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I just gotten a piece of LB's covet dress back home to wear to my upcoming party, and I have to give credits to their customer who designed the covet tag especially.
The tag is awesomely gorgeous and elegant, and kudos to whom who did it, it's an awesome job indeed.

Check out the tag!

Managed to steal some peeks for LB's third Chinese New Year launch, and these are some you can watch out for! <3
Way pretty pieces and It uber headache to decide which to wear during CNY instead.
Love those pieces with prints especially and if i really have to pick, check out my top two favourites of the bunch!

Watch out for the gorgeous orient collection 3 today!

I came to realise weekend brunch is a look-forward thing to do every weekend,
and I had tried a good deal of brunch places over the past month.
Nuff on those English Breakfast, and its definitely time for a change.

Chanced upon this brunch cafe quite a while ago, and decided to give it a try last weekend.
Located at 4 Rochester Park, I pictured it to be a place with a whole lot of nature elements,
and as I guessed, Graze is located right in the middle of Rochester Park.

We were greeted by a crowded yet serene outdoor seating area,
looking absolutely peaceful and definitely great for a couples or small group of friends to gather for a Sunday brunch.

Afraid that it might rain, I made a reservation for indoor seats instead.

Love the homely decoration of the indoor seating area,
definitely feeling the warmth and coziness of the place.

More peeks below.

Wanted to try the homemade honey but didnt have anything to go with it.

Latte was pretty good and as for the all time favourite eggs benedict,
I would say it's pretty good. Would rate it 3.5 outta 5 bea's apples!

Wanted to try something out of the norm and based on the menu description,
i ordered a spanish type of food, egg white with potatoes, cheese and salmon.

Sadly, it was soaked in oil and it didn't taste good at all. Would definitely not order this if i go the next time round. :(

But well, how can we miss out desserts?!

Apple Crumble.

This was quite nice, but i would think its more like a pie than crumble sort.
The tart was filled with thin apple slices, too many in my opinions. The ice cream and milk definitely compliment the dessert very well.
Would rate it 3 out of 5 bea's apple.

There are a lot more variety there, but if i happened to go back again,
i'll certainly try other choices!


Opening Hours

Tue–Sun: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Sun: 10.30am – 3pm
Tel: +65 6775 9000

Happy Birthday Daddy granny!
It was her birthday yesterday and we had a lil gathering at my granny's for cake cutting.
Here's me and my new yellow dress!

*Yellow bohemian dress from pearlavish

*Gorgeous red work/party dress from pearlavish




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Happy Birthday Momsie!

A mini post today as I'm dead beat!

Happy Birthday Mommykins!

Mommy's birthday was simple this year, and the family went for a good steamboat dinner at vivocity.
Will be back to share more about the place when the photos reach my side, so in the meanwhile, stay tuned!

Check out what this blogshop has for us today?

*Dainty eyelet dress in white by

*Exclusive lily collar dress in blue by .
Check out her site to see what other pretty ways you can match this exclusive lily collar dress with. Interesting!




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In the midst of the break

Let me introduce my golf Khaki for the past month, Justin Aow,
whom I got to know during French class back in poly, as well as through camps in Temasek Polytechnic Students' Union (TPSU),
and last but not least, one whom shares the same birthday as me, cept that he has celebrated additional one year. :p

We both have decided to take up golf lessons a month ago and had our first lesson since back then,
glad that we are both on hols, and we managed to meet up a couple of times last week to hit some balls for practice,
and i managed to go to the range four times within last two weeks for more practice!

Went to both SICC and Sin Ming driving range, but my usual would be Sin Ming instead. Here's how it is looking!

I remember its certainly a very warm day this day.

Wouldn't say I have improved because its all about the technique – the right grip, posture, swing rather than just the purely "practice makes perfect".
I mean definitely practice does make perfect, but am just concern if i'm hitting it right… hopefully the bad habits do not kick in before i get used to all of them.
Hmm, i need my second lesson soon. Very soon.

And oh yes, I went back to 2D1N Soju Bang again for korean BBQ buffet!

Love the place (minus the BBQ smell after visiting there) and the food, and the authentic korean vibe at the place.
Unfortunately, we were too late for advanced booking and had to wait approximately 30 to 45 minutes before we get seats, especially given that we had 10 people!

The Uni girls! :)

Winnie (top left) is leaving to Canada for exchange too,
and definitely hope it was a good farewell dinner for her before she comes visiting her friends back in Sunny Singapore half a year later.
Am sure it would be absolutely fun for her there!

These girls must be busy settling the modules stuff right now,  i know i know, module bidding is a chore! ;\

sweets :) the ones who i know since uni day one.

The pink panthers! Thats what our camp group was called when we had our orientation back before uni starts.

good food good food.

The table that lasts the longest. :p

Bon Voyage Winnie!

Again, i urge you to give this place a try if you are a huge fan of Korean BBQ, or marinated meat like beef, chicken or fresh seafood like prawns.
Uber value for monay!

TEL: 6220 7119

Last but not least, blogshop fashion inspirations is here with us today again! :)
Check out the latest designs in town girlies.

* Preppy Green summer dress by The Tinsel Rack

*Glamour Pink Chiffon flowy top by The Tinsel Rack




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The awesome things in life

How was your Christmas Folks?

Here's one photo for mine to begin with.

A joyful yet crazy us during the midst of dinner, check out all our expressions and poses!

This year's Christmas was a good one and no doubt, one of our most expensive house parties ever. Heh

Spent a bomb on the food, and as well as Jarrold, whom spent a bomb on the decorations of his place as our Christmas dinner venue.
Considering that the group's strength is 15 people, there will definitely be a bunch who are working and another bunch who are known as the "zhou bo" (do nothing).
Logically as it seemed, the zhoubo team are in-charged of the food preparation!

heh, I refused to name ourselves zhoubo (given that we are on holiday),
so i renamed our team to be the Masters Behind All Sinful Joy "MBASJ". Teehee

Presenting you part of the team…
Okay, actually leney and yalin were the main chefs, while i'm the part time one. Hahaha
i know its hilarious that we were dressed and look at our feet.
Pardon our flip flops cuz we know its gonna be a shoeless party! :p

I didn't have time to go earlier to prepare so i helped to get the ingredients and groceries the night before.
You have to check out our fabulous choices of food and their awesome cooking skills, read on! :)

And so i went over to leney's to help a bit on carrying the food and did some dressing up at her place before applepie came to get us.

Able to spot our theme for the party this time?

Applepie with val dear. <3

Jarrold, Yalin and Kenghow did a great job in the house decorations,
check out the Christmas tree they bought the the fruits of their labour.

Love the effect of the lights in the picture.

Leney and i prepared hats for everybody

With the magnificent tree, we had to snap shots of it before party begins!

Girls and the beautifully decorated Christmas Tree

My pretty girlfriends!

Us in our Christmas outfits.

Applepie and joseph

the sweetest lovebirds

pressies from each of us for dirty santa game later!

There were some dishes which were to be prepared only at Jarrold's place during dinner time,
and my caesar salad was one of it, so we were stuck in the kitchen for a good hour preparing the dish.

Pupu was the special guest once again, super adorable with the outfit.

Girls in the kitchen!

the guys and their usual booze

and wine

you gotta try our homemade garlic bread, absolutely delicious.

While a couple of us were in the kitchen preparing for the dinner,
a few of them were at the living room doing up this swirl paper decor up to beautify the place.

Check out apple's creation.

The handsome guys and all dressed up!

Kenghow, Selene and myself, the three people who religiously do groceries shopping for Christmas for consecutive 2 years.

Looking good people!
Yalin looks like some CEO retired tai tai. hahaha

With Velvet the mischievous dog!

val dear :) 6 years and counting (or even more!)


besties <3

yummy food that you cant get it anywhere else! hehehe

Theme of the party was set to be as simple as it is – Christmas Colours!
So it was green, red and white.
Punishment for those who aint dressed to the theme would be to finish all the food (muahaha), im sure u can guess who are those!

We were informed that there was going to be a surprise for all of us,
and to think that we even laid out the bowls and dishes nicely on the table,
the actual venue where we would have our dinner was actually at the attic!

Gosh, check out the AWESOME DECOR!

Welcoming candles to light up the route and the room.

sweeties <3

Love the longggggg table!!

Kenghow's effortful creation- yummylicious turkey!

If you see the previous pictures carefully, you can see that there is just a plain grey backdrop behind us.
We were exhilarated to be presented with the ultimate backdrop on the glass panal which jarrold, kenghow and yalin did up the whole night before this day.

awwww, im so in love with everything here!

more love!

Me love champagne!

Cheers to a the end of 2010 and a good 2011!

guys and booze..

To show you guys a better view of the whole atmosphere that i'm totally in love with,
here are some more pictures of the awesome settings.

Never enough of Martini Asti (Please try it!! awesome bottle of champagne/wine)

When the clock struck twelve, we went downstairs for our dirty santa gift exchange game!

In case you are interested to play this in future Christmas parties, the game goes like:
1. we each have to get a present of about $10-$15.
2. we all shall NOT name our own presents and just wrap it up and place all together.
3. during the course of game, each of us is to pick a number (depending on the strength of your group, eg. 15 people, number 1 to 15)
4. going by sequence, the "number 1" will pick a present from the lot and open it immediately.
5. first present is exposed, and the "number 2" has a choice of choosing a new gift from the lot OR snatch the "number 1"'s present.
6. (1) if "number 2" choose a new gift, he has to open it immediately.
    (2) if "number 2" snatch the "number 1" gift, then the "number 1" has to choose a new gift from the lot and open it.
7. presents can be snatched at MAX twice and it will belong to the person who snatched it the second time.
8. game goes on and on.

so the catch is that the last few people will have a better sense of what gift to get unless it is something a lot sought after!

and my gift for the night is an IPOD/IPAD/IPHONE Portable charger by joseph!! YAY!! i need that!

Check out the rest!

if you see carefully, the present that joseph got was the magic clean mop, gosh, innovative idea by kenghow!

Selene specially baked the bread pudding for late dessert as we were too full, and it was heavenly.
Great potential housewife and cook, leney!

and we had log cake specially prepared by Caleen too, yummmmm!


The mess after dinner

Leney's birthday is on boxing day, and we did an early celebration for her!

looking good couple, caleen and joseph :)


pretty girls


more pics with the awesome background!

see carefully, its 2010!


Hope you had an extremely fun-filled and blessed Christmas like I did! :)


I bet you might have already noticed leney's hair, and yes!!!
She permed at SALON VIM by John, my stylist too.

Did i tell you Leney LOVES it very much?!

Met her before bringing her to her surprise permed hair session.
This is her long straight hair.

and after a few hours……….

Check out her new hair!

one word – GORGEOUS!!!!

As usual, no regrets, and John certainly has one of the best and sincere customer service ever.
Gary, the boss of Salon Vim is another great guy, very personable and very people person.
Knowing both of them and getting to catch up with them every appointment is absolutely a joy and something that i look forward to.

With great hair, great services and great products (all by Loreal),
what more can i ask for?

and i did perm my hair that very day too!

If you are looking for perming, I suppose you know where to go!
Do call them up to enquire on prices and make your appointment! :)





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Lovely Dove-y Surprise!

Recall the previous dove entry that I have posted sometime back?

Hehe, since good stuff is meant to be shared,
I decided to bring along the Dove chocolate bars as snacks for our movie date.
And guess who are the special people who got in touch with Dove chocolates too?
The below was how they look without Dove…

The bobs, without chocolates to keep them excited and energized.

On a side note, I actually heard that a bit of chocolates intake everyday is not a bad thing after all,
and having chocolate each day is not bad as long as we practice the concept of moderate eating in our daily diet.
And here’s another random cheeky information about chocolates,
Guess why Chocolates are associated with Romantic gifts?
It is said that melting chocolates in one’s mouth produced an increased in brain activity and heart rate
that is more intense than that associated with passionate kissing.
And one will feel a slight excitement after eating it as well. :p

Check out the bobs after they got in touched with Dove latest creations!

Yes, with Dove you live like a Dove! Freedom,
happiness and you can flyyyyy!

In case you have missed the previous introduction into the various flavours of Dove’s latest creations,
here’re the mini recaps of the four indulging flavours that you have to try.

Wrapped classically just like the rest too,
I was told that this is the best and hot seller in stores!
Definitely living up to its name,
Dove is simply known for its rich chocolate taste,
Tasting rich even when its just plain chocolates without additional condiments.

I don’t know which would you prefer,
But personally, I love this flavour the most!
The generous serving of rice crips together with the chocolate is uber delicious,
Every mouth is filled with an ultimate taste of crips!
Check out the full bar of crips that accompanied the chocolate below.


I love the nuts, but not a fan of raisins,
But for those who love mixed nuts (just like daddykins),
Will love this flavour!
Daddykins has finished almost all of this from the new box I received!

Last but not least, DOVE DARK CHOCOLATE.
Weee, this is my second favourite.
Am a sweet tooth but I like it not too overly sweet.
Dark chocolate is just perfect for those who share the same sentiments as me.
You can easily taste the rich taste of cocoa after taking just a bite of this.

Did I tell you how lucky is it to receive these beautifully packaged chocolates from Dove?

I didn’t know the bars are packaged neatly in a classy box,
And i love the fact that each box is packed with individual bars,
Easy to give out during parties, easy to share, And easy to keep and bring for your friends!


Thanks to Dove and their generosity, Now I cant resist and am literally having a bar daily!!!


I bet you guys have events that you have to bring gifts for gift exchange,
Or playing games like dirty santa etc
This is absolute one perfect gift you can bring along.
Even for house warmings or just visiting,
It is easily unboxed and shared with friends, family and relatives during gatherings!

Fred not for wasteful food, Cause these can be kept and bring along anywhere easily!

DOVE® is available at all local supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores.
I’m sure you will be even more convinced after trying it out yourself,
Just easily get them at Retails for just mere S$1.50!

Want to try the silky smooth chocolates as well?
Submit your name, email, contact number and describe how much you LOVE chocolates to [email protected] NOW!
10 lucky winners will not just get 4 bars of chocolates but 4 BOXES of chocolates!!!
Take it as a Christmas gift from me!


Some random happenings for the past two weeks!

The bobs went down to Butter Factory to support our dear Yalin for her Seventeen Queens of Queens pageant.
She did awesome and her short crop hair totally rocks socks.

My beautiful girls.

If you realised, i permed my hair!

It was done at my usual trusty place, SALON VIM,
and of course by my usual trusty stylist, John.
Love the curls though i wished that it could be bigger waves,
but my hair is too brittle and dry to do and achieve those.

Lene's birthday is on boxing day (26th Dec) and we all got her an advanced birthday pressie which was hair perming.
Brought her to Salon Vim to look for John to do it,
You have to see it yourself and I'll be back in another entry to show you her curls!

If you like it, you can look for John there,
mentioned my blog name and you can enjoy 10% discount! :)

Posters did by KH to support Yalin ;)

Sinful supper at Newton aftermath.

The venue they held the queens of queens was extremely small or rather,
the crowd targeted was absolutely a high figure in comparison to the space.
Didn't know an event at butter factory on a Thursday night = club closure after event.
Everyone was kinda puzzled and I could see, a tad pissed by the whole thing as it seemed like the only right thing after the event would be to stay on in the club i suppose.

Our first Zoukout together, but I thought it was good but probably i was tired and had a flight to catch at 6am,
so i was pretty spaced out by the time it reached 3 to 4am.

The whole lot of us went crazy but it was fun being together with the usual bobs,
able to let loose yet knowing we have one another to look after in the jam-packed place.

Love this shot taken by Keong!

Bumped into every gorgeous jerraine outside at 5am in the morning.

and the all guys sought after pwetty Jayneeeeee!

Juney girlfriend rocks great fun!

Couldn't find any picture of the girls and myself though, weird..

Calvin decided to live in denial,
and held a maccy's birthday to celebrate his 2+5 (= "7") birthday.

i can't exactly recall when was the last time I have been to one,
or maybe not even once, but well, it was great fun there!
Except for the fact that it would have been much better if the place was air-conditioned,
the rest was pretty cool and great work for the staff to carry out the childhood games. Heh

Calvin in the middle with his lamborghini cake.

yes, you look great with the balloon and hat. teehee

Taking a stroll into the public area :p
and playing musical chairs with us  two (Dung and me) being the final two,
Dung was the last woman standing in the end!

The girls!

All the girls were supposed to give him a real kiss on the cheek but both of us just can't make ourselves do it!

* * *
Check out what I have been busy with as well,

you will love it, but beware,you might go on a shopping spree after! :p