrast with the skin.
another half said this brown suits me better, and I look younger, tanner, more funky and hip with this colour.

Ahhhhhhhhhh… I am not exactly adventurous so I always stick to the safest colour to dye my hair.
Thought that after I dye this colour, I know which suits me better and stick to that one.
And NOW, im in a dilemma for my next colour…… maybe, i shall alternate or how about purple next??!?! :p