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The Nuffnang Journey & Boomerang



The blog has been my baby for the past 5 years, and is absolutely one which i share my many countless happy memories and sometimes… sadness,
but I probably didn't get too much into the latter because i don't think it's good to get you feeling like an emo-elmo everytime when I am being an emo-elmo huh.
Especially if i blog about sadness stuff on a Sunday night, and i reckon you will just outcast my blog every weekend cuz it will make your mondays even blue-er.
Well, we are all humans and to err is human,
there are definitely ups and downs which I myself go through quite a fair bit too.

But today, some thoughts just got me feeling thankful and contented,
and it feels really nice to be taking moments to truly appreciate what has been going on,
together with whatever good has happened in your life.
Many a time, when i'm in this mode, i would realise that the downs brought me up to who i am today,
and gratitude to the good definitely surpasses the negativity of the downs,
perhaps, some goods wouldn't have happened without the downs..

Righto, so the blog is definitely one thing that I couldn't be more than thankful of,
and i just be really amazed how my passion got me thus far, and can actually become such a great thing that i look forward to do everyday with tremendous enjoyment.
With this in mind, I must say there is one company that gave me the opportunities to experience more than what i could have,
and it's none other than Nuffnang.

I believe you guys have all heard of Nuffnang (NN) or are already in the family, and I suppose i'm one of the newest addition to the NN family.
They have been a team of people who we work closely with in regards to the commercial side,
but experiencing the commercial side in our most personal way is the catch to why I am thankful for them too.
Because we get to try out different interesting products, services or events by ourselves personally,
and yet at the same time, sharing the experiences in our most truthful and honest views, i swear.

Am sure we all don't just blog for the sake of just promoting stuff with all the technical facts and purely positivity,
but instead, its the first hand direct experiences we have and want to share because it might just be as helpful or interesting to yoy.
That's probably how we make sure you would come back to read and at the same time,
not just us but for you to also get hold of good deals to experience them yourself too!

So here's my journey with nuffnang in pictures, and
thank you Nuffnang for all the wonderful opportunities you gave me so far since months ago. :)

1. Being a true blue foodie, you can imagine how excited i was to get my first ever assignment with PIZZA HUT,
trying the latest pasta in town with a bunch of new great friends!

2. Another that is one of a kind! when can we all experience a 4 course gourmet dinner by Mcdonalds?!!
this was an eye-opener for me and yes, we got to try the mcgrill burger before the launch and share this piece of news with you guys in advance!

3. Goodness, now you can see what i put on weight (some said i got slightly slimmer now hahaha but i seriously dont think so, cuz if that is really true, i am really plump back then!! -.-")
cuz nuffnang feeds me well. Dove was uber generous and i got to try a whole lot of new chocolate flavours. I believe some of you guys read that entry before, and chocolate-lover readers loved this! ;)

4. hahhahaha, food again but this time round it was gummies by Katjes!!
OK, i didn't realise i got quite a number of food assignments and do i really have that foodie face?
Yes or no i would still think it's a good thing, can eat is a fortunate and enjoyable thing (福).

5. My first ever headphones!!! LOVE the colour and until now i am still using it.
If i wasn't with nuffnang, I wouldn't know that philips has such good and stylish headphones. now you know it too. ;)

6. Got to keep in touch with gorgeous friends once again, and this time we get to have fun together trying out gorgeous pretty things!
Not the cupcakes nor balloons, but it was for Estee Lauder's new skin care product, the skintone illuminator!
Good stuff, good company.

7. phew! awesome to try out another skincare brand- cellnique with a range of products that helped to minimize my fine lines and improve my skin!
I mean, i wouldn't even know this product can be really good that i actually re-purchased it after i had the chance to try it on my face.
Thanks to nuffnang! ;)

8. Very thankful for this opportunity to be sent overseas to Hong Kong Disneyland!
Never expected this at all, and again, to the greatness of Nuffnang team,
thankyou for letting me have so much fun with my bestie girlfriend at a place that I have never been to before!

9. And the singtel robinsons event which i got to know a table of gorgeous new friends like the above,
and taking pictures with tough fresh meat (you know which picture am i referring to, hahaha).
Well and got to know these latest news and fashion of singtel and robinsons respectively without even reading the news!

These good-ness for these.
The most amazing one has yet to come- having the chance to grace an annual international award event – Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards,
specially organized by Nuffnang and this time it would be at Kuala Lumpur!

"Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott.
The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers,
but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific.
The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

To those who are already in Nuffnang family, or have yet to be in,
this is a good chance you should join and get to experience this one and only yearly great scale event.
The previous one was a blast so I have heard, and it was amazingly fun that you can never imagine.
You must be wondering – KL!! what about my expenses or so? And I am here to clear your doubts and share this with you.

By just doing this….
a)    Write a blog post titled "My Nuffnang Story".
b)    Tell us about your journey with Nuffnang – the fun times you had, the friends you've made.

a)    Write a blog post titled "Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come".
b)    Tell us the top 3 reasons why you want to attend the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011.

And share it….

Click to complete your submission!

You get a chance to win…..
1. One invite to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011
2. A 3D 2N stay at Putrajaya Marriott, with breakfast included
3. A semi-guided itinerary around destinations in Kuala Lumpur
4. One invite to an exclusive Blog Awards after-party at a secret location in Kuala Lumpur
*Invite does not include flight ticket to Malaysia

What are you waiting for?
Come join me and us, and see?
Nuffnang allows all of us to experience greatness too,
hope to see you there!! :)

Thank you nuffnang for all that you have given to me! ;)



I finally upgraded my macbook pro aesthetically, you must be wondering what was it
(but no i didn't do any plastic surgery to it by dismantling any of the parts though i dont know if there is even a possibility to do so),
but instead i did an enhancement to it all thanks to a friend, Sabrina, who recommended me to do it.

I WISHED i knew about this earlier,
and that could seriously help save my macky (yes i named my macbook pro macky, and yes masculine cuz opposite sex attracts :p) from all those scratches by yours truly unintentionally.
Yes i repeat – Unintentionally!!
Apparently, anyone that sees Macky goes like:

1. "wah, how long ago did you buy your laptop?"
2. "!!!! what happened to your laptop??" (for friends that know it wasn't too long ago)
3. " did you buy that 5 years ago?" (with pun intended, cuz the model was out only like 3 years ago i think!! boohoo.)

Anyone that knows me knows that i'm super attached to Macky, carrying it almost everywhere I go,
and using it almost 16 hours a day everyday.
No doubt those scratches came along and accumulated until one fine day,
when the battery went flat, couldn't use and i was outside waiting for someone and had time to spare,
i took a serious look at it all round….

goodness.. no joke, i didn't realise that it was so uber worn out. :(
Feeling heart ache cuz i got Macky as a present for myself after savings for months, and paying it right at one shot I still remember.
And that's like 4 digits off my pockets instantly.

So anyways, im not quite a big fan of having designs on my laptop (eg. gmasking it all over with pretty prints),
pretty much a guy for this, and i like it original and simple without doing plastic surgery for my belongings especially gadgets,
(except maybe for my iphone cuz i love changing covers + glossy/matte/mirror screen protectors muahahaha).

The only thing i got to protect for Macky is this lovely hard external cover that trish and leney got for me for my birthday last year,
but i recently took it out while i take Macky out as it does add on to quite an amount of weight to the laptop!.
Until Sabrina introduced to me to get this particular product that really helps to take great care of macky,
and I did some research and was convinced to get this to give macky something good since i use him EVERYDAY.

Not sure if you heard of it before but it's called ,
pretty popular among the mac lovers cuz they do this particular awesome protective layer for just Mac,
and for just quite a few mac products such as Macbook pro, air and ipad 2 as they are specially customized for those models.

I saw it online at first on a picture that my friend posted and thought that it's just a mere normal protector sheet only,
and not really seeing any thing special until one day i got to touch and feel the real thing.
So my friend went on to tell me how good this product is,
and that it's not just a protector sheet but is one that is TEAR-RESISTANT and FINGERPRINT-RESISTANT.
Another factor that got me surprised was that there's a need to "install" it on the laptop and not just take and paste sheet,
good to know that cuz it means that the sheet must be something quite durable or special that what i have expected.

SEE!! Macky could have been saved from those scratches!! ;\

Went down to the main store to get it done – DG Lifestyle at vivocity.

honoured to get the lady boss to help me!! :p
No worries, all installation will be done for you by the professional staff.


Here's me all dressed up in corporate printed work dress, and holding on to macky!
Love prints and this is definitely one dress which goes well with blazers for corporate and formal events too.

Done!! Thanks for introducing me to this, Sabrina! :)

My mom actually asked me if i bought a new laptop -.-,
but that is definitely awesome to be asked, woohoo, it's worth it then!! :p

Was at the stall for about half hour to get macky all covered up in a set of - two sheets (one front and back),
and this sheet is known to be originated from protecting CARS!! (even hurhur knows about it)
Powerful huh. So this was also one reason that i was convinced to get it cuz it can really protect the laptop.
Well, though macky has pretty severe marks when you look closer but…. better late than never!!!
Afterall, laptop already costs quite a bit to get, might as well top up a bit more to make it of better quality- to last for a long period of time.

Check out my "new" macky equipped with !!
looking DIFFERENT and SMART from the normal macs (especially when in starbucks,
i usually see many using a mac and mine is unique with the GLOSSY surface yet looking original!! hehehe).

i know i know, you can see the scratches, but they will stop there and not multiply thanks to klearzkin!!

You can check out more at their website or facebook in fact if you are interested to get it or see more.
Their has constant updates and from what I know,
they will be having these awesome Klearzkin protective sheets customized for other products (eg. laptops, gadgets),
so perhaps you can like them or check them out there for more latest updates.
Just saw that they had a contest for people to win a complimentary set of Klearzkin at their facebook page,
ahhh miss it now but lady boss told me there will be more,
so don't miss it if you want to get your product protected too. :)


DG Lifestyle Store @ VivoCity (IPad & MacBook)
DG Lifestyle Store @ Northpoint Shopping Centre (IPad only)
Lifestyle New York @ 112 Katong (Opening Very Soon)  (IPad & MacBook)



Weekend brunches never fail to brighten up my day, and this one last week was no exception.
Val, apple and myself arranged a brunch catch up session on Monday, the long weekend and decided to try Boomerang @ Robertson Quay.
We were rather looking forward to try out the food there as it was one of Val Aussie boss's favourite places of all for meals,
so i reckon it must be something good!


I was told that Boomerang is popular amongst the Caucasians and as well as friendly for big group/ kids.

Here comes our food!

Milk Chocolate drink (S$6)

Strawberry smoothie: Strawberries, yogurt, milk, honey (S$10)

Mango Smoothie: Mango, milk, yogurt, honey (S$10)  + my very pretty nails, read more about it at the end of this entry! :)

The "Bondi" (S$15)
Val had this, and she mentioned the bread was really good, and i suppose the avocado and tomato wouldn't differ much from else where.
But we were rather disappointed with the mushrooms (we are great fans of mushrooms), and they were rather poorly marinated and cooked that day,
the taste had a bitter aftermath which wasn't really to our likings. :(

Beef hash (S$16)
Apple had this and she likes it! I tried a mouthful of her beef, which was some sort panfried together with bacon and ham,
and it was indeed delectable. Good choice and well done with the poached eggs.

Egg's benedicts (S$17)
The set came with the potatoes only but i added S$3 to top up for the mushrooms.
Like I mentioned earlier on, it was pretty much a waste cuz we didn't finish the bulk of the mushrooms in the end.

Sticky Date pudding (S$12)
The ice cream was good, but the cake was a lil tough, but i suppose it was because it wasn't warm enough,
but overall this dessert is reasonably good.

Love my strawberry smoothie, and this is worth a try!
Wore this white top with gold shimmery design by and I love the intricate designs at the gold area,
especially the sequins all sew on one by one together,
and this could very well be one of my Christmas outfits for the upcoming gatherings!

With val dear. :)

And apple pie :)

Boomerang is a good place to hang out with family and friends in fact,
but after visiting it, i heard that they are better for their mains instead of the all day breakfast,
so perhaps you can try the mains and do share with me what's good if you do visit there!



Got this versatile pleated bottom dress from as well,
and the quality of this is really good.
Wanted to wear it more formal with just a think sleek belt but decided to wear it in a more casual way -
with the thicker brown belt!

Bold colours are my favourite and so are colour blocks in those awesome stunning colours!
This top from has quite a unique cut at the bottom, looks good when tuck out too,
but i love to pair tops with high waisted.
Had such a hard time deciding the colour!

Mom likes me in this dress and said both the cut and design look demure on me. hehehe
does have great sense of style for us girls!


Not only does clothes get me excited,
anything pretty gets me over the moon too!

As seen above, my so-in-love nails are done by my friend, Jenny,
who has a GORGEOUS home-based nail salon.

Known her for a while, and she never fails to surprise me with her creativity and passion with nails,
and this time I did a quick gelish with her, and i wanted something cutesy yet having a LOUD base colour,
so there you go!

It's always enjoyable visiting Jenny and catching up with her,
and we have so much to talk about.
Cuz of that, every nail session for at least 2-3 hours seems like just half hour as time just literally flew!

Anyways, here's her GORGEOUS GORGEOUS ROOM!!!

good thing about home-based nail salon is that you really feel so cozy just like your are at home.

love the chandelier and the humongous chair!

Suddenly pink looks really nice to me hahaha.

entertainment during your nail session. how pampered.

great variety of colours just for ya!

one reason why jenny is awesome, she has won competitions and yes, she deserves it all. ;)

my before- very untidy i know. :(

after! gelish polka dot nails!




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Online Shopping just got sweeter!



 I was talking to my friend, Alexa about online shopping (well, it’s quite a common topic between girls nowadays you gotta admit),
and as usual we would name the shops and talk about the loots we got.

Until shortly after, I was told that Jipaban – used to be known as the house of online apparels shopping,
was in the midst of preparing something BIGGER and BETTER for all their customers and it got me rather curious on what’s going on. 
I finally knew what was going to be up and I was itching to share with people but I couldn’t back then until the official site is done and live,
and here it is!

Jipaban has indeed worked towards a new direction and also, launched their new site in tune with their direction for the past year.
And on the day they launched their brand new site,
I was parking in front of my computer to just wait to refresh and see a new exciting site and there It was,
I was greeted with a brand new interface:

Looking clean and precise, I have to say it’s a much friendlier interface as compared to the previous.

And after browsing through the site, It has definitely grown to be a one-stop shopping site for just EVERYTHING!
Let me take some time out to share with you guys what’s interesting in there and changes that I’m glad they did:

1. Categories

 Like I said, it’s a one stop shopping site, they are everything ranging from household to fashion, etc.

- Women
- Men
- Gifts & Lifestyles
- Books
- DVD & Blu-rays
- Games
- Shops

2. Editors’ Surprise!

Usually I would look at what are the celebrities’ or editor’s pick in a feature in the magazine to help see what they say about the latest feature in town.
And you will be surprised (I mean I was surprised) to find out that LOVE BONITO will be next up, introducing their respective favourite items from past collections to share.
So do stay tuned to the Best of Bonito, 8pm, 8th November on!




3.     Time Saving Login Page

I like that the login page is precise and simple, and I;m usually very lazy in loggin in stuff, so right now,
thank goodness for the function of loggin in with facebook, the process is much fuss-free definitely.



4.     What’s NEW?

I suppose some of us wouldn’t like to have our email accounts to be flooded with newsletter everytime,
And this is probably one of the changes that I like about the brand new jipaban – the What’s New page!


it showcases the latest updates all at one go distinctively, for all categories. So anytime when you feel like shopping,
just head over and click it to see what’s latest in town plus shop immediately. Easy peasy, love this part!


5.     Shopping Cart


And again, one more thing that is important for myself in online shopping is the “add to cart” part of the purchasing process.
I just got myself a book from Jipaban actually, and I have to give them the credits –
the add to cart function was real simple and instant, everything was indeed real-time and user friendly.


6.     Checkout

Last but not least, the checkout page is as clear and simple, step by step as the below picture shows:

7.     Here are my loots which I got from Jipaban recently!
There are just so many things to get from there and I shortlisted 6 items, but after deliberation, I got 4 in the end!


I got myself:

1. cake candelabra

Got this special item I happened to browse through at Jipaban’s website.

Thought it makes the cake looks WAYY COOLL with it on top, especially when we all have birthdays every year.
Furthermore, it’s the year end for celebrations and this should come in handy,
and if there are two cakes, im sure mine would stand out of all. Muahaha.


2. Message pads x 6

I need these actually rather than posting postits all over everywhere,
making my table and wall look ugly and messy.
Love the colours of these pads and it makes notes on walls, cupboards much neater!!
Comes with the pins as well.


3. Book: Men are from MARS, Women are from VENUS

I always hear about this book from friends, and friends, talking about how interesting the contents are.
Author tells you much about psychology and reasons why things happen,
and I suppose it could do us better than how we are in handling people or situations,
problems we (I am no exception) will meet in relationships. :(
who ask women to be more emotional and men to be more rational
(but I believe we can achieve a great balance in those, and have a better understanding  of everything than men!!! Heh :p)
will see if there’s anything there that I can share in the blog,
and so let’s see if this book helps, glad to find this on Jipaban!
And I think its cheaper getting there.


4. Icon  metallic bookmarks!

hahha I am quite amused by the looks of it, and why I bought it was because it looks so cute and tiny,
and FLAT, yet able to be an easy bookmark to bring around especially.
COOL, didn’t know it was made of metal, and it’s not heavy as well.
Check out how funky my book looks now.

the handicap sign one is the most hilarious bookmark!

5. Mood chart

Shortlisted this but didn’t get it in the end and save money because of two main reasons:

-       I don’t think I want my parents or whoever to know what mood am I feeling and come asking me what is wrong

-       I don’t think I will go to the door or table (too lazy) to flip it whenever im feeling in whatever particular mood lol

But why I shortlisted it was because:

- maybe you would want a particular someone to know how you feel and you purposely put there to show them your mood
Hahahah (eg. Your clothes are all unwashed and room is messy but you don’t want your parents to nag,
you just hang the mood chart on the door showing “disappointed,
frustrated or sad” OR you are having PMS and you don’t know how to explain why you are feeling more emotional than usual, you can put “neglected”)
Can be a useful fun gift though!!


hahaha they still explain your feeling to you!! Gosh, amazing.



6. Skull cupcakes Moulds

Thought it was quite a novelty item!!! But didn’t get it because:
-       I don’t think I will want to eat it or anyone will want to eat it if my cupcakes look like that
-       I could use it for Halloween or friend’s birthdays and he or she is a skull or horror fan
-       But I don’t think I have friends who are fans of those
-       Lastly, I don’t think im that skilled to draw brains with cream.

Shortlisted that because:

-       super cool, able scare people to hell
hahha now you know jipaban has lots of novelty items apart from usual and check them out there!

And now with these changes, you definitely know that Online shopping just got sweeter- fast and convenient, that’s what we all look for! Shop Jipaban now! 

 The great thing is, Jipaban actually offers Complimentary Standard Postage to all Singaporeans! :D


I have heard about Ah Loy Thai (ALT) @ Shaw Towers (Beach Road) for a while,
but never really did make a point to head down to try probably because there are ample good enough thai food places on my list for myself (so i thought).

It was until last week when Applepie and I were deciding where to head for dinner,
and from bugis, we brainstormed and she suggested trying Ah Loy Thai,
which i immediately agreed to it as it gave a click to one of the need-to-try places on my mind.
The impression i gathered from people was that they food there is excellent and very value for money, which is definitely what all of us would love i suppose!

We got really excited and luckily we were there in time because ah loy thai has relatively short working hours as compared to others as well (8.15pm, heard 8pm is the last order).


True enough, Ah Loy Thai has gotta be one of the BESTEST THAI FOOD i have ever eaten!
i swear that i'm going back for more, and prices are really reasonable.
The place is not your usual fancy thai restaurant, but the entire place is rather spacious, simple and clean.
They have two seating areas at the place, and food must be placed cum paid in advance at the counter before they will serve to your seat.

I didn't realise the uncle was doing this until i transferred the pictures to my laptop! heh, super cute.

I don't think every single dish was so good, but there were some that really exceeded my expectations,
and some i feel that you can get better ones out there.

And here are some recommendations that I feel you MUST ORDER if you head there,
if not you will totally regret it!
As well as some food i ordered, good but could have been better IMO. :)

Butter Squids. ($7.90)
i literally opened up my eyes wide after taking a bite, and it was soooooo goood.
So crunchy and absolutely delicious.
I am very sure i can just finish at least an entire plate for myself, the only thing was that it was a lil oily.
But who cares, its WORTH IT.

Pandan Leave Chicken. ($9)
oh gosh. kill me pls. This was another one that i can die for.
The chicken meat in each and every wrap was absolutely tender and juicy,
and marinated very well cum grilled to perfection!
Love the slightly burnt but crispy sides, and the barbequed sweet taste upon biting.
Oooo mannn…….

Phad Thai. ($5.90)
I saw a lot of people ordering this, and apple did mention that reviews said this is a must have.
But in my opinion, it was relatively good, but i feel that there are other better phad thais at other place,
and this was kinda pale looking, which somewhat means a lil less flavourful on the taste as compared to the usual phad thai.

RED Basil leaf minced meat. ($6.90)
This was not really to my liking, it was more spicy, than salty or sweet.
And the spice kinda overtook the meat taste, so overall, there are better tasting ones at other places IMO.

If i can really eat more, i swear i would order a lot more others to try.
But the above was finished within half hour by us, the two hungry girls, heh.
You should really try this place, but do take note of the operating hours!

100 Beach Road,
Shaw Tower, Singapore.

Tel: +65 9165 1543

Opening Hours

Mon–Fri: 12pm – 8.15pm
1pm – 7.15pm
(Closed on PH)

What's even more awesome is that, Ah Loy Thai is situated just opposite a home-made ice cream shop, Tom's Palette,
and being fans of dessert, i insisted on getting a cup to try.

Here am i, wearing a pretty dress from pearlavish and matching it up with my own belt,
happily feeling really full and satisfied after my thai food meal.
Love the material of this dress because it allows you to wear it loose yet retaining the shape of the dress to fit your body.

Yeap, that's the dress and me in front of tom's palette!

Applepie <3

flavours are absolutely EXOTIC!
And i got quite intrigued by the salted egg yolk and that was the first i tried.
Same again, i literally opened my eyes wide and told apple "no joke, its as though im eating just salted egg yolk",
and it was hilarious when she gave me the "hmmm" face and tried it as well, then featured the same expression as me.

Got ourselves a small cup ($3.20) which allows us to mix two flavours!

We got these two- Melted chocolate cream with cookie dough and salted caramel ice cream.
Apple and I agreed that we can taste the difference of home-made and mass production.
Tom's Palette is known for daily homemade fresh ice cream, and if you do try it, you will know what i mean!


100 Beach Road,
Shaw Towers, Singapore.

Opening Hours

Mon–Thu: 12pm – 9.30pm
Fri–Sat: 12pm – 10.00pm
(Closed on Sun)

I am so going to go back to ah loy thai and tom's palette.
Just these two combo will make me a happy girl for a week!!

The day didn't end just like that, and we moved on over to Laselle School's cafe, 15 minutes,
to chill out for the rest of the night. if you are looking for places to chill around bugis,
there you go!

We didn't try the food there, but had drinks – beer and cocktails.
The place is somewhat like timbre,
and they do have happy hours for the drinks at night!
Heard the pizza there is good too, shall pop by over one day again!

1 McNally Street, Blk D,
LASALLE College of The Arts, Singapore.

Tel: +65 6333 5915

Opening Hours
10am – 10pm
(Closed on Sun)


Check out some outfits of the week!

Another effortless styled dress by pearlavish. Classic black will never go wrong, and the pink belt by them is also another catch.
Simple dress but yet the pleats at the sides will just make the bottom part chic and unique!

I love dresses like this! It is sort of a kind of shapeless dress that makes you looks in shape with the design,
and this kinda dresses do not require much styling nor accessorizing if you realise.
The block design on this piece from pearlavish is probably something you might want to check it out. ;)




0611 HRS

A day out at sea

As you can see, I was decked in my turquoise bikini & fuschia dress one day last week,
and was utmost ready to hit a day out to the sea together with leney, hurhur and other friends!

We took some time out one weekday to actually go on a yacht together for a day of relaxation,
and it was truly amazing. Can't remember when was the last time that i went on a yacht,
and if i'm not wrong, the last time i went on board was on my wakeboarding trip a couple of years back!

So I have been wanting to try the highly raved cupcakes by for a while,
and finally, it came the day whereby I went to collect a box of freshly baked cupcakes in my favourite flavours from Lace, herself!
Perfect timing and a great snack for the trip out to the sea. <3

Flavours in Red Velvet, Irish Coffee, and Chocolate!

i must say the cupcakes were simply HEAVENLY!!

They were soooo goood, tooo goood.
Love it that it's not too sweet at all, and the cream was flavourful.

Not just my own sentiments but every single person on board who ate the cupcake had the same consensus!
In my opinion, i think it's better than the very raved about twelve cupcakes by daniel ong & Jamie Yeo,
and the flavours are absolutely alluring and different.
I never thought that a cupcake can be that good, but (BBL) cupcakes are definitely one of a kind,
and i'm actually craving for more after eating.

Just joined her facebook page cuz she always introduce new flavours,
and too bad i didnt have the chance to try the SALTED CARAMEL that day,
but i definitely must must must try it one day!

we must be the one of the lucky fews to enjoy such delights on board! <3

It was Selene's first time on the yacht and I could see that she was uber excited about the trip,
she even got a new dress for it! (that's how excited she was) :p

Besides that, we three went crazy and even got ourselves NEW SHOES!!
Figured that being on yacht would also mean the possibility of getting drenched or wet,
so we went to shop for a pair of waterproof from Crocs!
I suppose when it comes to waterproof and non-marking shoes,
Crocs will naturally come to the mind for most on this.

hahaha cool , didn't know they have such cute lil kiddo bag for kids!

And us trying to decide which pair to get for ourselves,
and i think the sales person might just get pissed at us for taking so many pictures and trying on too many pair of shoes.
Luckily they had the sizes all displayed outside.

There were just so many pretty pair there, and we wanted to get a pair of pumps,
but we both caught our eyes on this pair of wedges (waterproof too!), decided to be twin sisters  and settled on the same exact pair in the end.
Figured that we can wear that together with our dressier outfits too.
Scroll down more to see our pretty pair! ;)

hurhur was already wearing a waterproof slippers but he couldn't resist on this pair he saw in the store and got this.

Though it's a male shoes, but i am madly in love with this pair,
especially the colour and definitely a good buy, very light-weight as well.
He even told me he wanna head back to buy another pair of shoes for his dress-down fridays!

Before you read on,
here's a video that I did on our trip, love the sea, and the time spent together with the friends on the yacht.

And some peeks for the day, BEAUTIFUL..

one degree fifteen, sentosa

the restroom

Hello bee <3

love the sofa bed!

Smithy, and us!
And yes, that's the pair Selene and I got for ourselves in the end.
Thought it was a good choice too cuz it matches my outfit! ;p

leney's braids <3, braids are simply gorgeous.


our yacht!


with holly.

with cherie and smith!

leney zhang <3

my macho man.

The group of friends and captain who went on yacht together!

I had such an amazing time on the yacht with the group, especially catching up with some friends such as smithy.
Knew him since i was 18 years old while working as a DBS Santarina job attached to his company.
Good to know that he's doing well and getting married soon! Congrats Smithy :D

The day ended earlier than expected due to the rain and we were freezing with the breeze out in the sea. heh
It was around dinner time by that time, and we settled for Jpot @ vivocity for hot and yummy steamboat!

Been there a few times already actually and it's a subsidiary under Jumbo Seafood.
It's not too bad, quite a unique concept and i love that it's individual pots.
So we just have to order our food (raw or cooked), and share it between everybody.

love the chilli table!

they have instructions to tell you what to mix to get their signature chilli sauce and all.


Here are the outfits of the days last week!

Here's a Karen Millen inspired piece which comes in very good quality by herwalkincloset that does up the professional corporate look.
The pleats at the front and the waist design make the design somewhat sophisticated, which in turn, make the whole dress stands out in fact.

I suppose Karen Millen has one of the most gorgeous designs in the fashion industry,
and here's another inspired piece, more dinner and party style, self manufactured by herwalkincloset too.
You probably would love the toga design, yet not worrying that it will slip or so because the dress is designed to be secure yet looking gorgeous!

And to those who watched and liked the first episode of weekbits, thank you so much!
It's really awesome to know that!! ;p
Selene and I am preparing for the next video to be put together, (yes we are gonna try anything that is crazy that we thought of, or anything we have always been wanting to try)
and i know i promised to put do something for the weekbits every week!

Am afraid that i can't fulfill that promise because it takes too much time,
and there's not enough time to have it filmed and edited all by myself within a week :(
But it was so much fun to do that and we will have our experiences and as many videos filmed down as we can, but it won't be too long till the next!
I will still be posting more weekbits (in the midst of preparing the next!! shall not tell you what's next :p),
so do watch this space for the next one!




1011 HRS

Pampering Your Body

Mr Hurhur and I decided to take some time off one weekday night to pamper ourselves.
We both were in need of a good massage badly and I got to know from a friend about this Spa that specializes in massages/spas,
and it was not too far off from my area, so perfect!

Aramsa Spa
is located decently at the heart of Bishan Park,
and no wonder they are known as the garden spa because you are privately surrounded by the greens!
It seems pretty small outside, but you will be really surprised to know how deep the entire place is upon walking in.
I went at night, but could vividly see the trees, plants and ponds around, and i figure It would be even more awesome to visit it in the day the next time,
sure it would be bbbbbbeautiful!

it's located beside and together with a cafe for food after spa.

The lobby of the spa.

Got them to snap a pic for us for keep sake with hurhur in his formal wear and me in my "spa" wear -
a dress from Fash Mob that is not too dressy but casual at the same time, love the crochet back of it too!

So excited to try out the massage we booked for our pampering session!

the bathroom is equipped with almost all needed items and there is a suana & jacuzzi too.

Got myself changed into the japanese robe in the locker!

Was then told to proceed to the lounge area to relax with a cuppa tea and some light snacks before we were ushered to our room for our massage.
There were so many choices to choose from and we decided on Shiatsu Massage,
which is known to be finger pressure massage applied to the meridian points to stimulate the body's 'ki'

That's one of the reasons why we chose this place! Winner of Cozycot beauty awards! :)

And finally, into the very alluring room, with glass door for you to enjoy the tranquil view outside.

Didn't take any pictures after because I'm sure you know we were comfortably rested to immerse in our massage! ;p
I like my masseuse very much, and i think for the Shiatsu massage – it's important to have the strength and skills,
she fulfilled these two based in my opinion, and was quite consistently in the points as though i was sitting on a massage chair!
(except for the fact that it's alive and talking to me "is this pressure ok?" woohoo)

I must say everything inside was well done and the entire spa is cozy and comfortable,
probably one of the unique spas around!
What i like about them too is that they are open till 12MN from Thursday to Saturday!
For those who are working, fret not! ;)

There are a lot of different treatments, and would suggest you to check it out Here if you are interested.

This was a new friend made and she is so kind and helpful! ;)

Bishan Park 2,
1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Singapore 569931

Tel: 6456 6556


Sunday – Wednesday: 10am – 10pm
Thursday – Saturday: 10am – 12mn


my lovely darling!! so happy and excited for her!! <3

Two of my lovelies:

Iove the colour nude, and i always think nude dresses are most versatile in terms of matching, (think red blazer, or black blazer, both goes with it!)
And this one here from Fash Mob is accompanied with a pretty unique design too- the scallop neckline.

And coral colours are definitely one of my favourites, and just look at this one by Fash Mob,
the detailing at the necklace is gorgeous- the flowers, cum the comfy material just makes the outfit better,
with all that, no accessories are needed to spice the outfit up at all. Nice!




1110 HRS

The first of Weekbits!

Yes, as mentioned in a couple of posts back, the weekbits is here!

Gonna share different things, places and stuff in every week's weekbits,
so once again, do feel free to let me know if you wanna see anything (if i can),
and let's do it!

For the first one,  selene and myself kinda got crazy while trying a set of bumpits,
so hope you will enjoy the video and check out our experiment! ;p


I went to check out our local upcoming store - Blogshopping, at far east plaza last week,
and you will be surprise by what they have there.

As the name sounds, Blogshopping is exactly like a one-stop shop for you to FEEL and TRY almost everything you have seen online at the reputable stores,
and it consists of 11 online shops with their physical items all displayed for you to see and touch.

I must say there is a great range of items there – bags, shoes, accessories, clothes, and actually,
many different styles due to the each character of the online shops,
and i got excited while exploring the entire shop thoroughly.

Many full racks of apparels.

accessories looking really chic!

stylish bags for sale too!

I got overwhelmed by the countless designs and excited me decided to try on a few to see how they fit me,
and below three outfits were entirely mixed and matched from the shop!

Trying some retro outfits and i love polka dots!! <3
The camel brown pants is also one of my favourites.

Decided to try some corporate styles instead, the detailing of the top is looking good.

and yes one of my favourites again, it's a ROMPER!! and the striped platform shoes are from Blogshopping too.

There are just a few from the shop but there are so many more gorgeous pieces waiting for you at the racks!
Be sure to stop by if you are in need for some retail therapy right at their store at an uber convenient location:


LEVEL ONE, #01-34

and talking of which, thanks shi yuan!
Ding tea has really good bubble milk tea, and i love their pearls,
and just nice, when you spot Ding tea, you can just get a cup while doing your shopping! ;)


My grandfather is admitted to the hospital last week, and im glad that he is feeling much better now.
Gave us all a scare for the couple of days.

Was around the area of Novena after leaving TTSH,
and looking for a dinner place until we passed by this Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant along Novena/Thomson area.

Here's my outift for the day, donning on a sweet white chiffon dress from Faire belle for the Friday night out!

I wasn't exactly craving for hongkong/chinese food but decided to settle down there for a meal cuz there wasn't a queue yet it was pretty packed.
Surprisingly, the food was good!
I would give it a 8/10 in fact, and would really recommend this place to family gatherings,
especially for your folks and the older generation.

Here are some must-order in my opinion.

Their signature SLICED FISH HOR FUN.
Yummy and definitely very generous for the 1 pax portion.
There were two of us, and one plate was enough as the main for each, apart from sides (see below).

French beans fried with minced pork.
Probably because i love french beans and minced pork, so this was a must-have for me.
Tasted really delicious and probably it's just a tad oily, which is the part they could probably improved on.

This was heavenly, really crispy and pipping hot when they were served,
and the chilli accompanied the chicken was different and tasty- kinda sweet but smooth texture.
I love the size of the chicken wings, don't like the mini kind, and it was definitely big and juicy!

Gonna bring my parents there the next time for sure!



TEL: +65 6252 3132

Daily: 11.30am – 2.45pm, 5.30pm – 11pm

Last but not least, one more outfit for the week!

Remember i said anything high-waisted is my favourite?
Here is one high waisted shorts from fairebelle that is currently in my favourite list!
Had a hard time choosing the colour, but decided to choose the one that i can match with most clothes.
You can get it and do key in "beatrice" during checkout to get a whopping $3 off the total bill! ;)