0110 HRS

Haslinda’s Hens Night!

Haslinda's hens night was kept as a simple affair and the girls us decided to book a room at Studio M for a Girls Night Out.

We were deciding hard on which boutique hotel to choose from,
and we got sold by the loft concept and the entire architecture and decor of the room seemed rather modernized in the pictures online.
I do like the design very much but unfortunately, we weren't exactly satisfied with the stay because the room was really small despite the awesome high ceiling. :\
It would be just nice for two pax (yes it was meant to be for 2 pax anyway),
but probably the pictures seemed to portray the room to be much bigger as compared to the real thing.

Loved how we spent the night together, and we wanted to go partying away but figured that it would be a waste of money to book the hotel so we called off that idea.
But we had delicious dominos pizza delivery (gosh, their crust was really good,
and i love the garlic & cheese breadsticks as well as the cinnamon sticks) which is definitely my another favourite brand of pizza, also,
we brought all our manicure tools, nail polishes etc for a manicure session.
Not only those, we also brought drinks like Choya, martini asti etc and prepared a perfect show to watch together- BRIDESMAID. Teehee, perfecto!

The balloon in the middle wasn't purposely like that!
I was blowing the balloons and one of them in the pack came in this shape,
we thought it was hilarious and decided to put it up to surprise haslinda before she comes!


The girls checked in around 2pm, and decorated the place before linny arrived at 6.30pm.
Bought her this bride veil and wand (i dont know what's the wand for, it comes with the veil.
OR maybe, it's supposed to be a fairy thingy. oops) to wear it during the stay which was pretty cute and the girls bought piggy ears,
bunny ears headbands to accompany our Pajamas Theme as well! Hilarious!

Did i mention there is this cafe under studio M- called the MALTED MILK. It is actually related to Timbre, and if you love timbre's food,
you can get take aways or dine in at Malted Milk instead of going to timbre!
I didn't know that until selene told me, and we ordered room service in Studio M (oh yes, studio M partnered with malted milk for room services)so as to order timbre's Buffalo Wings!!
Awesome to know this cuz i'm a big fan of timbre's pizza as well as chicken wings too.

3 Nanson Road,
Level 1 Studio M Hotel, Singapore.

We had a uber good feast, kai min bought us this SOYA TARTS from selegie!! Healthier than egg tarts and I LOVE THEM TO THE MAX!
Heard its always sold out in the afternoon and you have to go early to buy, comes in many different flavours as well.
It's located near the rochor tau huay, but its at the other corner, beside the hainanese chicken rice stall.

Finally, its manicure time!

I think i might be able to try for a manicurist role.. I DID THIS!!! so proud of myself though it looks much better from afar.. oops. :p

Leney's pretty talented too, hehehe.

And cheers to the night!

The next morning we woke up early to enjoy the pool while kaimin and linny went for breakfast.
We totally loved the pool area and the very balinese setting of the area.

The breakfast girls!

Checked out time was pretty late at 2pm, and we got hooked on the Monopoly Deal game.
Not a game person, and it was my first time playing and I must say it's pretty addictive, heheh, especially playing with the girls was so fun!

*Changed into this dress by , love the colour combi and the layered top design!

Something special that we did for our dear Haslinda during this stay…
we prepared a surprised video for her and played it during her wedding!
As you can guess, we filmed it before she came on the first day of the hotel stay, and well, don't laugh at us!
My mom said apple and I sounded uber serious in the video, zzzzz. heh

Luckily for Mac, it makes video editing much better and nicer!
You can watch our works below!


One more outfit of the week!

* This black dress is colour exclusive to , go get it while stock lasts!
Black dress will never ever go wrong and i love the "flaps" design at the top part!
Comes with a sash too, but you can wear it either with or not with.




0809 HRS

The Pink Ribbon Party

Thank goodness for a new Nex shopping mall near my area, I think it makes shopping and meals better with the wide variety of choices.
Every now and then, I'll head over there to take the circle line/ north east line or i will just take a random walk around there or watch a movie!

Then i passed by at Nex and thought it looks really familiar..

True enough,amazingly, together with the online platform they expanded and are doing great with their 3 brick and mortar branches –
1. Nex Mall Serangoon, #01-19 S556083, Tel: 65096271 
2. Square 2 Novena, #02-73 S307506, Tel: 63972476
3. Iluma Bugis, #03-02 s188067, Tel: 65090955

I went in to take a look and i must say i just got hooked on shopping!
They have a extensive variety of apparels there and there are proper fitting rooms for you to try on.

This definitely makes shopping easier and if you would want to see the pieces in real before purchasing,
you know where to go.
No worries, you can also go shopping without cash at their boutique, they accept visa, mastercard, nets, unionpay too! :p

With weekly launches, you can see first hand online (check out their or ) and then visit their retail stores for the real piece if you want! :)

Check out the beautifully decorated store(s)!


Thanks to groupon, i managed to get this uber valued deal for Korean BBQ buffet @ Chang BBQ (iluma outlet).
Chang has always been known for his very quality and expensive korean bbq food and it's main restaurant is at dempsey actually.
I suppose the iluma branch is probably catering to a different crowd,
and hurhur (he has been to the one at dempsey)told me the price range was kinda drastic after comparing the two.

Was having a lil dilemma whether to share this place or not,
but decided that I will, good things are meant to be shared, muhahahaha,
and hopefully more korean bbq restaurants get threatened by the good sales of such restaurant after and then lower their price to remain competitive. lol :p

But well, this deal was really worth it in our opinions, and the usual price is doubled but nonetheless, it's is still worth it for the original price.
I'm definitely going back again for korean BBQ.
The tanjong pagar one that i used to frequent is totally crowded these couple of months,
and this shall be my new found place!

* Love this blue dress from pearlavish, the colour does not do justice here, IRL it's def a stunning shade!

TEL: 6509 8900 (Call to reserve seats would be better)


More outfits of this week!

*I am sure you will like this manufactured dainty dress by pearlavish, the cloth belt is detachable. :)

Apart from bff linny's wedding, past week was rather eventful.
Had a date night with leney,
and it has been a while that we just sat at macs @ lido and chatted all the way till 1am in the morning before heading back. <3

*Wore this colour-block dress from pearlavish and matched it with a simple pumps, necklace and i'm good to go, great quality i must say!

leney <3

I have been a customer of Pink Parlour for these two years, and for nails and waxing, that would be my usual place.
Met Fai, one of the in-charges there, and he was sharing with me about this exciting upcoming event,
and finally I received more news on it!

Pink Parlour is organising this PINK RIBBON PARTY that is of benefit of the Singapore Cancer Society,
and it will be hosted by celebrity Linda black!
Not just that, I heard from him that there will be a whole wide range of sponsors involved as well to celebrate life for this meaningful event as well.

Details are as below, and hope to see you there!
You can take this chance to enjoy some special show lined up for you on that day,
and have a chance to win home some great goodies too!

Check out their or message them there for purchasing details!


More posts to come!

Attended this exclusive Pantene event together with vel, jie and nicole, and vel was the panel speaker!
It was held at Stellar @ 1-altitude and the place was beautiful.

* Summer yellow layered dress by Chandelle House, love the preppy colour and do quote "beatrice" to get $2 off your purchase at their store!

*Another basic essentials for all girls, and a manufactured piece by Chandelle House, don't miss it babes!
For those who are interested to model for them, do hop over to their site for more details.


Decided to blog on haslinda's hens night in another post because we took a massive lot of pictures. heh.
Till then, see ya! :)




1109 HRS

Friends with love!

I got to know Alexa through an event, and she's definitely one of the nicest people around. :)
I can remember vividly how we sat at the busstop together with Carrie during our first meet up and we had a long talk while waiting for hurhur to come.
Though it was quite a rush at our recent meetup, but it was great to see ya once again Alexa!

we did a speedy manicure together at Pink Parlour and this was her favourite nail colour. 
i very much love it too, such an elegant colour. <3

i tried a new shade that was in stores that day, a pinkish coral shimmery tone, nice!

Pink Parlour is the dedicated nail place i usually go for nails in fact,
and i must say apart from brazilian waxing, pedicure and manicure will be their next forte.

Hurhur and I arranged a date night out last friday, and i met him after my manicure to head to Holland Village for dinner.
Brought him to one of my favourite italian restaurants - Amici ,  in Singapore, and it still is.

The place isn't huge to begin with, a lil cramp, but i guess that sums up its coziness in a way.
We were seated at this row of tables near the entrance.

Being a huge carbonara fan, i never fail to try every carbonara everytime i go to a new italian place.
For Amici, i think it's really delicious and I like it that it's not too salty as compared to some.

The pizzas are good there too, but they are known for their thin-crust, so if you are not a fan of that, better stick with pasta or mains!

The award winning Tiramisu at Amici. it was better when i last went, think it shrunk a bit, and it was not chilled enough this time.
Nonetheless, do give it a try if you love tiramisu!

Hurhur and I had a good one half two hour dinner,
before we made our way down to visit my friend's, Angelina private tasting at her newly opened chill out bar!
It's really nice to see how these friends slowly realise their dreams, and congrats!
Definitely an achievement and you have my support! :)

The bar is called The Studio Cocktail Bar (or see their facebook page ) and is somewhat different than the typical bars.
I must say the place is real cosy, and the unique concept is there- A bachelor's living room.
True enough, the entire place doesn't look like a place you can buy liquor shots, but it is! Awesome stuff.

The place.

Chilling out at the studio, love the photoframes!


They serve cocktails and liquor, perfect for a weekend chill out or after work chill outnight.
Nachos, chicken wings, and calamaris are a must-try! Completely home-made :)

the young capable lady boss- angelina! <3

and our partners <3

+65 6396 6345


Last but not least,
Two shots of us to end the night sweet and nice. :p

please ignore the messy fringe! time to trim it myself!


The next day was an eventful day as well.
My aunt was back in town and she loves Royal China the moment I brought her (after poot's recommendation),
and always crave for dimsum there whenever she's back.

* wearing tiffany blue structured dress, perfect for Brunch with my mom and aunts!

the best dimsum i have eaten till date.

love the cosy tiffany blue concept.

Nuff said for this place, because it's not the first time I have blogged about Royal China! heh
if you have not tried it, you have to! ;)


Just like the above, another friend of mine opened a new coffee house right at the hustle bustle Upp Thomson Road.
I took the afternoon out and decided to go for their soft launch and enjoy a cuppa coffee with friends!

it's called .

The two very friendly lady bosses!

Homely is definitely the word to describe the place,
and one of the best things (im sure we all love it) is that they have plugs and spacious tables,
for you to gather with friends, do some work together etc.
But of course, the BEST thing is their very rich and delightful coffee, all prepared and brewed by the boss!

Didn;t manage to snap a good shot of the coffee, so try it guys!

poots and her momsie! :)



Here are two more outfits of the day, More pretty dresses coming your way. :)

*Glam it up with a simple dress without much accessories and you are good to go! you can find this dress at too. :)

*How about a weekend maxi dress with vintage flora prints at ? Definitely very victorian looking prints that they have!





1009 HRS


My cousin and I decided to begin on a lil venture and finally, we have put the pieces all together and the website is done.

It's called (www.mycandytable.com) ,
and I suppose the name does say it all on what is this venture about, and yes- its candy buffet!

We source out & home-make some of the unique candies/chocolates/ biscuits/ cupcakes/ everything desserts just for the candy buffet,
in hopes to create a uniquely different kind of buffet for your guest and all sorts of events –
hen's night, birthdays, baby showers, ROM, weddings, company events, school events etc.

The candy buffet allows you to do customization, and actually, we will provide our services of creating themes and conceptualizing for ya!

My cousin have had her experience doing conceptualized candy buffets for her kids, (yes two lovely adorable kids) as well as for friend's birthdays and kids as well.
She had a corner with this candy buffet & cakes apart from the usual food catering, and we all loved it to the max!
I am sure it will be one that will completely amaze your guests upon their arrival. ;)

Please support by joining the & mailing list,
cuz we are creating more unique items/concepts and you might want to know what are they later!

Some photos to show you what we do:

Yes! We designed the wrappers for instance, the chocolate bars in one of the pictures above,
just provide with your logo, picture, words etc, we can customized them and wrap for ya :)

An example of the birthday- 1 year old baby Raynise

pretty and yumz!



I got my golf kicks!
After so many months of golf lesson, I think it's time to get myself a pair of golf shoes.

I always think those lil things happened for a reason,
and the thing was that my golf lessons are not really consistent but I had one yesterday morning.
If I didn't go for my golf lesson,
I would know that there is this Adidas clearance sale happening at expo since friday for three days, until today. :p

The clearance sale has items that totally are at a steal price,
so no complains going all the way to expo and do hurry go if you want to get something!

Showing you my loots.

My new golf shoes <3

Got running shoes for momsie- very lightweighted pair and perfect for exercising.

Love this Golf shorts and the taylormade visor.

A complimentary item upon leaving the place. love the colour and the huge logo!

*Structured keyhole collar dress from pearlavish, wore this very comfy dress for the entire day out and shopping at the adidas fair!


I met the girls for a dinner night out at Watami, and we had a very special reason for the meet up too!
My dear friend, haslinda is having her wedding dinner two weeks from now,
and how exciting that can be!

I suppose she's the first girlfriend amongst us all to get hitched,
so it gives us even more excitement to be planning for her.
We are now planning her hen's night first, and will keep you guys informed what did we do for the night! ;p

Linny in the right corner, and the four bridesmaids of hers! <3

*Donned with a mango top and a white flowy skiry from pearlavish, together besties – apple and linny <3


Before I returned the rented graduation robe to the school,
I decided to make full use of it and brought it to my grandpa's to take some snap shots with the extended family.

here's a decent shot of us. i'm second in line to grad! :)

and the funny one…. and gosh, stop looking at my cousin david's muscles please!!

the bodybuilder, cousin david.

my beloved aunt who is very closed to our family as well.

Anyway, I was pretty much into baking the past couple of months,
and given that, Momsie got inspired to do some baking every week since a month ago.
She was mastering the art of baking the pandan cake and told me her goal is for the pandan cake to taste like my granny's,
and yes, finally she got the perfect recipe and yes, i have been having pandan cakes for the many past weekends!! heh
Time to share with the relatives!

*Wearing pearlavish's lil red dress, getting a lil pose-y with momsie's pandan cake!




1209 HRS

Everything food!

I think Thai food has gotta be one of my highly sought after food almost ALL the time.
The beef noodles soup, minced pork meat with basil leaf (my favourite outta all!), phad thai and thai olive rice are totally to-die-for,
and at the rate im feasting on these, i think i might spend money to attend cooking lessons and learn to cook thai food one day. heh

So I am constantly around in Singapore searching for thai food and I think to those of you guys who are great fans of thai food as well (ok or food),
i will share my favourite places, def not as comprehensive as food blogs, but i do think i'm quite a foodie as them muahaha.

anyways, i came back to this place called Jane Thai Food @ orchard towers (yes, all the thai girls with Caucasians walking around, yes yes.. kinda sleazzyyyy) for thai food,
but didn't think minced pork with basil was as good as the first time.
Still, i think i might go back again to give it another try cuz some of the dishes were indeed quite good.
One thing good is, they operate to 4AM!!!
for the club crowd, but well, if you are around town and wanna have supper but sick of rochor tau huay or stingray etc,
you know where else u can go!

But some of you guys might not like it, cuz its situated right in front of a club,
smoky and quite a view of thai girls with curvacious figure walking around..

here's june :) love it everytime we catch up, tonnes to talk from A-Z.

and thai ice milk tea is a must have too!

TEL: +65 9054 4219


Have you gotten your mooncake?!

Im totally not a fan of mooncakes, cuz lotus paste or egg yolk aint my favourite thing as well.
But i love snow skin, so it's a good thing now mooncakes are accompanied with different flavours than just lotus paste and yolk.

I heard raves about the Champagne Truffle Mooncake from Raffles Hotel since last year and i make it a point to try it this year.
Hurhur and I went to the Takashimaya MoonCake fair specially to get that but just to realise that they didn't list their mooncakes there this year.

So we went round searching for champagne truffle mooncake,  (ok, since i can't get to try the raffles hotel ones, we decided to try another brand)
and found similar exact flavours from Jewels Artisan Chocolate booth.
I suppose they specialise in chocolate, so it shouldn't be too far away from the raffles brand,
so hurhur got a box of 8 for me.

We were allowed to mix any 5 of their flavours, but i mixed four only as I don't think i'm a great fan of korean black garlic (which was the 5th choice).

it's a box of 8 mini mooncakes.

Champagne truffle.
I thought it was pretty good, the champagne taste is obvious but not too much,
and after a few seconds of savoring it, you can taste the blend of truffle gradually.
Good work, though the skin could be a lil more chewy than powdery!

Dark chocolate crunchy pearls.
Definitely crunchy, but oops, this has the most lotus paste in it,
so i wouldn't comment much on this cuz im not a fan of lotus paste.

Espresso Truffle flavour.
This is my second favourite, love the bittersweet taste of the espresso taste!

Salted Caramel.
okay, nuff said with just its name.

A box of 8 mini snowskin mooncakes from Jewels Artisan Chocolate costs around $43 if I am not wrong.

if you are interested to get them, head down to Taka mooncake fair or visit their outlet:

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #02-31/32
12 Aug to 11 Sept 2011

Takashimaya Square
Basement 2 Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
18 Aug to 11 Sept 2011

Entertainment Centre Atrium (in front of Carrefour)
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
29 Aug 2011 to 11 Sept 2011

Saw the raffles hotel mini mooncakes, and a box of 8 costs $60.
I have asked around and they all say nothing beats the Raffles hotel champagne truffles so yes, I am so gonna try it soon!



*Black Cliantha Wrap Dress from . Great material and comes with a silver sash but i decided to go all black and put my own black belt! :)

*I love this skirt from ! Awesome material, great fit and the colour is totally rocking my wardrobe.

*This blazer from is not to be missed as well, definitely versatile and love the pastel colour.