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1111 HRS

Black Friday at Jipaban

Every year around this time, I would really look forward to a particular Friday to do some mega shopping
as there are some places that would have uber great discounts in stores! Well, and why Friday is
because that particular Friday is the Black Friday of the year!

I am not sure if you heard it before or not, but Black Friday is very very known in the States, which is :
1. The day after their (the states) Thanks Giving Day
2. A Friday, of course
3. Marks the beginning of Christmas shopping season
4. With that in mind, stores usually have uber amazing discounts on that particular Friday (no joke, like
50-70% discount for some!)
5. But it’s not a public holiday day there, but heard that employers give off to their employees!

How I wish Singapore has such season officially as well, and that could be really great!
But well, I shall not complain where there are actually a few stores in SG that adhere to the Black Friday
and have discounts in their stores on that particular Friday too, one such now that I know is Jipaban!!

I understand we all don’t have off on this particular Friday, and one thing really awesome that I got to
know is that Jipaban will be starting the One full day of shopping only on Friday 12Midnight, so we
can have the full whole Friday to shop!!

Black Friday Sales Includes:

they have
1. 25% off female/male fashion
2. 10% off books, gifts, dvd, blurays
3. 10% off games

Just for ONE DAY!
I already told hurhur that I wanna stay in on this Friday and there should be no reason for him
to stop me from doing shopping! :p

Excited me already went to surf around to see what I wanna get on this Friday, hopefully there
will still be stocks!

1. Red bodycon skirt

wanna wear this for my Christmas gatherings this year! Love dressing up to the theme, and this looks
really pretty with a stunning shade of red.

2. Bangle

Love the design and the combination of gold, black and white! Can totally match it with my red skirt

3. Vintage Ring

and I could totally get entire Christmas outfit here, love this vintage ring, gold, to go with the bracelet
and skirt.

4. Wedges

I always adore wedges, they are the most comfy shoes of all yet giving you the height! Hehe can match
this with my skirt as well!

5. Clutch/bag

to go with my entire outfit and most of my outfits, am eyeing this bag!!

6. Tweed Flatcap

Well, don’t say im a shopaholic girlfriend, but I went to shop for things for hurhur too!! We are
planning to go japan next year and I think he will look good in this cap!

weee, all this at a discount on this Friday. Don’t say I didn’t share good stuff!
Hope you can get yours too!




0111 HRS

Everything Pretty: Tangem, Smoochiezz & Weekbits!

Yes, here is a huge picture of myself to kick start the entry,
and I bet you must be guessing what is exactly the main topic derived from the above picture.
I am sure your guess is either the Makeup? Jewelry?
Be it which is your guess, but it's definitely NOT the Tiffany and co necklace (It was my valentine's day gift and I featured that before! ;p).

So for those that guessed the latter.. BINGO!

I just got myself two pieces of jewelry from Tangem (and I am still loving their designs!),
and they never fail to surprise me with really simple yet exquisite pieces.
The first two pairs of earrings from them have absolutely maxed out their value because I have been wearing them almost 3 days a week?
Whereas the other earrings are sitting nicely and neatly on the shelf, and only leaving the shelf like probably once (half) a month.
Even momsie likes their designs and I thought i lost one pair until I found out that it was kept in her drawer!!

So the recent two designs i got were:

Glam Gem Earrings, SGD $38 (that is looking like a pair of SGD $380 earrings),
sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia stones.

and a gorgeous desire ring, SGD $38 (oh.. this looks like a SGD$3800 ring heh!),
sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia stones.

Anyway, i need not mention much about them as you can just check out at the website,
or check me out with the earrings & rings below! :p

The pictures speak for itself, and I can assure you that the quality is good
(given that I already own 6 pieces of jewelry from them over half a year to a year!).

*Additionally, they have just launched a new Avant Garde Range from New York.
And i'm here for a reason- to share a piece of good news to you!
Tangem is having a Christmas Sale where all items are at a SGD$5 discount,
if you buy 2 or more items, you can enjoy a further 10% discount by keying in code: "savemore" at checkout. :)


Today you ladies are in for a treat in everything pretty, we have jewelry and also, make up!
Well, before i begin, I'm just gonna say this post will feature a lot of yours truly today ;p

Here's a huge one again.
I always love how the falsies look from the semi side to precise side view!

As you can see, the shot above is a full make up look, with everything from the base to the lips.
I recently discovered an online website- Smoochiezz, which makes available a huge range of beauty products,
and what's more awesome is that I found out about this wonderful brand of make up and got the chance to try it as well! 

The name of this brand is called NYX, and apparently it's a famous make up brand in the States.
I didn't know that but Selene knows about it and was intrigued to know where did i got them from as the brand is not exactly carried in Singapore!
So in case you are dying to try out NYX, have been eying something from NYX, or want to see what NYX has,
they are all available online at Smoochiezz!

In the above picture, the bulk of make up was gotten from Smoochiezz,
and yes, I got myself some neutral colours from their site as I would need them for my standard normal makeup look!

1. NYX auto eyebrow pencil, in dark brown, EP05. SGD $7.50 (from Smoochiezz)

1. NYX 10-Colour eyeshadow Palette, in catwalk shade ESP10C04, SGD$14. Love ALL the shades from this palette. (from Smoochiezz)
2. NYX Skinny Eye Marker,  SGD$12.50 (from Smoochiezz)
3. Falsies (my own)

1. Mac blusher in my usual shade, peachy keen, SGD $21.50 (you can get them at Smoochiezz too)


1. CLARINS Skin Illusion Foundation, SPF 10, Shade 110 Honey, SGD $60. My favourite foundation so far! (from Clarins)

1. NYX Matte Lipstick, Sierra Shade, MLS12, SGD $11. (from Smoochiezz)

To visit Smoochiez, click HERE.

Here are more pictures of the after make up look!


Last but not least,

This time it's all about beauty- make up, and on how we do a festive make up look! ;)
Used a couple of similar products of the above but mixed in some latest products from Maybelline too!

I actually purchased and upgraded my video editing software, and spent almost 3 full days just for that few minutes video! goodness.
Really hope you guys like it, and please give me your two cents worth, a like, a share on facebook, a comment or any form of encouragement!!
It would definitely mean a lot to me and so that I know you guys are watching and I should spend more time doing more videos. hahaha. ;)

P.S: Well… Non- make up faces are revealed in the video!! Don't be startled!




0211 HRS

Romance with Pretty

Year end has always been a season of joy-
Think many weddings, Christmas, countdown to a brand new year, (clearing of block leave :p) and many more.

Jiahan and Zihe's wedding was no exception,
and though I didn't know them exactly too long,
but it was heartwarming to see them walk hand in hand down the aisle on their special day.

The venue was at Holiday Inn and though it looks perhaps a plain looking on the building exterior architecture ,
but I must say I was pretty impressed with the Ballroom,
especially with the fact that the chandeliers in the room and outside were amazingly gorgeous.
Food was passable in my opinion,
but the decorations and all exceeded my expectations of the place.

Was tagged in some of the pictures taken by their friend, as well as ,
and I have to admit they are pretty good, (not just because they captured two shots of myself and I like them very much hahaha :p)
thus I decided to share them – a mixture of both of their pictures!

For wedding couples, here's one you can consider! ;)

As you might be wondering,
yes that's one of my favourite dresses from LoveBonito's past collection! :)

Here are a few more dresses that are new in the wardrobe,
and they came just in time for my events last week.
Perfect thing is that they are all for different occasions! ;)

This CheongSam corporate hybrid dress from Pearlavish is looking pretty and unique at the same time!
Could be your perfect new year dress or be spontaneous and get indulged in the CNY season, wear it as a work dress for next year. ;)

I love the colour red, always, and this was a semi casual dress from Pearlavish too.
The details at the top part and neckline is pretty interesting, something neatly scrunched, making your dress something different.

I wanted to wear this Web Front Dress from Pearlavish out for a more dressed up occasion,
but couldn't wait to wear it so i wore it for a casual weekend out with my favourite pumps- can be really versatile and unique if you want!




0111 HRS

Fashion Shots

It feels surreal yet amazing to see myself in these shots together with Zianna, and they are taken in an absolutely breathtaking way.
All thanks to , the lady behind the scenes directing these shots and the LoveBonito Team who style the entire outfits!
I'm just so in love with these fashion shots.

Some pics behind the scenes.. how i wish singapore would snow at times.

Here are some raw pictures, all not edited but a few of my favourites!

Today it's all about fashion,
and now you know where to look for Winter wear for year end trips,
but here are some outfits for our daily summer wear.

Somehow the cut of this dress from does flatter the figure, and help accentuates the waist line quite a bit.
Love the colour combi, and it's actually pretty comfortable on the skin.

I have a thing for laces as well, and the details at the shoulders area for this frock by make the casual dress slightly dressier.
Which is a good thing if you are looking for something not too dressy yet not too casual.

Have a good time shopping!




0211 HRS

Crsytal Jade Golden Palace

Sometimes we just get really amazed how individuals can click and have so much to share even if it's just seeing and knowing the person for just a while.
And that was what Vel, Brad and I talked and agreed on when we three decided to go for a lunch date together one afternoon last week at Paragon.
It's a pity qiuting couldn't join cuz i'm sure it will be even more fun with her around!

I wore a semi corporate dress from flymetoparis, and i always have a thing for similar looking tops like that – the button area on the shoulder design,
but this time, they incorporated into a dress which gives us more reason to get it cuz it's readily matched and good to go!
Loving the colour, fit and cut for this dress, and i received compliments about this dress too!

Brad (i suppose you know who he is -  ladyironchef) and i are great fans of dimsum and are constantly on the lookout for new places to try.
We finally made some time out to arrange for a dimsum luncheon at a place we have both longed to try – Crystal Jade Golden Palace @ Paragon Level 5.

You couldn't see much of the restaurant from the entrance but I bet you will be blown off just like us when you enter inside.
This has gotta be one of the nicest and coziest ambiences I have ever experience,
and everything inside the restaurant is fine and exquisite looking.

The restaurant.

my dimsum khakis! Vel dear and brad (check out that camera!! spell workaholic)

And here comes the food.

egg tarts

deep fried prawn rolls with stuffed mango

custurd buns

har gao- steamed prawn dumplings

chicken feet

baked pork pastries

We were pretty food after ordering the above to share between us three,
and prices were on par as the other restaurants (eg. taste paradise, royal china),
cost us about S$44 after GST for the above.

But for taste wise, i still prefer taste paradise/royal china though i'm not sure if i should discount the fact that we were busy taking photos when the food came,
and it turned cold by the time we ate it! heh
For my favourite dishes which i'm particular like the custurd buns, prawn dumplings and pork pastries,
i would still think these two restaurants do it slightly better.

We three are looking out for the next dimsum place to try out,
and if you do have any that you are not sure if its good, but heard before and hope to get some reviews,
drop me a comment/email at and let me know!! We will try them for you first and make some recommendations! ;D


Here are some outfits of the week to share and you might like them..

A structured skirt from Dandzelia which goes well with just a basic top.
i like the structured-ness of the skirt which actually helps on giving the flare shape design and quality is good too. ;)

Another versatile piece from dandzelia, and the ruffles, pleats, and draw strings make the top pretty unique,
and it can be either glam up or casual in this comfortable material.

To those who are worrying about what to wear for upcoming dinners and functions, fret not ;)
This dainty dress from flymetoparis in one of the loveliest colours ever might be a perfect one.
Comes with the removable satin sash and the details at one of the shoulders definitely make it a special piece.

Hope you enjoyed the outfits of the week!