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Aura, your Aura

Like they always say, Diamonds are girls' bestfriend.

Maybe its true, maybe not, but I am sure almost everyone will own a piece of jewelry at some point of time – your wedding ring!
Or unless you decided to not get hitched but well, don't you just feel like pampering yourself with these pretty pieces sometimes?

You might want to check out this absolutely new jewelry brand called AURA Jewellers.
Being an established jewellers overseas, Aura has finally came to Singapore and is here to stay with us.
Hearing so much about their brand and designs, guess what's the distinctive difference it is compared with others?

The unique thing about AURA is all about their gorgeous and exquisite gemstones!
Yes yes yes, they have a truckloads of various gemstones available right in their store,
and I bet you can almost never find another shop that has that wide array of gemstones to shop from.

An interesting fact here…
I wasn't aware of it, but did you know that gemstones helps with wellness and soul?
Google it! Its true, it helps inspire wellness, soul and body.
I am not exactly sure how it does, but apparently it has some form of magnetic powers that in fact, connects to the body and perform certain healing actions.

Okay okay, not that it matters to some of you guys,
but well, if they have beautiful designs, that's what it matters too isn't it? :p

So anyways, I took a visit to their newly opened debut branch in Singapore.
After locating it for quite a while, Aura decided that Century Square Mall would be the best place for you shoppers to visit them!
Well, given the fact that it is situated at the first level of Century Square Mall, I am very sure you can spot it almost immediately.
Spell c-o-n-v-e-n-i-e-n-c-e!

I like the simplicity of this exclusive jewelry boutique by the way.
The wooden walls that make the seating area warm and cosy,
and the clear white walls that make the overall feel pure and classy – which is how the jewelry portray to be, and that's important in my opinion.

Did I mention they have absolutely polite and attentive salespeople?
I like how they made me feel important. Awesome.
Maybe i should go back there one day when i'm feeling down, they sure perk me up, I bet. :p

More peekas of the boutique!

Pieces that I thought the cutting was brilliant and beautiful…

Gorgeous gemstone..

Purple for the royals..

And the hot favourites, snowflakes design!

More more MORE!

Wedding couples or going-to-wed couples, here are the wedding bands!

And oh yes, i met our dear blogging queen, xiaxue there! :)

With xiaxue and christabel.

And wow weee woooo, I got a piece of jewelry from Aura!!!
I spent a bit of time choosing this because Aura has customization service for everyone, every single customer.
That's awesome because I can simply choose any design, eg.any gemstone that i like,
and they will get my ring size, input those diamond bits (like the one i chose below!) and make it customized to my needs.

I thought that was essential for jewelry especially when its something to keep for life!

Check out my gorgeous Spinel (the name of the gemstone) ring!!!
It has a darker shade of pink which i like it, and those diamond crystals on the band are amazingly gorgeous.

A close up to my new ring!!

Beautiful isnt it? :D

Furthermore, with their quality and designs,
they make sure its not a huge pinch in your wallet, its reasonable priced, starting from a low hundred.
Its time to pamper your girlfriend/yourself people!

Visit their store soon to check them out,
because them being a new opened store, they currently have a promotion for everybody, which is:
Stand to win a trip for two to Bangkok when you visit AURA, the world's foremost wellness jewelry brand.

Pamper yourself and get pampered by Aura,
what more can we ask for?!

Oh yes, check out their for a video we did together, and do give them a "like" to receive surprises in future! 
Both Xiaxue and myself did a video together in the store, and check out what we have to say :)
They have catalogue of their various designs showing there too.

And did i mention that once you "like" Aura Facebook page, you will definitely get SGD$30 to spend at Aura Exclusive Boutique?

Easy peasy, so why not just give it a like and get it?!
(The $30 voucher redemption requires Facebook Fans to quote their Facebook ID at the store)

Century Square Mall (Tampines)
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily

Today we have two new dresses that are gonna be launched in a couple of days time!
Check them out and get prepared to do some shopping! ;)

*Sweet lavender laced dress from Ladiesconcept

*Denim structured weekend dress from Ladiesconcept




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Fridays like this.

There are sometimes that you go for an expensive meal but yet you don't feel the pinch at all.

I think it's beautiful how with certain friends, you don't meet up as often as you should,
but whenever you do, you just feel just as it is like it has always been!

Poots managed to sneak out from her busy work schedule on a warm Friday afternoon,
and we went on a high tea buffet at Goodwoodpark Hotel which was only available from 3pm to 5pm.
As simple and unpretentious as it is,
we were greeted by a chillax and homely atmosphere, surrounded by sofas and tables just like what you have in your rooms.

It wasn't full packed but rather crowded for a Friday afternoon.
Instead of immersing in the cozy, air-conditioned atmosphere,
we decided to take it out to the outdoor pool-side area despite the warm weather to have a more private area.
Luckily for the ceiling fans, it was not that warm after all.

Each buffet pax came with two free drinks, so having a cold drink for a start was definitely our choice.

Buffet spread was decent for a hightea with cakes, sandwiches, bread rolls, finger food, salad and cakes.
We spent close to 50 bucks each for it, though i thought its more worthwhile to have a lunch/dinner buffet in fact.

One of the best sandwiches in my opinion was the foie gras one,
im a huge foie gras lover though i know morally, it isn't the best food to produce given a higher demand.

Smoke salmon salad, my all time favourite.

What more can i say, being a sweet tooth myself?

and fondue too!

A peek with poots to end off our hightea friday <3

More from blogshop inspirations today,
dresses and more dresses for you to shop for ;)
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*Satin pink top bodycon work/party dress from

* Dreamy white flowy dress from




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Congrats, Karrie Webb!

Been real busy like a bea for the past whole week.

Mommmykins and I had a lil spin in a lil convertible last weekend!

Well, I know many of you guys sat/drove convertibles or so,
but kiddy lil me thought its pretty cool to able to drive MOMSIE in it! hehe.
No doubt, life's little pleasures. (i like how this simple phrase sounds)

Not just that, but It was pretty exciting and nerve wrecking for a second or two operating this purplish-blue manual car,
and it has been eons since I've touched one. Well, since the day I've passed and attained a class 3 license.
But it was fun! :D

And here's whatsup on the latest blogshop inspirations!

*Camel Brown Casual Sling Bag from Tian Fen Lan.

*Perfect Pinkish Nude Versatile Handbag from Tian Fen Lan, (LOVE THIS!!)

* * *

HSBC Women's Champions has officially ended and guess who's the overall winner?

*Photo credits to HSBC/Getty Images

Karrie Webb from Australia!
Webb recorded a last-day 69 to finish on a 72-hole aggregate of 13-under 275 and edge Arimura (71 today) by a single stroke.

Taken from the press release:
Amongst the other stars in the HSBC Women’s Champions’ powerhouse field, Cristie Kerr shared ninth,
the world’s second-ranked player Jiyai Shin, the 2009 HSBC Women’s Champions winner, was 11th,
defending champion Ai Miyazato was 14th and Suzann Pettersen 16th. Paula Creamer shared 24th and Michelle Wie finished 40th.

Hurhur and I went down to the event to take a look during the weekends,
and lucky him, he is a member of tanah merah country club and hence, he had complimentary passes!
And lucky me too, I had a media and a photo pass to be able to visit the different areas at the event.

Off we went!

Both dressed up in golf gear and definitely a brolly for the scorching weather.
Luckily for the new arm socks, I can escape spreading sunblock on the arms.

Hurhur :)

The rankings of the golfers!

I must say HSBC did a great job organising the entire event,
and everything was well, professionally planned and carried out.

More pictures of the event and the place.

The scoreboard.

Each player has a dedicated caddy.

We took a good whole two hours tour around the course,
and followed a couple of players around their game, and guess who were the hot favourites who had a whole lot of people following them?

Yes, these three players are the hot favourites!

The well known Michelle Wie from Honolulu.

Check out the crowd that was following these 3 ladies.

Of course, filming of them and their game.

I managed to film down Michelle Wie's golf swing, and for those learners, this can be helpful!
Check out her effortless and pro swing .

After spending half a day there, we went exploring the grounds, and joined in for a complimentary photo experience!

Check out our hilarious shot!




0102 HRS

Excitements In Feb

My body is aching!

Hurhur and myself came up with this weekly sports day together, apart from golfing, and it begins this week.
But it's a good start I would say, we did a mild three-in-one (quite a short one actually) – Jog, Swimming, Basketball.
And I can't wait for badminton, tennis, roller blading and would love to try out squash though.

And oh yes, I had the privilege of attending a 4-course gourmet dinner by Mcdonalds, (yes, macs!) yesterday at one of the newly opened outlets.
It was quite an eye-opening one. Think metal utensils, sauces in saucepans, freeflow drinks and of course, uber great and friendly service by the staff!

I left my camera at home, please pardon the quality of pics, these are taken with my iphonefour.

Macs went all out, and look at the gorgeous yellow roses as a center piece on our dining tables.

I am sure you must be puzzled by what exactly is macs promoting at this event,
and the fact is they are introducing their new addition to their family in Singapore- Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Burger, and it is here to stay.

To make the dinner satisfying and completing, we had the honour to taste Irene Jansen's preparations for two of the dishes!

And yes, the highlight of the night.
Definitely 4 outta 5 bea's apples for the chicken burger, love the sour dough bread- soft, chewy and filling,
and the chicken is very well marinated with teriyaki sauce- meat is tender and juicy too.

The one on the right is the Apple Trifle, served with macs famous soft serve! Not an item in the menu though, unfortunately. ;(

* * *

On a random note, here's whats up on Blogshop's Fashion Inspirations.
Time for shopping girls!

*Versatile White Flowy Tank from Pearlavish

* Satin Workdress with intricate designs by Pearlavish

* * *
Its the official start of the HSBC Women's Champion in a couple of hours time,
and I was informed that the 3 pairs of giveaways have reached the 3 lucky winners,
and they are Melissa Lin, Melissa Yap and Elanor Wong :)
Hope to see you there!

Some recent interesting news that you might wanna know prior to the commencement of the event!

Photo Credits to HSBC/Getty Images.

Am proud to introduce Christabel Goh (left) here, our Singapore very own talent in golf, presenting a bouquet of Orchirds to the World Number One, Yani Tseng,
to celebrate Yani Tseng's recent rise to the TOP of the Rolex Rankings.
She has dominated the start of the year with four awesome wins – Chinese Taipei, Melbourne, Queensland and last week in Thailand.
Yani Tseng is definitely one of the hot key player to look out for peeps!

Did i mention its Christabel Goh's debut at Tanah Merah County Club?
She just won her National Qualifier back in January!

Photo credits to HSBC/Getty Images

Here's Cristie Kerr, a leading contender, and she is currently ranked fifth in the world,
and is part of the powerhouse field that has gathered in Singapore for the 4th edition of HSBC Women's Champions.
Do keep a lookout for her in the event too!

Photo Credits to HSBC/Getty Images

In the picture above, it features Jessica Korda(Light purple) & Nicole Castrale (Blue), and as well the kids who are junior golfers from HSBC Youth Golf Programme.

They are in fact, participating in a golf clinic with Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Golfers,
and definitely very exclusive and honoured to have these two famous golfers giving some tips to them.

Photo Credits to HSBC/Getty Images

And this is awesome and sweet, Paula Creamer, (Reigning US Open Champion and TaylorMade-adidas Golf (TMaG) player, actually took some time out of her preps for the HSBC Women's Champions,
and went to meet six of her fans in Singapore for an exclusive skills clinic organised by TaylorMade-adidas Golf.

Paula Creamer has won 11 tournaments as a professional, including 9 LPGA Tour events and has been as high as number 2 on the Rolex Rankings.
Absolutely one of the most privilege moments, to be able to meet their idol and to receive some hands on coaching!

Photo Credits to HSBC/Getty Images

Again, interesting enough, Jiyai Shin (extreme left) and Ai Miyazato (extreme right) signalled the start of the HSBC Women's Champions 2011 by doing a dressed up for their two biggest rivals in their own national costumes.

As you can see, Jiyai Shin dressed up Michelle Wie (second from left) into a hanbok, Korea's distinctive costumer, and while Ai Miyazato dressed up Paula Creamer into a Furisode (a type of kimono).
Whereas Yani Tseng (Middle), watched on approvingly.

I think its meaningful and harmonious, here's a quote from the press release, said by Michelle Wie (yes,she's 21 years old only!),

“I’ve only worn the hanbok a couple of times in my life but it is still a huge part of my family heritage. One of the LPGA’s strengths is how international it is, but we all look the same once we’ve got our golf gear on. I hope this will help people realise how different and rich our backgrounds are and I hope it encourages people to be more interested in our cultural backgrounds,” said the 21-year-old from Honolulu, whose 2010 CN Canadian Women’s Open win is the biggest of her career so far.

Coolbeans, watch out this space for more!
Shall take some rest for a long day tomorrow. Goodnight folks. :)




1102 HRS

Get ready to Tee-off!


Hope your CNY was a great one.

Mine was pretty quiet side this year, and I used to go visiting two whole days long, hopping from one place to another.
Probably because my family is quite small to begin with, I supposed as years go by, we just do less visiting except for our relatives and that's about it for the lunar new year.

I seldom get to see my friends, i would say, for the new year as they will all be busy with their family.
Surprisingly and fortunately, I managed to meet up with a few closer girlfriends and friends to spend a night gambling away! Huat ah!
it would have been greater fun if poots, leney and val were there!

Anyway, quick few pics on how did the night went! ;)

linny tll. <3

girlfriends to keep for life, <3

Sweeties who understand and stand by you through all walks of life.

The awesome hunks, jo, hurhur and best buddy vincey.

The guy rockers!

I wasn't in the best of luck for this whole CNY, been losing!! Especially in 21points and in between. zzz

and again, totally lost for words!

* * *

I had a mini gathering with my secondary school friends after gazillion years too!

Missed out the gatherings previously and finally got to spend a couple of hours with booze at Alley Bar on a Friday night.
Here's two lovelies!

Hazel and xinyi, had a great time catchin up with them and talking about everything in secondary school.

* Striking versatile coral one pieces dress from Hautehangers (my new favourite dress in the wardrobe!)

Would have stayed later if I didn't have plans on the next day,
definitely looking for the next meet up with them!

Another new item that is on the shelf!

*Jeweled neck satin dress by Hautehangers.

* * *

As you know before that I mentioned about the HSBC Women's Champions taking place on 24th-27th of February at Tanah Merah Country Club- Garden Course,
I was privileged to join in the Tee-off Golf Workshop organized by the PR agency & HSBC Singapore.

The greatest part of it was that I had a hands-on experience and got in close touch with a prominent golf pro- Lee Carrington, who gave us a valuable lesson on golf and swings.
Very enjoyable and honoured I would say!  Especially when I am still an amateur in golf and indeed, its absolutely helpful listening and learning from a golf pro. :D

Yes, im awaited for the actual days to come!

Ready to set off to the range!

Went into the meeting room for a short lesson by Lee Carrington on golf basics.

The golf pro- Lee Carrington.

Lesson started.

Score cards for course games.

Adrian, one of the three bloggers!

More pics below on the lesson.

Three of us were the honoured ones to cover this upcoming event on our blogs! – Adrian, Holly, myself.

hahaha Adrian looks absolutely pro in this shot! :p


A shot with the poster!

And we had a privilege tour around the garden course, beautiful..

splendid view

holly :) Yes you would remb her from s-factor!

Golfers on course.

Hhahha, can be my new profile pic taken by Adrian's friend!


And guys, if you are a golf fanatic or are interested in golf, here's a chance for you to take a peek at the golfers/watch the match at HSBC Women's champion LIVE!

I have 3 pairs of tickets to give away
(yes, you need to have the tickets to go for the event!),
and you just have to answer the following:

When and Where is HSBC Women's Champion taking place?

*Do leave a comment with your answer and email.
Will get in touch with the 3 lucky winners to walk away with a pair of ticket each!