0701 HRS

Spell Ssss-hopping!

New year is approaching and I am sure many of you like myself is vexed about the upcoming new year outfits!

I admit the fact that I am a true blue shopaholic, and almost everyshop that I visit I’ll leave with something in my hands (oops).
Not just the brick and motar shops, but during days when I’m home or idle, shopping online became my next best friend activity.

Probably you knew (or didn’t know) it long ago that modelling for lovebonito (“LB”) has became a part of my life (it has been 2.5 years!),
and working with the angel owners is truly a blessing!

Like I have always said, Vel, Rach and jie definitely deserve everything they are now given the long way till today.

Anyway, not just at LB’s site, but I am sure some of you guys are not aware that lovebonito@jipaban has frequent and consistent collections there too,
and with many of the designs that are not seen or launched at the main LB’s site!I
had a couple of friends (they shop at LB too) who gave me a puzzled look when they see me wearing LB’s outfits because being a fan of LB just like me,
they didn’t chance upon the design before at all.
Heh, I suppose they like the design I was wearing at that time too. :p

Well, other than just helping LB, I do get my fair share of fashion inspirations by them as well.
They got me exposed to many different styles, and I am amazed by how many gazillion designs they could come up with!

Anyways, I recently visited Jibapan’s site for shopping (yes, again!!),
and I didn’t realise that they launched a new e-catelogue at their blog.
Ok, now I know they have a blog too! Did I mention to you im a blogoholic too?
I love blogging and I love blog-hopping to read blogs as well. Blog voyeurism, I might say.
Hmmm, you never know, maybe I’m stalking YOUR blog too, hehehehe.

OK, back to the topic. So about the e-catalogue. I suppose you are already aware that LB partnered with jibapan way back,
and in case you (being a LB’s fan too) didn’t notice, LB has promotions ongoing that are featured at Jipaban’s e-catalogue!
Even I just realised that myself too, so do quickly pop over to check it out before promotions end yes.

Since we are on the topic of fashion, here are some of LB’s designs that I personally like which can be found only in Jipaban.
Oh boy, I have a hard time deciding which to wear for CNY by the way.

Please advice me……………

Maybe it’s a lil too early, but i am sure a few of you are already on the go looking out for Valentine’s day outfit right.
Come to think of it, actually Vday is just around the corner if you realised!
So yes… rather than squeezing in town to shop for that dream outfit of ours, shopping online already makes me spoilt for choices.
Guess what? I just found out that Jipaban has exclusive promotions ongoing for this upcoming sepcial day. 
And here’re some of my picks from Jipaban’s LB store!

Preppy and loud colours are my picks for broad daylight activities! Well, these can easily be worn for dinner dates too, imo.

If you want to keep it a tad simpler and convenient, these can easily do the trick!

Check out Jipaban’s blog for other updates of blogshops Jipaban’s retailers, especially LB’s spread,
you should also start shopping there cuz its totally free for shopper’s to sign up!
Jipaban is definitely a One-Stop Shopping Mall for me to get all the clothes I need for CNY and Vday!
Check out LB’s storefront feature in jipaban!


rach, jie and vel looking gorgeous!!




1101 HRS

Hong Kong – On the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui

More on the streets of hongkong!

Im back in the hotel room for my last night of hong kong before heading back to Brunei,
and here are a couple more pictures of the first couple of days.

On the roads Tsim Sha Tsui. Everywhere was crowded!

Aunt Irene highly recommended this restaurant for dimsum and yes, its delicious!!

polo buns!! <3

hurhur and myself feeling warm.

Aunt Irene.

Hitting the streets for more shopping and food-ding!

Geox, the trusted shoe brand for shoes.

The mira hotel, heard its good too,
May try staying at this hotel if I visit Hong kong the next time.

hurhur and daddybea

Finally spotted the curry fish balls that selene mentioned to me, And yes, its a MUST TRY!!

tasted a bit like satay curry, yumz.

the lil stall that sells them.

satisfying me

love this flour thingy too, heh!

Okay, time to hit the sacks, till tomorrow!

New fashion pieces once again,
and these two are my new loves!

*Navy drappy chiffon mini dress by The Tinsel Rack

I wore this for shopping one day, and paid a visit to this pop corn shop at Cityhall area.
The shop name is called Garrett and boy, the pop corn (get chicago mix!) is absolutely YUMMY!
Wouldn't say its value for money because its quite an expensive pack of pop corns, but definitely worth a try.

*Embroidery lace nude pink dress by The Tinsel Rack

Make a guess where is this place?




1201 HRS

Hong Kong – Strolling down the streets!

Am back again, and Hong Kong's weather is still great and chilly!

It's about 11 to 17 degrees, and its moderately colder than air-con, so you can dress in winter clothes but not too thick and bulky still. heh
I have been shopping and eating, just like what the Hong Kong tourism commercial says, So far, my aunt has been really generous by bringing all of us to restaurants only,
but i am actually craving for the streets food and small lil shops to eat the authentic Hong Kong meals instead!

More peekas of me in HK!

Dinner at Yung Kee Restaurant, a highly recommended restaurant by my aunt's friend. Heard they won numerous awards!

uber crowded, advanced booking advised.

goose meat! nice but a tad hard.

Great buy, boots!! Spot daddybea.

In the MTR going back to fortress hill (to the hotel), and thats "Octopus" their EZ-link card.

Harbour Grand, our hotel right behind! near shops and many fast food chains.

DAY 2 

Breakfast in the morning followed by a good use of the lounge with their free WIFI!

my pinkie macky enjoying the early morning good view too.

Love the lounge!

All dressed up to hit the streets, heh, love the fury fur!

Yes, in case you are wondering, here's a new face to the blog – hurhur (Well, that's how he has been addressed by me and my friends all along!).

Checking out a creative shop in a shopping mall at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Agnes b Sports!

Didn't know Agnes b has a cafe too. coolbeans.

Yes, spotted "my" bank everywhere! :p

Will be back for more again, internet is pretty limited here,
but I'll be sure to come back everyday to update bits and pieces of each day in HK! :D

Well, never enough of fashion for all girls,
and here's what newly added to the fashion collection!

*Work ballerina structured dress by Pearlavish

*Flora Ruffs green chiffon dress by Pearlavish





1201 HRS

Hong Kong, Two and Counting.

Boots, scarf, stockings, all prepped!

Arrived in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon and now i'm at the club lounge using the internet for a bit before heading out to the cold streets!
The half day yesterday was awesome, and i bought quite a couple of items, all winter related actually.
There are a whole lot of shopping everywhere, and i bet you guys will love it here too!

My aunt and her friend, to the city train.

Here's a peek of the houses in Hong Kong while im in the train.

super congested. Well, given their population, it has to be.

I was surprised that we managed to find this hotel, and i have to say I LOVE every single bit of this hotel!
Quality and location, one word – SHIOK!


The hotel is called Harbour Grand, and its located at Oil Street. Its near the train station called Fortress Hill, very convenient.
Definitely would recommend everyone to stay here if you go to Hong Kong!

We got ourselves an upgraded room, and with full access to the Club lounge (with Free Wifi from 7am to 11pm, but only at the lounge), and tea time snacks,
as well as complimentary breakfast. They have augmented services such as pressing two sets of our clothes each day too. Heh.

Here's me in the club lounge, enjoying tea time snacks and overlooking the splendid view!

Check out the view. wow wee woo

And off to shopping, here's cool daddybea for you.

me on the streets!

A pack of  dried mangoes that doesnt look good though.

My first purchase of the day – A hair tie band.

My second purchase- boots. Okay, Second and Third, i bought both. oops!


Check out what's on the list next for fashion!

*Pink drappy dress from Challures

*Chiffon flowy elegant dress from Challures

*Casual summer blue dress from Challures




0901 HRS

Hong Kong, Here i comeee!

Guess what?

i know its a lil sudden but I'm in Brunei now.
Booked the tickets only two days before and was in a rush to prepare for the trip as i needed to come here to help my aunt with some of her personal matters.

Caught a night flight last night and reached Brunei near to midnight 12, and i'm up and running now!
Show you a bit of yesterday and the morning!

On the way to Brunei!

Morning breakfast at Aunt's.

Aunt's garden

Aunt's backyard with many crops!

And i'm blogging in the meanwhile because i'm leaving for HONG KONG in an hour's time!
Weee, gonna be there til next Tuesday and will head back to Brunei and finally Singapore on next Thursday.
Heard HK is friggin' cold now, and I brought 2 thick jackets along only. Haven been to H&M, so am definitely gonna visit there when I'm there! *Eggcited*

The pity thing for this weekend is that I'm gonna miss the HSBC Golf Live Challenge, which is happening today (21st January) to Sunday (23rd January)! I bet you heard of the HSBC Women's Champions 2011, and its happening soon at the end of February at Tanah Merah Country Club.
I'm definitely planning to go there to watch and see world-class golfers there, such as Michelle Wie, Jiyai Shin etc.

For golfers, i am sure you are aware of the golf and the formidable holes. What's cool about the Golf Live Challenge is that they are setting up eight golf holes along Orchard Road, the transforming the shopping district into a virtual golfing green! Not only that, but you can enjoy the full multi-sensory golfing action such as vibrations and realistic sounds everytime you hit the ball. Furthermore, you get to stand a chance to win S$10,000 in HSBC'S Multi  Currency Savings Account by easiliy sinking the golf balls from eight different stations with the least number of strokes.

If you are a golf fanatic and even if you are not and wish to try it out, do drop by and give it a try! Maybe you will grow to love golf and be interested in learning too!

Details of the HSBC Golf ‘Live’ Challenge are as follows:
Date : 21 January 2011, Friday to 23 January 2011, Sunday
Time : 11:00am – 9pm
Venue : Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza

Here's what in line for blogshop's fashion inspirations!

* Toga Cheongsam from My Glamour Place

*Two toned colour dress from My Glamour Place

*Denim Structured dress from My Glamour Place