0204 HRS

Goodbye, Granny.

I was at work yesterday morning, busily doing some morning task before receiving a text from my cousin Jiaqi.
In the message, it wrote,
" Call me. Grandma is in the hospital. Serious.
I'm not sure what has happened yet. But there was foaming and no pulse.
Tan Tock Seng. I am rushing there now.
A&E- Emergency side

My heart skipped for quite a bit before I held up the phone to give Jiaqi a call.
He told me he couldn't reach my mom, and I frantically dialed my mom's whatever contact numbers, but still to no avail.
I left the office in a jiffy and took a cab over to TTSH the very next moment.

It wasn't long before I tried spotting my family members when I reached, and saw a few familiar backs in a semi circle facing me,
and immediately i knew that they were listening to someone talking, and yes, the doctor.
I hurried my steps there, and found out that my maternal Granny was in the emergency ward trying to get rescue,
and the doctor said that she has regained her breathing pulse but it was weak.

Doc went back in, and the rest of us, 4 cousins and my mom, waited worriedly right outside the unit,
and I am unsure if we wanted to hear some news, or rather, not hear any news..
About 15 minutes later or so, the doctor came out again, and this time it was bad,
granny didn't manage to sustain her pulse and in her soft tone, mentioned that the chances or regaining back the pulse was near to zero.

Everyone was in tears, looking at mummykins made me felt even more heartbroken.

I was holding on to the less than 1 percent that granny might just miraculously regained her breathing…

And when a weird-looking bed was pushed out by the nurse from the ward and she then handed me this..

It was a devastating moment, very.

Granny is gone.

We had a last look at granny,
The passing came very sudden, but we were thankful that she didn't have prolonged sufferings before she left us.
She seemed peacefully asleep when we saw her, and just that she felt so cold..

I suddenly had so much to talk to her to.
She saw hurhur twice, but I have yet to tell her more about him.
I was so excited about my convocation this July, and am thinking of getting her a new set of clothes to wear,
in due to take a professional family portrait together then.
And, I just started my job, i wanted to give her a part of my first official payroll after the first month….

August 2009, lunch on the weekend.

ChiangMai Dec 2010, the room we shared.

ChiangMai Dec 2010, elephant show.

ChiangMai Dec 2010, uncle's birthday.

ChiangMai Dec 2010, at the hilltop.

Dec 2010, Nex Mall opened, lunch at din tai feng.

Jan 2011, dinner with the family. Her great grandson, and granddaughter.

March 2011, Granny at Hokkaido a few weeks back.

I am feeling sad and I miss Granny.
It seemed like I just saw her yesterday.
Been 3 days and at times, i just don't think the truth has registered in me yet..

I miss granny calling me at times to talk about concerns of my uncles and asking me how am i doing,
I miss seeing granny walking out in her vintage flower shirt and long pants, carrying a small black sling bag like she always do, to the car to head out with us for frequent meals.
I miss granny telling me what new things did she receive from friends/cousins and got all up smiley when telling me.
I miss granny smiling and looking at the camera no matter how many times she was asked to take a picture.
I miss touching granny arms while walking, and always extending out my forearm for her to hold whenever its up or down the stairs.
I miss granny telling me that my cousin got a girlfriend, another tying the knot soon, and asking me how is me and my boyfriend.
I miss granny making pineapple tarts during every new year for all of us.

March 2011, Hokkaido.

I am glad Granny has lived a life to see her great-grandson and daughter, to do travelling with her beloved children and grandsons/daughters.
Thank you Granny, for all that you have given for the family, for being such a lovely and dearly granny.




0312 HRS

One more day

One more day and i am back to Sunny Singapore.

This lil spiderman nephew is the total highlight of the trip.

His funny pronunciation of "chieah chieah" for jie jie,
and "hor-lee-dae" for holiday definitely cracks me up.

Lil nephew's attempt to draw me. (right side of the paper)
The two black dots are my cheeks. heh

Elephant ride with sistakins.

I think elephants are real adorable.
It feels a tad sad to see how the trainers take those sharp pointy sticks and hit them hard on the head though..


Blogshop Fashion Inspirations are here with us today. :)

*Versatile pink pullover dress from Megagamie

*Electric Blue Toga Glamour Dress by Megagamie

*Long Tee Dress with inner lining from Megagamie


And so, before my trip,
i went to Pink Parlour to try out their newly launched metalic nails!

Some facts about the NEW! Metallic Nails at PP.
1. New from USA
2. Similar to nails extensions without the side effects of brittle and soft nails
3. They are pasted on professionally and lasts for a week (or more if you take good care of them)
4. Taking off require soak off just like acrylics
5. Takes about 30 mins to do and costs $68/set

I tried it myself and I love them!
It takes a tad longer than 30 minutes, but definitely less than an hour.
Here am i with my pretty nails typing away,
and I like that fact that they filed it the length that I wanted,
so it will not disrupt or hinder myself doing work in any way.

I actually have the honour to try two sets within two weeks! heh
Love these two colours, the black and light gold zebra prints,
and the matte and shiny gold ones too.

Probably the least drawback is the duration for the nails to last,
but personally, it has been a week and my nails are still intact!
(Given the fact that I am not the gentle sort)
Only for that one nail that has the prints chipped off a bit,
but the rest are still purfeccctttt!
But no worries for that, If you find that the prints are chipped off,
you can easily paint a new coat of other nail polish colour before deciding to soak them off!

And for you readers exclusively once again,
You can enjoy the Metallic nails at $48/set!

Book your appointment now!
Check the pink parlour website for the hotlines of the various outlets. :)


* * *

Sheshops is back again!
Check out some of my newly added stuff, you will love it!
do add me as a friend too kay!




0809 HRS

Sunday Morning

Rise and Shine.
Hotel checked out was 11am, and weather wasn't at all the best on a Sunday morning.
It was raining heavily a couple of hours before dawn,
and it was drizzling in the morning. :(
Together with Mummykins, we took a walk at the sky garden before we bid goodbye to the place,
and we were literally freezing with the cold breeze.

A bright turquoise dress by Pearlavish for the Sunday morning,
a colour that immediately brightens up the rest of your day.
Simple, with a bit of ruffles, and easy without much accessories, me like!

Lunch at TAK PO @ Chinatown was superb,
great dim sum, if you haven tried it. ;)

Had a bit of rest at home before we set off in the late afternoon for my cousin's baby shower.
Look at the cute lil Raynise and I thought the headband was super cool.

Peekas for the afternoon.

My next favourite bandaged skirt by Pearlavish once again, (thank you!)
Love this skirt because it's extremely versatile and would spice up the outfit with just a simple top.
Will get more if there are more colours available!

And the details are kinda unique.

Daddykins and Raynise.


Mummygranny and that's her brother, Raygen. :)





0109 HRS

Weekend at MBS

Vel's Mobster Birthday party at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) in this huge suite
the day before yesterday was totally AWESOME!

The theme was Mafias (in Chanel),
and it was absolutely amazing to see everyone go all out to dress up for the theme,
looking real stunning and different.
I am awaiting for the peeks and will blog again!

* * *

Speaking about MBS, after leaving in wee hours after the party on Friday night,
Im back to MBS yesterday for a stayover with my family,

Walked around this new hotel and had a great dinner at Imperial Treasure,
and I love it.
Everything here is clean (i hope they will maintain it as it goes by) and posh.
You feel like you are overseas here, geez.

Pictures of the night!

Reached MBS in my structured white denim dress specially designed by Megagamie,
the cutting fits well and the material is a lil stretchy, really comfortable moving around.
Checked into the room and its more spacious as I thought it would be for a 2-pax room!

The check in time was only 3pm, pretty late as compared to normal hotels though.

Exiting the lift at 57th storey

Greeted by beds and a huge pool with a splendid view.

The view from Sky Garden, magnificent.

The left side

Sweets :)

Back to the room to change to my dinner dress!

Specially by Megagamie too, and its a perfect dress, came in time for a good dinner with the family,
the smooth material and the flare skirt bottom are two highlights of this exclusive manufactured dress by them,
took quite a while to choose my favourite colour outta the choices!