1009 HRS

Vel’s Mafia & Taiwanary Day 4 (Part 2)- Dan Shui

I'm back folks!

Its a Sunday, and I feeling a bit of Monday Blues here. Boo!
Hope you guys aren't feeling this way,
because we shouldn't let this tiny bit of blues to spoil the remaining time of our previous weekend.

And why not let me share my BB-MM?
Which is a Bea's Breakfast for Motivational Monday. Hahahahahaha,

Let me share my own recipe for a breakfast I made last week!

I thought it looks yummy cuz of the strawberries,
and you can get this up within just minutes!

Its in fact very healthy food, (as recommended from my mother)
and its Strawberry Oat Meal with Flakes.
Apparently Oat is a very good source of fibre,
and girls, we should start eating it as meals because Oat helps dieting! 
I researched and found this explanation for it…..

"Not only it is a delicious dish for breakfast,
it is also a dish that helps in reducing your hunger,
thereby helping you stick to your diet plan.
This is because the fiber in oats forms gels to fill up.
And it is these gels that delay the emptying of your stomach so that you don’t feel hungry quickly. "

Easy peasy, low cost and healthy,
you just need to get:
1. Instant Oatmeal from your usual NTUC, Cold Storage etc.
2. Whatever ingredients that you want to add into the oatmeal porridge.

To keep it as healthy as possible,
I added it my favourite strawberries
and also sweetened cornflakes to give it a slight sweet and crunchy taste!

* *

My first time at MBS was actually attending Vel dear's 23rd Birthday at a HUGE SUITE!


It was absolutely awesome because there was a theme and everyone was extremely spontaneous about it.
Love themed parties and that's always the highlight of the gathering.

If you realised, the theme is MAFIAS and recalling the night,
I totally kudos to everyone for going all out for Vel.

Even Bryan too… this is hilarious.
Rach was asking Bryan to pose with me with the flowers on his hand,
and the black flower clip on his HAIR! :p

Look at how Mafia he went, (the tattoo stocking on the arm). Coolbeans.

Here's titus and lihui and….. fred's bag that i couldn't resist carrying it because it looks too unique.

The birthday specs!

Doing the Lovebonito poses! hahahaha

Here comes cake cutting session…

We had cups with our own names.

Uncle and Auntie was totally spontaneous too!

And we tried out the new camera of Rach!
Look at how it captures all of us.

Hope Vel had a blast that night,
and It was a fabulous party which i love every single bit of it! :)

* * *

I think I am kinda into TOGAS recently,
and unknowingly, I was browsing through my pictures and I was almost in different togas for different occasions.
But 3 words- I LOVE TOGAS!

White and black bandaged skirt which can be easily transformed into party outfit, or work outfit.
Just a blazer or cardigan on and you are perfect for work!

And my next favourite colour is actually RED.
My phone cover is red, room walls are red, and nails are red.
Try red it rocks! :p

Convertible dresses are also a favourite,
you can wear it in between lesser intervals and in many different kinds of way too!

i love the M-shaped black tube that comes with this piece,
Quality is definitely there, and off with some simple accessories and done!

If you were going to ask where did i get these lovely pieces,
these above 3 pieces are specially from The Design Closet!  :)

* * *

Here's Taiwan Day 4, and this entry marks the end of Day 4 too.

We visited Dan Shui for the next half of the day.
This place is like the end of the MRT stations, (something like Jurong Station).

We were greeted with different kind of view,
more towards the nature side with the sea and all,
and guess what?! I heard JAY CHOU has a cafe there!

But we only found out after when we got back,
and didn't have a chance to try it. :(

Without knowing what's actually good there,
except for the famous YU SONG (fish crackers) and Tie Dan (Iron eggs).
Got a map and decided to check out dan shui lao jie.

Woo, i love this kinda streets in Taiwan,
whereby you find a lot of small carts here and there,
and sometimes chance upon real unique stuff.

This ice cream stall has certainly great business.
Looking at the queue, we had one each too.

But it was disappointing!
Its not rich and creamy as the colour looks,
but more of plain soft ice with minimal flavour. :(
Apple told me we should try it at Ximending though.

Try this is you by-pass the stall, its pink guava and extremely thirst quenching!

They have Naraya too, but well, for Naraya, there's only one place- BANGKOK!

Chilled ones are awesome!

A big bulldog.

Spent a while shopping here for accessories!

Wee? Singapore's delight is here?
But nah, i don't like durians!

It was drizzling and we went to seek shelter at this exquisite looking dessert shop.

They have limited choices,
and it seems like each and every piece is made specially.
We tried these two:

Banana Chocolate Cake which was simply delicious!
Each thin layer of chocolate crepe has real rich chocolatey taste!

And an ice-cream crepe!

The night came shortly after,
and feeding on all the fried food for days,
we figured out its time to have some fishball soup.

and oh gosh, if you are going to dan shui, please visit this shop! <3

Poots needs to get sour plum back for her mom,
and this owner offered to take a picture for us out of sudden,
and then we realised straight away- he's using tourists (us) for marketing!

Bought a cheap but really cute umbrella.
Love it to bits.

The night market.

And after a long day of walking,
Poots concussed while we trained back to our hotel.

Stay tuned for the last couple of days of Taiwan! :)





0909 HRS

CMPB, not that CMPB

The August babies got together on a friday night to have a simple celebration at CMPB @ Dempsey.
When the guys were first told about the venue,
it was pretty shocking for them because they thought of the government CMPB than the bar and restaurant one. :p

I would think CMPB @ Dempsey is a good place for chill outs,
drinks over pizzas, fries/chips (the chips with mash is a must-have).
And if you dont mind feeling a tad warm,
the outside seats are better, I feel.

Both waffle and brownie that were awfully delicious.

The August babies

Duck pizza with loads of mushrooms.
I thought the wyagu beef pizza there was better.

Mushroom creamy pasta.

The outside seating area.

Sake Mojito, the girls' drinks.

I'm super loving the black/white blazer manufactured by Haute Hangers.
Love every single bits of this jacket,
from the slightly structured puff shoulder design, to the cool lil gold bow pin. :)

The ladies of the night

The group shot.

* * *

What's better than just pulling over a shirt dress in a cool dusty pink shade for the weekends,
makes moving around exceptionally comfortable, and not looking too casual at the same time.
Me like!





0809 HRS

Sunday Morning

Rise and Shine.
Hotel checked out was 11am, and weather wasn't at all the best on a Sunday morning.
It was raining heavily a couple of hours before dawn,
and it was drizzling in the morning. :(
Together with Mummykins, we took a walk at the sky garden before we bid goodbye to the place,
and we were literally freezing with the cold breeze.

A bright turquoise dress by Pearlavish for the Sunday morning,
a colour that immediately brightens up the rest of your day.
Simple, with a bit of ruffles, and easy without much accessories, me like!

Lunch at TAK PO @ Chinatown was superb,
great dim sum, if you haven tried it. ;)

Had a bit of rest at home before we set off in the late afternoon for my cousin's baby shower.
Look at the cute lil Raynise and I thought the headband was super cool.

Peekas for the afternoon.

My next favourite bandaged skirt by Pearlavish once again, (thank you!)
Love this skirt because it's extremely versatile and would spice up the outfit with just a simple top.
Will get more if there are more colours available!

And the details are kinda unique.

Daddykins and Raynise.


Mummygranny and that's her brother, Raygen. :)





0209 HRS

TIP Me Please!

Wooo you are gonna love this, if you love discounts!! :p

I mean, who doesn't love discounts, and furthermore,
enjoying the same deal as your friends & family but yet you are paying much lesser.

I know a lot of restaurants have credit cards' discounts,
and many a time, you will be discussing who has the various credit cards to settle the bill first within your group gatherings,
and now, if you are someone who:

1. Does not like to carry credit cards around (because of higher possibility to spend more)
2. Does not have the respective cards to enjoy discount at some places always
3. Does not own a credit card yet

Just at the tips of your finger, you can easily, conveniently obtain GREAT discounts at your hot favourite places,
just simply at TIP-IT! (click on the picture below to go into their website)

You might probably be wondering what is TIP-IT about at this moment,
and here's something I got from their website that will let you understand it right away.

TIP-IT is a website that introduces that latest happening discounts around,
and keep you in the loop of where are the special offers.
The above is an example of a "TODAY'S DEAL" of what they have just for you!

The great thing about them is not only food places, or rather, not only a category of promotions,
but they have a dedicated team to constantly source the whole island for great restaurants, spas, bars, clubs and shops.
Definitely an all-rounder for discounts and latest haps in Singapore. :p

And just like booking air-tickets,
i bet a lot of us frequent the airlines website to check out for cheap air fares in due to spot one to go on a holiday,
and air fares change accordingly to different days and timings etc,
here at TIP-IT, you can spot places to go for birthday dinner gatherings (or places that you already want to go),
and get discounts for that specific restaurant at TIP-IT site in return for a confirmation deal that can be enjoyed in the near future!

Absolutely no harm to just sign up and have an account with them,
with no obligations and get updated instantly with the up-to-date new promotions!
You might be craving for a manicure or a spa and just nice a uber great promotion came up in time,
you never know. ;)

Here're more information about TIP-IT:

Like what their goal is :
To bring you as many great deals and help you save as much money as possible!


* * *

Be back for TAIWAN DAY 3!
Here's a sneak :)


Cheers to bonitochico's 4th birthday bash,
and the launch of a new branding called Lovebonito.

How time flies from BC's 3rd birthday bash and till the 4th that just happened at Zirca,
and how overwhelming the turn out was,
also, the celebration for another year of hardwork and success for the three dear girls, Jie, Vel and Rach.
Yet another blessed year of witnessing all of those and being proud of who they are today. :)

Some behind the scenes pictures..

Balloons filled with love of air one by one.

A huge pool of goody bags, one for everyone!

Rehearsal in the morning.

Hair and Make up by Salon Vim, Loreal respectively.


Cool stuff.

Waiting for the show.

Daniel Ong as the emcee

The crowd

The finale

A picture with Jiayi and her friend jozique after the event. :)

Pictures at the backstage!

With tingzhi, wens and bel, mad gorgeous girls

Jerraine babe from Loreal.

Gary & Fiona from Salon Vim,
thanks to them for the awesome hairstyle!

I know every guy would die to stand in my place here. teehee

Ever lovely, ever gorgeous.


Post event- dinner @ dempsey.

The efficient, smart and ever so encouraging helpers!


more <3

* * *


By the time we decided to leave Wu Fen Pu,
it was already about 9 plus at night. (WFP closes around 12)

Extremely tired from all the walking,
everybody that knows that after visitng wufenpu,
its just a stone throw to Rao He Night Market.

The junction to cross over to Rao He Night Market as we follow the road from Wufenpu.

Walking straight up and you will spot a temple.

Raohe Night Market is just beside the temple! on the left.

I personally prefer ShiLin Night Market as it is filled with shopping and food.
As for Raohe Night Market,
I would think its focus will be more on food and souvenirs.

We needed to find a place to sit so we ended up at this Tofu Pudding Shop.
They sell ice desserts like Mango ices, red bean etc,
and I love how generous they are with the fillings!


And being so Singaporean, we ordered one bowl of mango ice (yumz!)
and went to buy a lot of different street food to complete the meal. lol

Ma Jiang Mian.

Pig Organ soup

I love the Ji Pa from this store! NT50 = SGD $2.20
For a huge serving and the best part is we can choose the seasoning.

Would recommend you to ask the uncle to match the seasoning for you,
we tried the first one with their recommended seasoning and it was so good.
And we ordered another Ji Pa with Curry Seasoning,
and it wasn't at all tasty.  :(

As much as the MRT is really convenient around,
but we love taking the bus instead,
comfy and able to sit through the whole journey.

bus 276 to go back to Ximending from Raohe Night Market.


Reached, after about 20 minutes.

Ximending at Night.

It was a thursday, and we actually planned a night to visit their club.
So we arranged for this very night to go to their famous clubs- either 18 or Luxy.

Decided to pop over to 18 for clubbing,
we played dressed up and dressed in our loots from Taiwan
and spent 2 hours getting prepared.

And finally..

Shawn didn't wear the spects out, i'm sure.
We sat a cab there, and amazingly,
cab rates ain't that expensive there as I thought.
For our average journey around taipei area,
cab fare is about 100 NT to 180 NT (which is SGD $4.50 to SGD $10)

The cab dropped us in front of this other club called Lava.

We were looking hard for club 18 but couldn't find it,
and ended up walking one big round back to the same spot again.

The great thing is we discovered a small cart selling Taiwan Sausages!


Just like the sausages sold outside zouk,
the taiwan sausages were damn tasty!

We asked around and found 18 after a while,
its actually located at the 2nd level (no wonder!) of this building.
And to recognize the building, you can spot for this barcode signboard (see below),
and just walk into the lobby to take the lift up.

In the lift..


18 is not opened on Thursdays!!!

We were disappointed and wanted to switch to Luxy,
but realised that clubs in generally are not opened on thursdays,
not even for early drinks or so.

They only operate on Wednesdays (ladies night too), Fridays and Saturdays.

We hopped on to a cab again in search for some places to go for the night,
and the cab driver actually introduced us this supper place to go.

Located at Ba De Road.

Opened 24 hours.
Also located beside 50 lan bubble tea shop.


Beef noodles soup

Ma Jiang and Za Jiang Mian mixed.
Their famous dish is their Ma Jiang Mian.

Wanton Soup.

Love this! Da Chang Tou, Pig intestines.

We looked absolutely out of place at this shop,
imagine us all dressed up (very) and sat there eating supper for the night. ;\

And it was back to the hotel for a brand new next day. :)

* * *

Calling out to those girls who wished to have your hair permed or sraightened,
here's an absolutely fantastic deal for you,
proudly by Salon Vim. :)

313 @ Somerset Orchard Road
, Singapore, 238895
68847757 / 68847767