0311 HRS

Of Glorious Food

It's officially the end of the whole term, and if nothing goes wrong,
It should be time to look for a job for good.

Feeling a tad numb over everything that's happening right now,
seems like it has been a whole mad rush for the past few months, with low and high tides,
and I am kinda at the crossroads now.

I swear I haven had the most comfortable sleep for the longest time,
and seesh, it's extremely disturbing, trust me.
Waking up like almost 6 times within a two-hour interval nap which feels like five-hour instead whenever taken,
or waking up in the morning everyday with a heavy heart and mind is insane too.

Kay… nuff said. December would be the time to recuperate after my last paper on 1st december.

Amidst all the busy busy, we still all find time to gather for birthday gatherings,
and thank goodness for the usuals for keeping me sane, sane, sane!

I recently discovered an AWESOME korean BBQ place to dine in,
thanks to a friend as well as a reader who introduced this to me.
Korean fans, you have to, no… Must visit this place for Korean BBQ!
It's uber pocket-friendly, and definitely quality is there.
I mean, it should be given the fact that it's run by Koreans.

The phone number and address is there.

The name of the place is 2D1N Soju Bang,
and they have both Alacarte and Buffet Style.

Since its our dear girl, Yalin's birthday, we decided to go for the buffet one instead,
a time for us to eat till our hearts content and catch up like nobody's business. Heh.

The entrance and the settings.

Woohoo, love my retro romper from LB!

The sweetest lovebirds again. Teehee

Caleen, poor thing she has eye infection. But that's a cool degreed specs.

Our longggg table.

The food area.

You might think it looks small and probably choices are pretty little..

You are wrong! There were a wide array of different kinds of meat,
and I love their marinated ones!

Just starting…

Our "chef" for our table.

I must emphasize that this buffet is ultra worth it,
look at the different kinds of good food!

The happy girls

The  guys with their full-filled tummies. hee.

I bet you must be eager to find out the price of the buffet,
It's $23.50 for each pax, real worth it and you definitely absolutely have to try it.
But do make a booking before you go ya!

The only two drawbacks are that, please wear shorts/pants together with sandals/pumps etc,
that will allow you to move around conveniently.
The area that we were seated is literally flat on the ground with no compartment to place our legs,
so a couple of the girls had a hard time maneuver around.

And if you think pepper lunch stinks you,
hmmm, maybe you have to reconsider before going for this. oops :P

TEL: 6220 7119

Current favourite romper!

We headed over to somewhere near for drinks,
and apparently Yalin brought us to this chillax place that has a countryside feel and i like it.

Will definitely go back for more drinks next time!

We all shared a cake from Rive Gauche for her,
and love the huge strawberries and the puff surrounding the cake.

wish wish wish..

Happy moment…

The girlies!

* * *

Something came as a surprise for me a week back,
and I am simply loving it..

Been wanting to get one for the longest, and yes, though the trend might begin from Sex and the City,
but after owning one from MyLittleBow (thankyou!!), i seriously think every girl should get one too.

The name part represents you meaningfully, and I love it how we can customise the fonts, the colour (gold/silver),
or adding in any other designs to beautify this meaningful yet beautiful piece of work.
It's no doubt, versatile as well and i literally wear it almost with all outfits, love it to the max!

Did i mention they sell much cheaper than what you see in retail boutiques?
I would think this is one of the perfect gifts to get for your girlfriends or friends for occasions like Christmas,
having to say it, Christmas is coming peepos! :D

P.S: They need about a couple of weeks in adv to manufacture it, so do order early!

Poots has one too, and we are both simply loving it! <3



*Retro polka dot dress from mylittlebow

Here's another place that I am gonna share for Japanese food,
I'm a huge fan of japanese food, and i bet might be aware of this place already..

Remember the prominent jap restaurant at level 5 of Far east plaza called Wasabi Tei?

I bet you know its known for its snobbish and arrogant customer service,
but people go back there because of the quality of food and value of it.

For those who doesn't know, apparently he sold off wasabi tei to another owner,
and left without taking his restaurant name together,
so i think its in fact a good thing for the new owner since he already has a good base of customers already.

so the old owner relocated his jap business, and opened a new restaurant at 9 Mohamed Sultan Road,
and its known as Chikuwa Tei.
i got all up excited visiting there as i love the food previously at their small lil shop.

The place. Pretty spacious.

That Chef.

The familiar appetizer.

My favourite cod fish.

Salmon Sahimi ftw.

My hot dinner date, June.


*Layered Flowy Dress from Hope Alethia

*Green Tube Velvet Dress from Hope Alethia

Okie dokes, i gotta run to have dinner with my folks!
Have a great weekend peeps :)




0910 HRS

The Splendid 22nd

Proud of own photoshopping for this picture that include a vintage tinge!

I thought the vintage will look best at this kinda summer outdoor scenes,
and if you are interested to learn how to do as well, you can take a look at this person's guide .
Hope it helps for you. :)

I believe you saw a couple of entries back that the group planned a surprise birthday party for the october babies,
yixiong, joseph and myself, whom we all have birthdays just 2 days apart from each other.
Didn't exactly go into details then, so I'll do it now. :)

One year has passed since the last time the group gave me a heartfelt surprise on my 21st birthday,
and ah! I think I didn't blog about my 21st last year!

But in anycase, last year's surprise was equally awesome,
they got a chauffeur to specially came downstairs to pick me up to somewhere secretive,
and gathered ALL my loved ones from everywhere together, 
including getting my parents to tell a white lie (which apparently they did a very good job on it),
but my adorable granny leaked out a bit by calling me accidentally to find my sister,
and acted like there was a bad reception when she realised i was the one on the line.

This year's was something different, and yes, another surprise planned by the group!
I can't say how thankful am i to have met these angels in my life.
You guys are an awesome rocking bunch and yes, you know you're loved by me! :)

Here was what happened for that quiet and simple afternoon…


I was told that we were going t have a pinic.

Poots came to give me a lift to a secret part of Botanical Gardens,
which apparently located at another far end of the park,
and not entered by the normal route.

Normally I would ask the girlfriends if they needed help,
or if whoever are delegated with different task and what's mine as well.
But this time, I followed suit, as I wasn't much involved in the planning due to busy schedule the previous week,
and leney was exceptionally mum about this outing as well :p

Nothing was told to me,
neither was I aware if there was something different that day,
I just know there will be a picnic.
Upon reaching, I was persuaded to wear a blind fold,
and that's when i knew the group was up to something!

Me with poots, Joseph with Apple.

Heh! We were led to the park with our blind folds on,
and along the way Poots kept laughing and telling me that people who saw the scene was giggling away,
well, i would have too! hahaha

Yi xiong was the first to reach,
and when i was browsing the photos, i can't help but burst out laughing at this one.
As they were still setting up the place, YX was led to that bench to wait,
and he looked as though he was meditating/ rather kidnapped at put at a lonely corner. :p

Well. he shifted shortly!

More pictures along the way…

the group got ready a tripod and camera.

Preparing to give the surprise with the colourful balloons and party hats!

Taken before we reached.

And the surprise was going to be unveiled soon..

The cute groupie preparing..

And finally its time to unveil…

hahaha "SUPPLIES"!!!

They all rushed forward shouting loudly heard happy birthdays and we were presented with balloons!

The groupie sure knows how to make each of us feel loved. Teehee :)
Food was prepared with effort and love by each of them,
and we began feasting shortly after the surprise and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon under the sunny sky.

Love this quiet part of botanical gardens!


Special props :p

Balloons, stereo set, ice box.
They did an AWESOME job preparing for the picnic!

<3 pizza hut drumlets!

Pasta salad by poots

egg, chicken sandwiches by Jarrold and Yalin, yum!

Delicious quiches specially made by caleen

The dogs came to party too

Selene says, " who says afro can't wear specs?"

Pupu, Awwww <3

And  smart looking velvet <3

Apple was in -charged of getting KOI bubble tea for each of us,
and she actually asked the individual of us for our favourite bubble tea flavour and called the clementi branch to order.
Guess when she reached she took the plastic bags straight and came,
just to find out that there were 7 cups missing! :(

Leney being our great negotiator, called KOI up to make a complain and demand compensation.
Look at how Jar was impressed by her! and we took videos of her great nego skills,
but hahah, will keep that private and confidential :P

I must say,
Kudos to KOI and its service!
The lady boss actually came all the way down specially just to deliver the 7 missing cups to us.


Koi overdose

More pictures below, so do wait for them to load and enjoy!



Poots got us 3-inch sin expensive chocolate cake!
She knows I have been wanting to try this, awww :)


Our motto,
birthday people shall get special birthday treatments (yes, afro)

Love you guys! <3


Did i mention i was not feeling well for the past few days,
and was down with a cough and a flu.
the groupie and myself actually spent two nights at MBS a few days back,
and I believe it must be due to the haze and the excessive inhale of it at sky garden.

*Vintage Bag from Ascentee

Checking out of the hotel at the last day.
Still lovin that place.

Some random moments during last week!

Visited Katong Village for some good food.

kenghow and javier

With Yalin, preparing and at KatongVillage.
*White summer dress and vintage bag from Ascentee

Leney loves the goodies from this place,
especially the dumplings, have you tried them before?
i thought it was quite highly priced!

Walking Velvet
* Peach Nude 3/4 Maxi from Ascentee

And if you are wearing contact lenses,
this is a good brand of eye drop you can try!
Heard its good and I just got myself one. ;)

Love this collage that I did for sheshops. hehe.
its my own lookbook and  if you are interested to know where are the items from,
check in  HERE!




0510 HRS

The eventful Week

I still remember when I first heard about Permanent Hair Removal, my face immediately lit up.

I thought that is something that girls ought to go for,
especially underarms when well, girls basically wear sleeveless almost half of the time,
and furthermore, with our all year round sunny hot weather, wearing sleeveless at home/outside becomes a norm as well.
Being a person who can't exactly bear the physical pain (a pain which i created myself and in my mind, read on and you will know),
I gave up the thought initially and just think that I could easily just substitute the pain by diligently shaving whenever needed……

…. Till i was being invited over for a Complimentary IPL Laser Hair Removal treatment for the underarm at Pink Parlour.

And being a pain-freak, i was rather reluctant at the onset,
and given the fact that it needs about 6 treatments in order to achieve the permanent flawless smooth underarm,
which also means going through 6 painful moments consecutively within months.
I thought twice about it but was convinced by Zel again and again to give it a try….. so I did.

Guess what?
I had the honour of having my treatment at this brand new Pink Parlour (PP) outlet at Orchard Central,
and trust me, its HUGE!

Pics to prove it..

The Entrance from my right view.

The waiting area, love the disco lights and the zebra prints sofa (love prints!).

Greeted by the grand entrance,
an excited me took my camera and went ahead exploring the place, snapping away,
so enjoy the pictures of viewing the place!

Resting areas, love the chandelier lights.

and more resting areas <3 hot pink cushions!

The treatment rooms.

The large varieties of colour.

One of the manicure areas,

Manicure desk

Kitty that is supposed to let you hug while enjoying your treatment, (muahaha, divert your attention as well).

Shortly after exploring, I went into a room together with Wendy, the lady boss.
Kudos to her being patient with me cause I vividly remember that I asked her many questions about IPL during the pre-treatment, heh.
In her opinion and being a person who experienced IPL before, she assured me that it will NOT be painful, maybe a lil sensitive to some,
but for her majority of customers, it wasn't a problem at all.

Wendy guided me patiently again on what I have to do,
and well, I have to say the cooling gel that was applied before the laser treatment helped in soothing out the underarms.

I went ahead thinking that it might last about half hour or so,
but surprisingly, within 5-10 minutes, it was done.
And the pain-freak's verdict?

I would say it's not as painful as i thought! Phew!
probably for me its kinda like a sensitive moment when the laser hit the underarm,
(and for all the hair to get heated up so as to kill the roots, it takes about 5-7 hits per underarm)
but they were absolutely bearable!
To describe it in exact words, its like someone shooting a warm rubberband at your underarm for 5-7 times,
but Wendy does have a cold pack to ease the immediate sensitivity.

Here's the machine, and the underarm after a week.

it has been a month and I have to admit that I LOVE IT!
The underarm has been hairless for the month after I last did,
and it absolute GREAT that I do not have to worry about shaving each day.
And to achieve permanent hair removal for it,
perhaps IPL once a month would be good. :)

Silly me should have tried it earlier on and guess what,
I actually went to sign a package recently for the IPL Laser treatments with PP even.
So much for wanting to save some money and being so reluctant in the first place.
But i checked out the market rate, and usual IPL treatment each time costs about SGD $150- $200,
and PP has a package (the package that i have signed) which cost SGD $588 for 6 treatments,
which worked out about SGD $98 per treatment instead!

Just as when I urged all my female friends to go try IPL too,
I just found out that many of them already SIGNED a package with PP or are already hooked on IPL. heh.
As girlfriends like Applepie, June, Wen E and all have also signed the same package!

Not just IPL at PP,
I did an impromptu manicure there as well and tried out the new range of O.P.I Colours- Glitters!

Love the Red, and it's seasonal, perfect for occasions coming up. ;D

If you are interested,
find out more about their IPL Treatments HERE.



Up till date, I am actually kinda surprised and very very glad how the clique has came together.
Wouldn't go into much details right now as it might flood the whole entry, but i will some day. :)

To sum it up, it has been great getting back in contact with dear Yalin,
whom leney, haslinda and myself used to hang out during poly year one,
here's a of us in year ONE, gosh, how dear Yalin changed to an even beautiful swan now. :)

Yalin and i got back into contact after the group planned a surprise 21st birthday party for me last year,
and invited all my closer friends to the surprise party.
After seeing her at the party, we began to start contacting more often and unknowingly,
I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with Yalin and her boyfriend, Jarrold,
as well as Jarrold's buddy, Keng how. (and that's how I know Keng How)

The past year has been great (okay, perhaps great is an understatement,
and AWESOME would be a more accurate word) knowing Yalin, Jarrold & Keng How better,
so we gladly extended invites to these two dear friends in all our group gatherings.
As time goes by, they are just part of us already. :)

Jarrold, being Keng How's great buddy has specially planned a birthday surprise for him during last weekend.
It was held at Jarrold's place and how I love love love his place.
The architecture of his place is brilliant, and the resort wooden feel is absolutely cosy and cool.

The girlfriends and myself, we were the food crew.
And guess what was the theme?

Jarrold set a totally hard-to-adhere theme, and i thought there were high restrictions for dressing, oops,
the theme was Keng How's dressing. o.o

The girlfriends and I went in search of his photos on facebook,
and being girls, how well can we dress in that theme right!
And here're a couple of photos that I got from his facebook.

White tee with a shirt over.

Checkered sounds easier..

Okay, he loves checkered shirts..

And… I am sure of that now.

Very sure.

So let me present to you WHAT WERE WE DRESSED IN,
without coordinating with each other….


The first thing that people asked was that if our theme was plaids or checkered hahahaha

But I am proud of us dressing as similarly to him as possible,
and hey hey I even brought JEANS over, given that the weather was super warm. (cuz he usually wears cropped jeans)

Jarrold gathered all his friends, and here we were,
surprising him with party poppers when he stepped into the house!

many kenghow's wannabes.

Jar decided to give him a title of being an angel…

Kenghow wannabes UNITE!

Kenghow's expressionless expression. coolios. (Can you see that we are almost bursting with laughter?)

The Miss-Kenghow wannabes.

And more!

The food of the day was steamboat,
so a couple of us had to change out of the outfits, if not we would be dripping with sweat as we eat.
And a friend of KH was so kind to get everybody a cup of bubbletea with her own opened bubbletea business!

That's the owner in the middle.

wee, never get sick of bubbletea. <3

Love leney's candid expression here. :D

Preparing for steamboat.


The wide array of food

After dinner and here comes boozing!

Free manicure service (BY ME) on that day, :p

KH's friends

Cake cutting time. A cake that was for 50 pax or more, HUGE!

The angel appears again.

Jarrold making his heart-felt speech for his dear friend, which touched the hearts of many. :)
How sweet to witness that.

Cheers to great friendship, and a year older a year wiser. (pupu the dog looks absolutely cute here)

Another angel spotted, awwww.

Kenghow's blood brother, i think they look very alike.

His secondary school friends

Outside friends

US! :)

We had a stayover at Jarrold's place that very night,
and his place is almost like a hotel,
extremely cosy and is equipped with whatever necessities that you need. Awesome.

Classic looking Sago collar Dress by Pearlavish.


And another classic black dress that is great for work and play by pearlavish too! :)

On a random note,
I was thinking about certain stuff today and it leads to me think that how judgmental one can be sometimes.
To the closer friends whom are always there to exchange some thoughts with me,
they would know that I am never a fan of assumptions and unnecessary judgments.

Though many a time, these are not within one's control, or in fact,
its just normal for human to form judgments conveniently with what they see on the surface.
I mean, I do form my own set of opinions and judgment at times too,
but at least i thought its only fair to form thoughts only after interacting reasonably enough with the other party,
or even if I do after the first meet up, it would be only right to provide the benefits the doubt irregardless of whatever we see and experience,
and to provide the person with equal opportunity and at the same time, to spend some time perhaps,
ask if you need to, and try to understand what's the reason behind for any situation/problem if we think there is.
Don't you agree?

Well of course, there are many different kinds of people existing in the world,
accompanied with different mindsets that are as vast as the ocean.

Furthermore, as one widens the social circle, there're bound to be people judging and then, gossiping behind.
Again, i don't see the fun of gossiping, and I think it in fact, creates unnecessary misunderstandings at times as well.
I mean, there are definitely times whereby one is feeling boiling emotions about certain work/personal situations with another person,
and I can totally comprehend the need to rant it out, the need to share with somebody.
Because those are moments, whereby you need some comfort,
you need some suggestions to better mitigate or solve the issue/situation.

It's also very normal for two close friends and all to exchange thoughts about things/people,
but I don't see a point in one going around randomly sharing with different unrelated people about issues on someone else,
and start to discuss all sorts of information that are obtained on the surface.
Because if one thinks carefully again, though the friend might be listening and providing some form of reactions to the him/her talking,
but one wouldn't know what kind of impression the friend has formed for him/her at the same time,
when the fact shows that, this is how one treats a person, this is how one judges a person,
and this will be how one might treat and judge the friend in future as well.
So don't that causes some barriers to trust and reflects negatively to one's own impression as well?

Just some personal thoughts which I seldom share on this space.
So probably if you are facing issues like this,
maybe spend a few moments thinking that at the end of the day,
we can't control what people judge and say, so let them be.
And when they start talking about you, it's probably because they are affected by you,
if you think carefully again, that might not necessary be a bad thing. ;)

As long as we feel peace at heart and know that we are not doing anything that will provide even a tinge of guilt,
as well as knowing we are in control of our own situation and direction,
that's all the matters anyway. :)

I remember that I chanced upon a quote that I agree very much:
whenever you found out that someone is talking about you,
well, you will be surprised how little he/she thinks about you.

Back to work, toodles!





0510 HRS


The two dear girls arranged a simple birthday dinner with me last week,
and we went to this restaurant that Selene and I wanted to try previously.

Its called Nolboo Hangari Galbi at Orchard Central (OC) Level 8,
didn't know that there were so many restaurants located in OC,
and I recently discovered quite a couple of nice ones there.
Surprisingly, the restaurants get really crowded during dinner time,
and fortunately we are able to reserve seats. :)

I was extremely late due to caught up in a shoot before the dinner,
and by the time i reached there it was near to 10pm. :(

Thank god for the two dear girlfriends,
who showered me with patience and love,
and waited for me for two whole hours, saving food for me too.
Love you, awesome girlfriends!!

I didn't use to like korean food until the time when i went Korea (at the start of this year),
and I totally digged into korean BBQ and bibimbap since the time I came back.
Other than the yummy seoul Korean restaurant in The Central,
this has gotta be the next favourite one!

Anybody has recommendations for good and reasonable priced korean BBQ restaurant?


The rice cake with seafood wasn't exactly the best choice,
and three of us actually feel that we can give it a miss the next time if we go there.

But the bibimbap was good!
Guess what? They have vermicelli (my favourite!!) in hotpot (like bibimbap style),
and I told myself its a must order if i managed to visit there again.
Looks awfully deilicious, teehee.
Kim chi soup with pork was absolutely satisfying as well.
Give it a try if you are a korean food fan! :)

Being a typical girl,
no matter how full i am, the stomach always have a 10% space for dessert aftermath,

but just when i thought there weren't many choices of dessert there….

The waiter came over with two slices of pretty cakes lighted with candles,
with the courtesy of poots and leney!

Lovely cakes (definitely as good as they look) from fruits paradise.

You gotta try them! Fruits paradise has one of the nicest looking, and tasty cakes around,
and all flavours are exceptionally unique and delicious.
The only thing that I kinda dislike is the excessive amount of cream,
if not it would have been my top 2% of my favourite cakes all time.

Well but its is in the top 5% of my "best cakes eaten",
and when i order the next time round for any occasion,
I will definitely add in a special request to lessen the cream!

Delightful. :p


Pictures before we call it an end,
and love the bali free-style dress (in my own words) in cream that I wore,
specially from .
Extremely comfy and I love this kinda chillax outfit.

A tired but happy us. :)

Love the time spent with the two dear girls,
with endless tallks that are never pretentious yet comfortable,
with laughters and joy hanging out till the shop chases us out (always)…

And yes, I love this one piece workdress from Findingdressabelle too! :)

Love the unique skirt design and the scrunch part at the sleeves to make it slightly angular and puffy.
There are other colours that are looking really beautiful too.

Will be back for more!





1210 HRS

Happy Birthday Oct Sevens!


It's past 12am!
I had a crazy week rushing assignments and mugging for tests, (and for upcoming test),
but nevertheless, the groupie made the weekend an awesome and funfilled one by giving the october babies in the group a fabulous surprise!
Thank you for each and everyone for the wishes for this 22nd,
and it feels really loved and blessed to get each's greetings,
especially from everyone in the groupie!! D

Happy Birthday to the three of us in the group, Joseph, Yixiong and Myself!

And not to forget, Happy Birthday to the friends who share the same birthday as me too,
Jon the big brother, Justin my TP buddy, Terence (Mr Lim) from SP but known from TP, Yanny from Majolica, Claire (Ms chong) and Hilde from NUS! :)

And look what came in time for birthday dinners!

I love the electric blue and the bandaged part of this toga (yes my favourite!!) dress,
all the way complimentary from Megagamie (thank you verra!)
and i wore this for one my birthday dinner last week!

Denim is in the trend too.
What's great is i can eat buffet with this dress (and I did! hahaha),
and yet the design helps to accentuate your waist line.
Best in both worlds!

And need I mention more about this?
HIGH WAIST totally rocks, and I had a really hard time deciding which colour to get cuz i know i will wear it often.
and teehee, i actually got two colours from them! love it love it!
Check out more colours from Megagamie!